Cut the Cord with New Logitech Wireless Headset H760

Ever wish you had a headset that let you continue to chat with a friend while pacing around the room? Or listen to music while rocking out your new dance moves without getting tangled up in cords? Well now you can do all that and more with the new Logitech Wireless Headset H760.

The headset’s plug-and-play wireless functionality gives you the freedom to move up to 40 feet away from your computer, so you can jam to your favorite tunes and shimmy to the next room without missing a beat. And with up to six hours of battery life, you get plenty of non-stop entertainment and fun.

With the H760 you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and exceptional audio quality for a wireless listening experience. The headset offers a lightweight, behind-the-head design and can easily be adjusted to meet your personal specifications while wandering around your home or office. A built-in equalizer enhances sound for voice, music and movies, and the H760 boasts quick-access audio controls – compatible with Windows Media Player, iTunes and any audio – that allow you to adjust volume, pause and navigate your playlist directly from your headset.

The H760 also features a noise-canceling microphone that reduces annoying background noise and automatically mutes when you move the mic out of the way, eliminating those embarrassing chewing sounds when you’re multi-tasking lunch and a conference call. C’mon we’ve all done it at some point.

So thanks to the Logitech Wireless Headset H760, you are now free to move about the cabin. I hope you check it out.


Global Product Marketing Manager, Headsets


  • Lynn, thanks for the details on the specs, but do you have details on the RRP price, please? Can only find mention of $99.99 for the US, and can’t find UK pricing as yet.

  • Hi Lynn,
    Will the H760 work with the upper level Ipad. I’d like an audio head set that’s not too bulky to let me listen to Itunes cord free within 10 feet of the Ipad.

    • Hi Frank,

      The H760 was designed to work only with the provided USB receiver. The H760 does not support iPad.


    • Hi Andrey,

      The H760 does not feature a Unifying receiver that works with other Logitech devices such as mice or keyboards. We can’t comment on future product plans but we will definitely consider adding additional features like a Unifying receiver, to future versions of this product.


  • This seems to be a nice product, but what I really want is a similar headphone without a microphone that has a hookup for a TV instead of a USB jack. If we were getting the sound from a computer, the computer could easily equalize it already.

  • How’s the microphone while using Skype? I’ve found previous Logitech wireless headsets to have a very tinny sound. Almost like you’re in a box.

  • I have been looking for a really good wireless headset w/microphone for relatively cheap. I found one, a Microsoft ZX-6000. Only to discover that there was static and feedback with every sound, games-video-music.

    So I ask: What is the audio quality for the headphones? Would I still hear a constant distortion/feedback/static with every sound?

    Also, on a side note: What is the approximate recharge time?

  • Looking for a wireless earphone microphone combo, that will work with the Logitech web cam 120

    Please advise thanks

  • Can you recharge when using the headset? If so, is the recharge a usb, seperate adaptor or cradle? If usb or seperate charger, how long are the cables?

    Finally, I want wifi headset as I want to use with Dragon Naturally speaking 11 home edition speech recog. software to dictate my essays, is the mic quality good enough for the speech recog. software?


    Lindsey 🙂

  • I read in the specifications that “Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles”… after these charge cycles what should I do… throw it away?
    The real question is: are the batteries interchangeable and, if yes, what kind of battery are they?

  • I got the H760 and all I get in the earphone sis distortion and static. I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Worked great the first time I used them but are no longer usable. Too bad, gonna try another brand. Not gonna deal with again.

    • Hi Erebus,
      Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your H760 headset. You may want to contact our customer care team ( about this issue, especially as the product is still under warranty.


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