“The Truce” – When Music Helped Stop a War, if only for one night

As you may have seen, we recently launched a series of films that explore the power of music through reenactments of true events throughout history where music has helped ordinary people band together to accomplish extraordinary things.

Nowhere is the power of music more evident than in the story highlighted in our first film, titled Truce. In the midst of World War 1, soldiers on both sides put down their weapons one Christmas Eve in defiance of their standing orders and came together in no man’s land to celebrate the evening together through song.

Even though they spoke different languages and were in the throes of a pitched battle, the familiar tunes of favorite carols sung back and forth between the men brought peace to the front lines, even if only for one night, helping soldiers find humanity during one of the most brutal times in modern history.

Please take a moment to watch our first film, and tell us in the comments below when the power of music has helped you find peace in a chaotic time.



Senior Vice President, Music


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