Unleash your Music with the Logitech Bluetooth® Audio Adapter

Every new consumer tech product seems to harness the power of Bluetooth® technology, from cars to, headphones, speakers, keyboards, watches and even LEGOs®, wireless connectivity is becoming the norm. In fact, in the past few years, Bluetooth technology has essentially become ubiquitous in the world of speakers – regardless if they’re desktop, mobile or home entertainment speakers. But, these hot new products can potentially put a little dent in the ole wallet. Fret no more! Now you can enjoy Bluetooth connectivity without worrying about breaking the bank with the Logitech® Bluetooth Audio Adapter.

With this adapter, you can quickly and easily turn your favorite speakers into a wireless sound system for your new smartphone and tablet. You can use it with PC speakers, home stereo systems and even A/V receivers. Simply attach the adapter to your speakers using a 3.5 mm audio input or standard RCA connection, pair your smartphone or tablet with the press of a button and you’re good to go. With multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, you can simultaneously pair two devices to powered speakers from up to 50 feet away.

So, say goodbye to the days of docking your media player into your speakers. Say adios to plugging your computer into your sound system. Say au revoir to flimsy receiver connections. This Bluetooth adapter will have you playing your music without the superfluous cable connections, letting you crank up your favorite tunes and bask in the glory of newfound Bluetooth freedom.

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  • I don’t think I would buy this device because it just adds the possibility to powered speakers. I would love to make my surround speakers wireless and battery operated. Wireless speakers mostly need wired power what makes them wired. To be able to connect my smartphone via NFC to this device would be a cool extra feature. So basically some device that connects to the audio output red/wire tulipcinch, audio wire with or without banana plugs, or easier if possible via S/PDIF toslink that device should make the audio connection with the speakers and extra Bluetooth device Likewise to the one suggested by you and NFC enabled could directly put smartphone audio out to my wireless speakers by bypassing the a/v receiver. The wireless and battery powered speakers should be able to do their work correctly and please the battery has to be changeable and rechargeable not only rechargeable I hate devices that become stupid when power’s out… I know many new wireless speaker products are expected since the WiSA standard seems to get more support by hardware manufacturers. But the fact remains that I already have my speakers and I really want to unleash all of them from wired connection to the a/v surround system and power sockets where needed. Keep up the good work guys I love your Harmony Ultimate just don’t like the fixed battery.

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