New Lineup from Logitech UE Brings Power to the Music

It’s a big day for us at Logitech UE. Today we announced our seven new products, all designed for people who love music as much as we do. These new products deliver pure, undiluted music, anytime and anywhere,  so from the time you wake up, till the time you go to bed, we’ve got you covered. They also make sharing your music and discovering new favorites easier than ever.

Check out this video from Rory Dooley, senior vice president in charge of music, below to get a first look at these new products. Let us know which one you’re most excited to try in the comments below.


  • Logitech is starting to be too american for it’s own good.
    Apple is magic only in the US and globally they don’t have all that much market share and are hated by (more than) a lot of people. It’s so not worth it exiling your brand like this.
    And then there is the pricing,you have the advantage of a worldwide distribution that few of your competitors have,yet you are pricing yourself out of the developing markets now?
    100$ used to be a great 2+1 system,now it’s a poor quality audio tiny mobile speaker?
    An android PC on a stick or a Google TV box are 100$,is it worth it to pay more for an internet radio thingy?
    It’s just sad….

  • i’m a logitech fan and i’ve been using logitech products from the past 10 years and i always loved the quality on Logitech but, from the last 2 years the same products are just not the same quality either innovative, hoping you guys to take z5500 surround system or dinovo edge keyboard for example as reference of good quality products which i actually have and still working perfectly, the same with a couple of accesories. Hope logitech to not lose the north with cheap quality products, i’m sure i’m not the only one who would pay for it.

  • The earbuds EU900 would be an instant buy for me but wow 399$!?
    I just got the z906 and for these tiny lil earbuds that i wanna wear on my bike rides i have to pay another full surround systems price?
    That’s a bit silly IMO
    But i don’t know what tech they use or the cost in building them.
    When i have 400$ to waste i’ll get it to to make my logitech count 8 but otherwise no.

  • I am a massive advocate of the UE range to all my musician friends here in New Zealand and I was MEGA excited when I heard that UE were doing headphones! Is it possible to get the 6000 shipped to me ASAP from the States so I could show them to people in my circles? Im not asking for it for free (but that would be AMAZING! Haha!) and I am happy to pay, its just New Zealand seems to be neglected when it comes to getting products like this.

    • The Logitech UE Smart Radio is replacing the Logitech Squeezebox Radio, Harry. We promise the great sound quality has been maintained; we have redesigned the software to deliver a new experience that is easier to set up and navigate thanks to companion mobile apps.

  • Why does the new UE Smart Radio look exactly like my existing Logitech Squeezebox Radio Music Player with Color Screen? Could they be the same device?

    • We ensure you that it is not the same device, Miles! While the product design is similar and great sound quality has been maintained, the software has been completely redesigned to deliver an easier setup and offers an improved mobile experience thanks to companion mobile app (the Logitech UE Smart Radio Controller).

  • I wasn’t expecting to be impressed… But I actually am! Seems like great stuff! I wish the boom box supported AirPlay though.

  • Is the Smart Radio capable of connecting to our SqueezeCenter servers ? Does anyone know if Logitech is working on upgrades or new products in the Squeezebox range ?

    • Logitech Squeezebox and Logitech UE Smart Radio products will not be able to communicate with one another, Filip. Logitech Squeezebox Radio owners can upgrade to the Logitech UE Smart Radio experience through a software upgrade that will be available in the coming months! Your existing Logitech Squeezebox products will continue to work as they always have, but all new products will be using the updated Logitech UE Smart Radio platform and we will no longer provide software updates for the Logitech Squeezebox platform.

    • Your existing Logitech Squeezebox products will continue to work as they always have, Joeé. However, all new products will be using the updated Logitech UE Smart Radio platform and we will no longer provide software updates for the Logitech Squeezebox platform.

  • … and the Squeezebox line comes to an end without so much as a passing mention, including the things available to serious music lovers that to this day no one else really has like it, the Touch and Transporter.

    The sad irony is that there still isn’t any true competition for them, years after being introduced.

    Keyboards and mice, that’s Logitech. Oh, and kitchen radios too, for the casual listener. Yay.

    • The Logitech UE Smart Radio has a redesigned software experience that simplifies setup and delivers a completely new mobile app experience with the Logitech UE Smart Radio Controller app. We promise that the great sound quality has been maintained and the software will deliver a new experience that is easier to set up and navigate!

  • Isn’t the UE radio just a squeezebox radio rebadged? Will it be cheaper, being a three year old product?

  • I have Logitech products Squeezebox receiver and Squeezebox Radio in work in use with my Synology NAS.

    Can I use it in the future with the new products.

    I miss the multiroom audio functionality system in the new collection. No touch device, nothing to put my stereo system.

    • Hi Flo! The Logitech UE Music Library software is available for Mac and Windows only. With the increasing support of music on-demand services such as Spotify, MOG and Rhapsody, the Logitech UE Smart Radio offers a variety of options for consumers to enjoy their selection of music.

  • Is this the beginning of the end for squeezebox? Noticed that everythingsqueezebox is gone from you web and that Squeeze radio is now an UE product while touch is completely gone. Will you stop building on the squeezebox service? I’ve got the boom and radio and planned to buy touch but start to hesitate now.
    Will the UE smart radio work with squeezbox products and squeezebox server?

    • The Logitech UE Smart Radio will be replacing the Logitech Squeezebox Radio, Magnus. While the product design is similar and great sound quality has been maintained, we have redesigned the software to deliver a new experience that is easier to set up and navigate. The two products will not be able to communicate with one another. Logitech Squeezebox Radio owners can upgrade to the Logitech UE Smart Radio experience through a software upgrade that will be available in the coming months!

  • When will the smart radio be available in the northeast US? I haven’t seen any dates. Was about to buy the squeezebox because it’s gotten so many great reviews by friends. Looking forward to try this with the boombox

  • And the Squeezebox Duet and Touch disappear…
    A product you actually bought from Slim Devices.
    And now dumped.
    Shame there is nothing to replace it.
    Perhaps you should onsell it to a specialist hifi company.
    It is certainly a world leader…

  • Hello,

    I read that the UE Smart Radio would be available in September.
    Is this correct and when will it be released in Belgium?
    I pre-ordered one, but didn’t get any information of the release date.


  • Hi
    I am using a Squeeze box touch screen with a lot of satisfaction.
    I was planning to by two other.

    Will you replace it with similar functions?

  • Hello
    I’m a Squeezebox fan: I’ve already have 5 Squeezebox devices to listen to Internet radios and mainly to feed my high-end music system from my own music collection.
    You announced the new Logitech UE Smart Radio to replace the Squeezebox radio. What about the replacement of the Squeezebox Touch which doesn’t appears anymore on your web site?
    I hope you will not kill the Squeezebox family for high-end audio lovers!

  • Hi – Can’t wait to get my hands on the UE900 earphones. I pre-ordered on your site and know you are saying “September release”…..can you narrow that down a little?

    • Hi there! The only information we can give you at the moment is that it should be available this month, but please check back with our website for updates! We can’t wait for you to get your earphones either! We think you will be very happy with them!

  • We are trying to use Vid HD to make video calls or to record the message and send it over via Vid HD – it is olny allowing to make 30 second calls – i like to know how to increase the length of this call

  • It’s a real shame to see the Squeezebox go. I have been a fan since the beginning and now you’re killing it off. Strange choice in a world were even audiophiles start to see the value of streaming audio. And please don’t tell me that the radio is the new Squeezebox. That thing doesn’t cut it by far!!!

    Sad to say, but suddenly, after a lot of years of using Logitech products, the brand has lost its appeal.

    Next you will be dropping the Harmony……… Really bad move on dropping the SB!!!

  • Why can’t you add a digital output to these products so that serious music lovers could improve the sound by feeding it to a digital audio converter?

  • As many other Squeezebox users, I was disappointed to hear that you were dropping the Squeezebox line/brand/concept.

    I felt in love with Squeezebox 7 years ago, bought 8 devices over the years and recommended them to friends and family.

    Even though I really understand you want to simplify the user experience, it would have been nice to offer some kind of advanced mode Squeezebox users used to have.

    As far as I know, I won’t be upgrading and/or buy and/or promote UE devices unless solutions is found for e.g.

    – Random Mix (for local files)
    – Playing local music without being connected to the internet
    – Compatibility mode between UE and SB devices (e.g. Synchro)

    How can you drop the most spectacular audio products in years. Out of the Squeezebox system, you have just kept basic functionalities for the mass market. Squeezebox was more than an internet related device…

    It’s a shame you have never correctly marketed, trusted, understood the Squeezebox line since you bought Slimdevices back in 2008.

  • So, you’r dumping the class-leading Squeezebox products in favour of functionally inferior devices and software … what genius came up with that idea?

    Very, very disappointing news. And Logitech has no chance of beating Apple and Sonos in the bulk consumer market for this kind of product.

  • It is amazing to me the apparent ignorance of Logitech management as to the passionate fan base of the Squeezebox line. Many of us don’t buy just one; I currently have 4 running in my household.

    Do you not realize how unique these products are? It would be one thing if Squeezebox was being replaced with something groundbreaking, but how is it a good idea to forsake a devoted following in favor of just another internet radio?

  • Is it true that the smart radio requires an Internet connection to play local music files?

    Complete madness, bring back the squeezeboxes.

  • Will there be new Mouse products coming this year? I am interested in the Performance Mx mouse but it a 3 years old! Is there a new one coming?

  • Connecting to a wireless network and connecting to the Internet are not the same thing. Can you confirm that the new radio will continue to play my local music files when my internet connection is down? Thanks.

  • Regarding the previous comment … it was not a query about wifi … the issue is that the new radio requires an INTERNET connection even when playing music from the local LAN.
    Of course it needs Internet when playing Internet radio stations or other music services (like Pandora in USA) but requiring it when a listener is playing their own locally held music is very unusual.

    The inability for this new device to synchronise with Logitech Squeezebox players that the listening fan already has is another weakness that will alienate the existing user base (I have 2 Squeezeboxes and many others have more than that).

    The inability to add community built plug-ins is another drawback.

    Surely making it possible for the. SE device to run the “Squeezebox” firmware (for advanced users) would have been the way to keep the old community happy.

  • Wrong! you don’t necessarily need Wifi, you need internet! FYI there is an Ethernet jack at the back of the Radio.

    With Squeezebox, you could play your own files without being connected to the Internet. Now, with the new UE approach, you will have to be connected to the Internet even for playing your own files located on your network. This is a huge step backward!

    And being always connected to the internet is also the reason why they can’t offer Random Mix anymore…

    • Hi Trevor, no it will not work with Logitech Media server. Please use UE Media Library software to have access to your local music. It will also not work with your other squeezeboox devices. Only SB Radios can be upgraded to UE Smart Radio.

  • So, what does the Squeezebox announcement say?
    I’ve just created an account but I still get “Access Denied”

    • Most of the current music services supported on Logitech Squeezebox are supported on Logitech UE Smart Radio. Logitech Squeezebox Radio owners can upgrade to the Logitech UE Smart Radio experience through a software upgrade that will be available in the coming months.

  • hello i just bought the logitech c110m its not the most expensive camera but it still works. But anways im a mother and Im constantly taking pictures of my son. But i want to post them to my facebook for everyone else to see. I was just wondering if you know how to post my logitech pictures to my facebook. And where exactly do I start. 🙂
    Please help me!
    Im in desperate need of posting these picture perfect pictures. So if you have time please help me and let me know I really would appreciate it.

  • What is the release date, Amazon says 1-3 weeks, I’ve got a poker game in two weeks and will be buying a Squeezebox if it doesn’t ship by then, and, will for sure get a Squeezebox if internet connectivity is required to stream local music, wifi is fine, but often the internet is down or there flat out isnt any while still having wifi. Can you confirm this issue and a release date?

  • Hi,

    Will I be forced to upgrade my squeezebox radio software to UE software or can I keep it running with squeezebox software ?
    In case I have to upgrade to UE software, will I still be able to play music from my readynas ? I bought it specialy for my squeezebox.

    • Your existing Logitech Squeezebox products will continue to work as they always have, Bernard. However, all new
      products will be using the updated Logitech UE Smart Radio platform and we will no longer provide
      software updates for the Logitech Squeezebox platform.

  • About 3 years ago, me, the fanatic radio listener discovered SB Radio. I got one.One week later I got another. Two months later, I had another 4 friends get one and they were all just blown away.

    Recently I got the SB Touch. I love it. I love all this range. Nothing comes near it.

    Now I read its coming to an end. Will I go out and and buy another Logitech product? Hard. Very hard. You guys must be trying to kill your own business…

    Very sad.

    • Hi there, Solomon. The Logitech UE Smart Radio is replacing the Logitech Squeezebox Radio. We promise the great sound quality has not been compromised; we have redesigned the software to deliver a new experience that is easier to set up and navigate thanks to companion mobile apps.

  • Hi

    It’ss really sad to see the squeezebox products go. The Smart Radio will be the only one left. Why did you kill the touch and the duet receiver? That you killed the duet remote is understandable in the age of smartphones/browsers to control them.

    You killed two really great and unique products for the music lover with high end expectations. The Smart Radio just doesn’t work for this group. The point is, that there’s no audio output connector. If you want to connect to a stereo system or even a simple Logitech PC speaker system to really enjoy high quality music you need the audio output connector, but not the display and the buttons on the Smart Radio. A duet/touch receiver coupled with a Logitech PC speaker system or a stereo system is far more capable of reproducing music than the Smart Radio. And it’s also a multi-room music system which I can’t see in the new line-up.

    Why, why, why, Logitech. I don’t get it. Where is the benefit? The easier set-up and the simplified user experience? That is always a good thing. But to kill the compatibility with older systems and to stop the support and development will not make many friends. Talk about sustainability. They will all have to switch sooner or later to a different system. You just lost the confidence of many music lovers that loved your squeezebox systems. Did you really think that through?

    You want to serve the mainstream market, but you forget your loyal and very satisfied music lover fan base. Instead you want to please the smartphone/laptop generation which is content to listen to horrible sound quality on tiny speakers..

    Did you really research why people bought and used the Squeezebox systems?

    Since the UE Smart Radio is basically a squeezebox duet remote coupled with the duet receiver with upgraded software and you sell it for US $179, why cant you still produce the duet receiver alone, upgrade it to the UE software and sell it for $100 to $150. The old receivers should also get an upgrade. This path would ensure that everyone is capable of making use of the new UE ecosystem. I can’t see a technical problem. If you can upgrade the squeezebox radio you certainly can upgrade the duet receiver, it’s the same.

    Could you please illustrate why this development path isn’t possible?

    Also, why don’t you produce the gorgeous Logitech UE Air Speaker with the same internals like the smart radio, but without the buttons and display. That would be a far more serious attempt for music lovers.

    Or even make a Z623/Z523 Speaker System system with an internal duet receiver. The perfect and cheap system for many, many occasions. Development costs – ZERO. Just put the duet receiver into the subwofer housing,et voilà. The smartphone/pc browser does the rest.

    If you have an open position at Logitech for my ideas I would be thrilled to hear from you. As a senior user of your squeezebox system I certainly know how to make the most of your systems.

    And last but not least, I would like to tell you a little story about audio system users.
    My twenty year old nephew stays for three months in our house. He’s a long-time user and fan of Apple with Macbook Pro, ITunes, IPod, IPhone etc.
    But he tells me every day how awesome our squeezebox multi-room system is. I’m sure he wouldn’t say that about the new UE lineup…


    • Hi there Diego. First and foremost we want to say thank you so much for your very thoughtful feedback. We appreciate you being a Logitech fan and will be passing along your thoughts to our product team.

  • Just received my UE, fast delivery, great service, nice device.

    But now I have unpacked the device, it appears I have to install software on my COMPUTER to listen to the music I have stacked on my Synology! What way to go is this? It really is a shame the Logitech UE doesn’t automatically discovers the music services within my LOCAL network…

    First time I feel disappointed in Logitech. Not because of their hardware, but because of their policy.

  • I own 3 SB Classics, 1Touch, 1 Transporter and 1 Radio working with my iMac Lion 10.7.4

    I innocently called LMS tech support today and asked when will LMS be updated to work with Mountain Lion 10.8.x.. Big shock to find out that all my SBs will no longer be updated.

    I now have a choice to stay with ‘old’ Apple software and never update OR throw out all my devices. I love my SBs – I listen all day to a combination of my music tracks on my iMac or internet radio. Most of my devices are synced and it is a joy to go from room to room listening. Fidelity is amazing.

    I cannot believe it is over.

    I do not think I am the only one that is heavily invested in your product and is really angry. Class Action lawsuit anyone?

  • I may be a bit confused – I apologize in advance.

    I own a Transporter and a Classic running 7.7.2. My computer is a one year old iMac running Lion 10.7.4.

    If I update to Mountain Lion 10.8.2, will my Squeezeboxes operate just as before without problems? Are you going to update from 7.7.2 with an ‘official’ release?

    Thank you!

    BTW – the forum link you provide above (September 9, 2012 11:40AM does not open)

  • Hi,

    Will there be a successor to Squeezebox touch? I want to connect the logitech product to my stereo system via RCA and play spotify. I’m NOT interested in the new UE Smart Radio that lacks RCA.

  • Hi,

    I have a squeezebox radio that is connected to my ReadyNAS where I have squeezebox server installed for access to my local music, will this continue to work if I upgrade my SB Radio to UE?

  • Hi Logitech Team,

    I´m shocked reading this thread and your (not direct) announcement not to continue with the squeezebox touch!

    I use the squeezebox touch since long time togehter with a Synology NAS, an external DAC and a high grade amp for all my approx. 1000 CD´s uncompressed M4A files. – And I´m very satisfied with this configuration. That´s why I now wanted to buy one for the sleeping room and the Squeezbox radio for the kids. – And by surfing the net, I found this thread ….. 🙁

    A friend of mine, just bought one some month back and is as well very happy with it.

    So here my short feedback to your marketing team: Please check, if you have the right stuff working on this topic. You are killing a good business (where you do not have real competition!). – Maybe it´s better to switch something different, than switiching your strategy on this productline.

  • Hi,

    I have the same question as Guido. I have a Synology NAS and just bought a ue smart radio, BUT it doesn’t find my music on my local network!!!! What the hell with that ? I don’t want to use spotify (and pay for it) if I allready have all the music I want to listen.

    So, my question is : Are working on something like “logitech media server” for ue smart radio on Synology NAS ?

    Kind regards

    • Hi there. We unfortunately cannot comment on unannounced products or updates, but please stay tuned for updates on our website and here on our blog. Thanks so much.

  • As someone mentioned above…a digital or usb out would make a great additional feature allowing the more picky of us to use a dac to get most out of this promising product.

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