Give your sound a boost — wired or wirelessly — with the Logitech Z337 Speakers

As entertainment content continues to proliferate across mobile platforms — everything from your music on Spotify to your movies on Netflix — we wanted to create a speaker that could significantly upgrade your experience, no matter where the content lived, but still delivered the great sound you’ve come to expect from Logitech speakers.

Today, we announced the Logitech Z337 Bold Sound with Bluetooth®, our first desktop speaker that allows you to stream audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and seamlessly switch between them. Just press pause on one and play on another to make the switch.  

With 80 watts peak power, this speaker system turns up the music, allowing you to enjoy clear, bold sound and strong bass. It’s also easy to hook up to a monitor or video game console with either a 3.5mm or RCA input, while still enjoying wireless connectivity with other devices.

Plus, you can manage power, volume and Bluetooth pairing from the control pod, which also offers a headphone jack for solo listening.

When you’re at home, what is your favorite device for music streaming and your favorite music app? Let us know in the comments!