Zone Vibe 125: Professional Enough for the Office, Casual Enough for Home

You’ve got a lot going on in your day, whether you WFH, are back in the office, or working hybrid.  But work is only part of the equation. Your personal life needs love, too, and you need the right gear to keep your vibes strong.

Many of us live some version of this reality: Wake up, ready to seize the day. Priority one: be a rockstar on your video meetings (and look like one, too). Then some focus time. Quick lunch break to eat while streaming a show, then it’s back to the business meetings. Later, video chat with your friends.  Do you switch your audio for each of these things? Maybe. Should you have to? We don’t think so.

Wouldn’t it be nice to connect to your computer and mobile device simultaneously and switch between them without disconnecting either one or interrupting your flow? We’ve got you covered. 

Introducing Zone Vibe 125, the new lightweight, over-ear wireless Bluetooth® headphones with USB receiver, immersive audio, and noise-canceling microphone, built to suit both your professional and personal needs.

8 am: Work without missing a beat
Meetings start early. Your first necessity: coffee. Your second: Zone Vibe 125, which are not just ready for Google Meet, Google Voice, and Zoom meetings, they’re certified, meaning they’ve passed rigorous testing to ensure their quality. 

For your next video call, easily log in to Microsoft Teams and other leading video platforms–with a wireless USB-A receiver that provides a reliable connection so your call isn’t dropped. Advanced noise-canceling mic with beamforming technology makes your voice heard clearly to your colleagues, while also making sure those colleagues can’t hear your background noise. And when it’s yourself you need to mute, the flip-to-mute mic allows instant privacy at a moment’s notice. 

11 am: Hear every word and every note
Now that you’re off your video calls, time to switch to music. Or perhaps you’re an overachiever and listen to educational podcasts. Whatever your choice, Zone Vibe 125’s immersive audio quality brings you genuine listening pleasure. Full-bodied bass, crisp higher frequencies, and lower distortion create a full, rich sound. Customize your experience even further with the Logi Tune app.

Noon: Time to move
Grab a bite to eat while streaming your favorite show. Get up, do some stretching, load the dishwasher. Take a spin on your Peloton. Move around freely. Bluetooth connects up to a 30 meter range.

1 pm: Continue crushing your day
Time to rev up productivity on your video meetings again. Hello again, Teams, Zoom, and Google. Whether reporting on your deliverables or brainstorming that next big creative pitch, your ideas come across clearly. And you look smart too! When you check your self-view in those meeting squares, you see modern, stylish headphones atop that big brain of yours. That makes sense–If you’re going to be innovative, you should look the part.

6 pm: Still going strong
It’s been a long day. Still a long way to go, but guess what, your ears don’t hurt because your headphones are lightweight and the ear pads are made with memory foam. And since Zone Vibe 125 has up to 18 hours of battery life (talk time) and 20 hours (listening time), your headphones won’t stop before you do. Plug in for 5 minutes to get an hour of listening time. Time to chat with friends and family, and your favorite people should be heard in full, immersive audio.

10 pm: Just vibing 
Now you’re winding down and reflecting on how Zone Vibe 125 didn’t just look and sound great, but the headset delivered the goods during your video meetings. Happy you found a headset that is designed for both business and pleasure. Happy that your Zone Vibe 125 are carbon neutral and made with post-consumer recycled plastic.  And your wallet is happy because those modern, stylish, multifunctional, good-for-the-planet headphones were only $129.  Learn more and purchase here.

Tomorrow you’ll show up in style, ready for anything again.

Update Zone Vibe 125 through Logi Tune for free to ensure you have the latest version of Google Meet, Google Voice, and Zoom integration.
*pending Google Voice and Google Meet certifications