10 Things Every Bike Rider Needs

It’s time to tune up and hit the road for National Bike Month this May. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or fair weathered rider, there’s no better time to embrace two-wheel travel. In the past decade alone, there’s been a 47 percent increase in bicycle commuting as bike-share programs have been cropping up all over the country. And don’t forget National Bike To Work Week that runs May 12-16. So before you gear up, we’ve counted down the top ten riding essentials.

Use Your Head



Those who refrain from helmets for aesthetic reasons are usually the same people who had a close personal encounter with a car door and have the hospital bill to prove it. Thank to companies like SAHN, wearing a helmet can look good too. As their motto states, “it’s about riding, not racing,” with sleek designs that are lightweight but still highly durable to protect your noggin.

Good Tunes


Get your groove on with the clip-on UE BOOM. You get 360-degree sound wrapped in a splash and stain resistant package and tubular design that’s modeled after a water bottle. The wind-resistant speaker is great for those rigorous rides and synchs with any Bluetooth-enabled device to stream music or accept phone calls. Simply clip it to your backpack or belt loop and enjoy up to 15 hours of continuous power.

The Perfect Pack



Great for weekend rides or daily commutes, this waterproof, Roll Top bike bag from Topo Designs is as versatile as they come. It features dual top and front-loading options for easy packing and contains plenty of interior pockets and a laptop sleeve to stow away your valuables..

Lock it Up


As more workplaces are offering bike storage, it’s even easier to bike without worrying about your wheels getting swiped. But for those occasions when you need to park it outside, you’ll need a trusty lock to secure it. For urban dwellers, look no further than Kryptonite Bike Locks. They offer a one-year anti-theft protection for everywhere but New York City, but we can attest they get the job done.

Protect Your Tech


With precious cargo on board, it’s important to protect your laptop or tablet while en route. A stray zipper here and a speed bump there can wreak damage in no time, so it’s best to keep things covered with the new Logitech Big Bang for the iPad Air. Consisting of the same proven shock-absorbent material that’s used in aerospace and automotive industries, it offers drop protection from up to 1.4 metersand protects against bumps, scratches and spills.

Take A Seat



Just as guitar players acquire rough hands, it takes some riding to get used to your bike seat. If you plan on biking an hour or more each day, you’re going to want to spring for a cushy seat or opt for a gel seat cover to help overcome the hump of regular riding.

Ring That Bell



For the uninitiated, bike bells appear to be a superficial accessory that’s akin to streamers and baskets, but in reality they can help you prevent an accident and part through a crowd. From utilitarian copper to more whimsical designs, a bike bell is essential to safe riding and performs similarly to a car horn. Use sparingly!

Reflect Yourself



Biking at night presents its own challenges and you need to make your existence known to surrounding traffic. A simple reflector on the back of your bike is a good step, but for something a little flashier, try this LED SpokeLit Bike Wheel Light that will certainly grab the attention of your fellow commuters.

Stay Charged


Cyclists are just attached to their phones as anyone else, whether it’s for calls, mapping their route or searching for locations. Check out the Logitech case+ for innovative style and protection for every bumpy bike path you might find yourself on this May. Ride with no fears of losing that GPS on your phone because the case+ has a battery pack ready keep your power bar green just like the traffic lights you’re sailing through.

Practice Street Smarts



Biking shouldn’t be intimidating; biking should be fun, healthy and a convenient way to travel. And, with these riding essentials, you’ll be sure to ride like the wind, from sunrise to sunset.

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