Reason #4 You’ll Want to be the Logitech ‘Host With the Most’

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve posted pictures of our swanky lofts in LA, NYC and SF – if those three reasons alone don’t have you convinced that you’ll want to be a Logitech ‘Host with the Most,’ let me tell you more about about the salary and swag that you – and your bank account – will get to enjoy.

If you’re one of our top nine finalists you’ll receive a bunch of Logitech products worth +$1,300! Products will include:

And if you’re one of the three chosen hosts, you’ll get to stay in one of our awesome lofts where you get to show off Logitech Revue with Google TV to all of your friends and family, and also a weekly salary of $2,000 and stipend of $500. If that’s not enough reasons to enter our contest, then get ready for reason #3 coming up soon!

Hurry though – submissions close on August 20!


Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Media


  • Hello, I have had some problems with the submission process, and my entry was approved with the pictures backwards and the incorrect “why you should vote for me.”

    Is there some way that I can delete this submission and re-apply, or go back and edit it so that it is correct? Who can I contact about this?

    Thank you!

  • Ha,

    I am so excited to see who wins this great opportunity. I wanted to see if I was able to edit my profile… I didn’t know we weren’t able to. I hope to hear you soon!

    Enrick Bui

  • Ha Thai,

    Living in the Uk is there noway I can apply to this? partying and getting paid for it while using the latest in technology sounds pretty much as good as it gets. haha. If not please may you invite me to one of these evenings that would be much appreciate. Thank you kindly.

    Paul 🙂

    • Hi Paul,

      Unfortunately, the Logitech Host with the Most search is only open to U.S. residents. We’ll keep you posted on opportunities to attend the events, although I have to say, coming from the UK is a long way to travel for a party :).


  • Hi there,

    I have had a TON of people email me today saying that they have clicked on the link to vote for me but it says I VOTED (already). Whats wrong with this? Can I fix it? Are you able to track the traffic?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Jessica,

      We were having some problems earlier but it looks OK now – I just checked your profile and the vote button is there. Sorry about the inconvenience!


  • Dear Ha:

    I have had three people report to me today that they cannot vote for me. One is in Massachusetts, two are in NYC. None of them have voted before! They are saying that there is no VOTE button on my contest page. Can you help? I am pointing traffic to this page and I will lose votes if there is no vote button.

    Thank you,


    • H Mame,

      Would you mind sending me the url to your profile page? The vote button seems to be present on most pages now, but I can take a closer look to make sure.


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