Together We Game: Tower Defense Economics 101


As the saying goes, two things in life are certain: Death and taxes. We covered the first part last week with selection of an enemy, but now we need to work on the second part – the economy. It’s a big question for our crowdsourced video game: How are you going to earn the things you need to survive? There are a few options in Tower Defense games, and today we’re going to vote on which method we’d like to use. Also, check our subreddit for a summary of everything we’ve voted on so far.

The choices for economy are:

  1. Enemy Kills – Simple and straightforward: Every time one of your towers kills an enemy, you gain a set amount of currency to put towards things like new towers or upgrades.
  2. Currency Generating Towers – These tower-types don’t attack your enemy. Instead, they generate money by simply existing on your map. The more of these towers you have, the more money you’ll get. The trick is that they can be attacked, so you have to make sure to protect them in order to keep the money coming in.
  3. Resource Collecting Towers – These towers don’t attack your enemies either. Instead, every time an enemy passes within a certain distance, the tower collects resources from them. Again, the more towers you have, the more chance you have of collecting.
  4. A Set Amount Over Time – In this scenario, money is not something you ever have to think about. You gain it steadily over time. It’s reliable and involves less strategy.

This is just the beginning of the conversation on Tower Defense Economy. In the future, we’ll talk about things like currency and resource types. For now, just tell us how you want to earn your towers in this computer interior world.

And if you have deeper ideas on how you want this game to be built, write to us on our subreddit. We’re taking all suggestions into account, and your idea could make it into the final game!


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