Announcing the Launch of PX57

PX57 Banner

Introducing PX57! After six months, sixteen rounds of voting and over 12,000 votes, we have a legit Tower Defense game ready to download and play in the Apple App Store.

It all started with an idea: What if we gave the decision power of game creation to the community, the players of said games? Well, we decided to do just that and see what happened…

We took to reddit and brainstormed on each stage of the game design process – from the setting and main characters to the point system and weaponry – and then narrowed those discussions down to a vote on our social channels. Want to see the results of all votes? Check out this blog post.

We had people participate from all over the world, and the game could not have been built without the overwhelming input from the community. Thank you for participating in video game experiment with us – we hope you enjoy playing just as much as we do!