Together We Game: Voting Closes

Can you believe it? Our final Together We Game vote has come to a close. It’s been a five month long journey, and now we’re excited to go into full gear with the game’s final development. All your votes and suggestions will make our video game incredibly unique and everything we hoped it would be.

For an idea of how far we’ve come already, we give you the evolution of Dave the Nanobot:


For now, sit back, relax, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for updates on the game’s development progress, and get ready to play the final version of this fan-made game later this winter.

You can still see all the past votes on our social page and submit ideas and conversation to our subreddit.

Building this game with you has been a thrilling journey. Here’s a look at where we’ve been so far:

  1. Introducing Together We Game
  2. Together We Game Voting Now Open
  3. One Vote Closes, Another Opens
  4. Tower Time
  5. Help Us Select a Title
  6. Choose Your Foe
  7. Artistic Style
  8. Tower Defense Economics 101
  9. Playtest Released!
  10. Logo Design
  11. Prototype Take 2
  12. Video Game Economics 102
  13. Vote for our Boss
  14. Backstory
  15. Tower Design
  16. Realistic vs. Funny
  17. Final Vote