Logitech Revue Now $99

Today we are pleased to share that the Logitech Revue™ with Google TV™ will be available at $99. The new pricing makes Logitech Revue more accessible for consumers. And Logitech Revue with Google TV offers so much more value than mere streaming media devices – it delivers the seamless integration of the Web experience with your HDTV. Combined with HD video calling using the Logitech TV Cam and Logitech Vid™ HD, Logitech Revue is one of the most compelling connected-home devices on the market today.

With the price barrier removed, we believe Logitech Revue is the most compelling connected TV offering in the market, especially with the expected release of version 2 of Google TV later this summer. All new and existing Revue users will automatically receive this update, which is built on Android 3.1. Among other benefits, V2 will offer a simplified user experience and access to many more apps, made possible by the booming Android Market.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


  • What about current owners who recently just bought one for $249? Will thereby any kind of costumer program for us similar to the recent 3ds price drop?

  • Wow – $99 is a great price! I thought $200 was pretty good. However, I must say that even at this price – until the Revue can play streaming movies from VuDu (the ONLY decent HD movie streaming site – Amazon and Netflix streaming movie selection is pathetic), it is of questionable value. The Revue’s keyboard is great, browsing the internet or YouTube is nice…but at the end of the day, streaming HD Movies is probably the most important function (in my opinion).

  • I bought the revue at Best Buy, around May of 2011 for $199. I was told that most of its limitations would be resolved this summer when Android’s upgrade arrived. I am still waiting. I should have waited until now to buy it. $99 seems about right for it. It can’t multi task, it can’t load pages very fast when browsing and it freezes up quite often. You cannot read pdf files or do many of the things that one takes for granted on the most basic of pc’s. One example – zooming in on text. Every time you change pages the zoom will revert to its default setting. This gets old quick. All my complaints are met by logitech with assurances that massive android upgrade will fix everything. I hope this is true , because if it isn’t, the price point of $99 will be too high.

  • it is time to reduce the HD TV Cam to $99 and introduce another model in $69 range that could rotate same like the other Logitech New PC offer

  • Cool. I bought it right away as soon as price went down to $99. I also applied $10 coupon at CompUSA store to make it even sweeter.

    I like the concept and I am about to say the AppleTV bye bye. I love the way keyboard works and this certainly has potential to replace my HTPC. Please make the browser independant of “User Agent” Tag so that all websites and conent can be accessible.

    Price point at $299 was way steep and that was the only reason I was holding back. I am desprately waiting for next Update and i would love to see Hulu+ and bunch of more apps on it.

    Thanks for reducing price and this product will rock.

  • Just ordered a Revue from Best Buy yesterday. $99 was too good of a price to resist.
    Logitech, if you really want to sell more of these devices, MAKE THEM HACKABLE! You shouldn’t have to bust out a soldering iron to gain root access on a device you own.
    You’ve got the price right, now you just need to embrace the Android hacker community to really push the limits of what these devices are capable of, and let the owners feel like they really own their devices.
    Look at what the enthusiast community did with the original XBox and with Apple TV. Users will create some amazing enhancements for your products if you don’t make it too onerous of a task to get low level access to the devices. The pros far outweighs the cons in this situation.

  • Ashish Congratiolations google tv is bach from the dead if the price was 120$ it would have been high but @ 100$ the price is just right
    now another thing ashish, the tv webcam  is a great idea which will enormously help spread the revue. The new concept of video chat on the couch by having a cheap device like Now the revue with the webcam over the tv is great but it’s very new. Not main stream yet so definetly if logitech present’s it to the world with the cheapest android device to date it will defenitly have synergestic effect on spreading the revue and google tv but why the barriers?
    why it’s not compatible with skype? Only logitech’s app? Only logitech’s reletively expensive camers
    Logitech must Allow the revue to accept any video chat android app like skype yahoo and to accept any webcam not only logitech’s or drop the price of the camers to 50$ 
    Only then video chat on tv will be a big added value to the revue
    Kindly replay

  • This is a Great News !!! I love this product!! . Ashish – Will the new update brings surround sound support too Netflix and other HD channels with Dolby encoding?

  • i have been using logitech revue in Australia. i dpn’t have access to logitech revue iphone app in australia as you have not listed it in apple australia app store. can you list the app in apple australia app store?

    • We love to hear from Revue fans! Currently the product is only officially launched in the U.S. so any related apps will only be available in that country.

  • I’ve been using a Reveu in Australia. I hope the Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) upgrade will be pushed to our units as well and we will also have access to the the Android Market

  • Can it available in Singapore? I can’t find it at the shops.
    Once Honeycomb 3.1 update comes, could it upgrade via internet?

  • So when will Honeycomb release?? We were told “later this summer” and it is certainly late summer… so what’s the dealio???

  • Is there a date for the Honeycomb update? You said end of summer, but that has come and gone. Also, are there plans for Ice Cream Sandwich or will that require newer hardware?

  • Just bought the $99.00 version tonight so I could watch football on espn3.com. The site came up but none of the games would play. Are streaming flash videos not allowed on the revue? If so, I am returning it to BestBuy. Please let me know

  • With Summer 2011 quickly coming to an end…will Logitech be able to meet its ETA for the release of Honeycomb 3.1?

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