Reason #3 You’ll Want to be the Logitech ‘Host With the Most’: Elevate Your Social Media Status

We’ve given you plenty of reasons why you’ll want to be the Logitech ‘Host with the Most,’ incuding the chance to stay in a top-notch loft. See a walk-through of the San Francisco loft below…

We’ve told you about the cash and prizes

What we haven’t touched on is how being the ‘Host with the Most’ can help you grow your networks and help you become the go-to connection for the hottest, most happening social events around town and in your loft. You and your Twitter and Facebook pages are going to become very popular. You just might reach the 5K friend cap on Facebook!

And don’t forget what all of this can potentially do for your resume — remember Courtney Cox in that Springsteen video video? She didn’t just land on Friends without a little help.

So get out there and promote your submission or vote for your favorites! Voting ends Monday, August 23.


Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Media

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  • Ha – I wish I knew about this contest before the day after the cutoff, lol! Is there any chance that there will be a submision extension for the NYC Host? I’m a Manhattanite & Party Gal with a loyal YouTube following of 83,000K+ subscribed fans who would love this new Logitech / Google TV product!

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