A Flow Chart of the UE 900 (In-Ear Earphone) and the UE 9000 (Around-The-Ear Headphones)

Choosing between our UE 900 earphones and UE 9000 headphones is like choosing between tropical get-aways – you can’t really go wrong. Still, in these days of a million and one decisions at every corner, a little analysis paralysis happens to the best of us. So, to help make the choice easier, we broke down the difference between the two options, both cut from the same cloth of audio engineering expertise, but each one offering up a different experience.

Simply put, one is a quad-armature in-ear earphone while the other is more of a “traditional” around-the-ear headphone with wireless capabilities. The handy flowchart below is a roadmap for choosing the right one for you. Just remember, no matter which one you go with you will end up with the ultimate sound experience. And hey, you can always choose all of the above, right?




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