Reason #3 You’ll Want to be the Logitech ‘Host With the Most’: Elevate You Social Media Status

We’ve given you plenty of reasons why you’ll want to be the Logitech ‘Host with the Most.’ See the video below…

We’ve told you about the cash and prizes

What we haven’t touched on is how being the ‘Host with the Most’ can help you grow your networks and help you become the go-to connection for the hottest, most happening social events around town and in your loft. You and your Twitter and Facebook pages are going to become very popular. You just might reach the 5K friend cap on Facebook!

And don’t forget what all of this can potentially do for your resume — remember Courtney Cox in that Springsteen video video? She didn’t just land on Friends without a little help.

So get out there and promote your submission or vote for your favorites! Voting ends Monday, August 23.


Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Media


  • Wow. This is absolutely amazing! What a GREAT (impressive) environment from which to promote Logitech Revue! The possibilities are endless! Thanks for the tour, turned the excitement level up about 20 more notches. Keeeep voting everyone, we all need your support!

  • This looks like so much fun! I have always hosted parties. What has made me successful is introducing my audience to new and innovative products and talent. Michael Buble used to perform at my parties at Babalu’s in Vancouver, I have produced a ton of parties with Will Sasso and the gang from MadTV, and worked a ton with the DNC during the last election. See for yourself and vote for me! Thank you Jessica

  • Hi Ha!

    Just curious – how many people will you be interviewing from each city?

    Thank you!


  • Hey Ha (I sound like donkey when I say that)

    Anywhoo, I tried signing up and wasn’t sure if it went through since after pressing like and submit, it just refeshed the page, I’m gonna keep trying. But yeah this is what I wrote, in the original version.

    My Story:
    It’s funny I actually started throwing events when I was 16, my friends and I made a movie and I figured I’d rent out a rec center to show it. It was surreal filling out insurance forms and hiring security guards at an age where I still had a curfue and was wondering who I was gonna ask to prom. Anyway 500 people showed up and ever since then I’ve been into throwing events, mostly upscale parties now, since it’s one of many things that make me happy. In fact the last party I personally threw, I ended up taking over an entire latin american museum.

    Here’s some footage of my latest upscale parties:

    Anyway, I figured I’d be a good fit, since I’m 22 (turning 23), and am told by a lot of people that I’m refreshingly open and am a lot of fun to be around (took me a while to hop on partying but now I’m out a couple times a week meeting people left and right, no relationship though til I’m older). In addition I’ve been really lucky to travel a lot of the world and make a lot of very very interesting friends a long the way (studied abroad in australia for 4 months with a mexican “prince” as a roommate). I’m also involved in radio (have my own online show…), as well as looking to pursue future projects in fashion, and a community giveback program, which is why I think this would be a perfect fit, since, although I socialize in LA quite a bit, I still have yet to make the big move!

    Clip from radio show I mentioned:

    Anyway, whether you pick me or not, I appreciate you reading through this, this seems like a really great concept, and whomever gets this is really lucky. Probably best I go on my facebook now and remove the status about investing in apple!

    Have a good one Ha.

  • You guys missed a great City to launch Google TV, MIAMI could provide the Hot environment for this super hot product. Come on south and let me host the hottest party of the Nation!

  • We could have even go a step further and launch this on Allure of the SEAS, the largest cruise ship in the World! Send me note

  • christian miehls is what this contest is all about…his parties never fail and they have given me personally some of the funnest nights of my life and a million new friends. he IS THE PERFECT CANDIDATE! if u r looking for someone that will make the most out of that loft and give us all a million more unforgetabble nights, then christian is the man! love him to death!

  • Give Christian a chance, I guarantee he will be good for your business and will be the best decision you’ve made in a while. Throwing upscale events has turned into his life and he’s very good at it. Christian is a people person, chances are he’s always got this in the bag because he’s the kind of guy you meet once and think of as a friend for life.

  • If you give Christian Miehls this opportunity, LA might be struck by an Awesome Earthquake. Just wanted to give you all fair warning…

  • give christian miehls a chance! he moved into top 6 over the course of 4 days. that in deserves an award.

  • i want to see christian miehls picked. that guy throws the best parties i’ve ever been to and he’s got that personality where you mightve just met, but you’re already good friends. christian is EVERYTHING this contest stands for and he definitely won’t disappoint.

  • Christian Miehls would be a great investment hands down. Give him the opportunity to show you and thousands of people what he can do and believe me, when you party at his events, it’s like a milestone in life.

  • Give Christian a chance, he truly won’t let you down. He is such a people person and has a lot of positive energy. He is very well organized and certainly knows what he is doing when he has his incredible parties! He will succeed; no doubt about it! 😉

  • Christian Miehls is definitely the right choice for this. He is dynamite! Funny, smart and entrepreneurial, he has figured out how to harness the social networking explosion and would make a great representative of the logitech brand.

  • Vote for Christian!!!!
    Awesome promoter and just the person for the opportunity!!
    He’s never and I mean never disappointed me with his events

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