Logitech Brings Next Version of Google TV to Logitech Revue

We are pleased to announce that we will begin delivering a free software update of the Android 3.1 platform to Logitech Revue™ with Google TV™ this week. If you’re already a Revue user, simply ensure your unit is turned on and connected to the Web, and accept the update that pops up onto your TV screen. New customers are expected to receive this version automatically upon activation.

Some of the key developments include more entertainment choices such as access to Android Market; faster and more comprehensive search and browse capabilities; a simplified user interface, and improvements to the Logitech Media Player.

With the Android Market now available through your Logitech Revue, you’ll get new and useful apps all the time, such as the new Google Music app, making your Logitech Revue the fastest growing entertainment hub in your living room. At launch, the Android Market will feature around 50 apps optimized for HDTV, and we expect number of apps to increase over time.

In a world of infinite entertainment choices you need an easy way to discover the content you want to watch: Logitech Revue has you covered. The Google Chrome browser brings full search capabilities to your HDTV, along with full keyboard navigation and support for Adobe Flash player version 10.2.

The Quick Search Box quickly vets TV content, Web video, Apps, Bookmarks, and the Web, so you can spend less time searching and more time watching. And the TV & Movies app allows people to easily search, watch and even rate more than 80,000 movies and TV episodes from cable, Netflix, Amazon and YouTube.

With the Logitech Media Player software and your Logitech Revue, you can unlock your computer’s library of music, movies and photos to enjoy on your HDTV.

What’s more, Logitech Revue can help you visit with friends and family. Thanks to the optional Logitech TV Cam and Vid HD service, you can make and receive high definition video calls on your HDTV, and from the comfort of your couch.

Customer feedback is very important to us, and we worked closely with Google to ensure that Logitech Revue with the next version of Google TV incorporates the features and improvements that are most important to you. With these improvements, we hope you find that the Logitech Revue with the next version of Google TV is an easy way to integrate your existing broadcast or pay TV service with Internet content all on your HDTV.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


  • Thanks, Logitech. Sad that you are no longer shipping current Google TV units. Hope that you will be in the near future!

  • Thank you to all involved. Better late than never.

    I ask all in the user community to head to the petition I’ve linked in this post which is simply requesting that Logitech open the boot-loader on the Revue to allow those in the user community with the knowledge & skills to continue supporting and improving the Revue after this update since Logitech has decided to discontinue the product and end support for it.

    Hopefully Logitech will allow this comment to be posted!

  • Great to see the update is finally ready and rolling out, but a little disappointing that a consumer (like me) who knows about, cares about and has been waiting for the update to come out cannot initiate it manually. Please roll it out to a larger base earlier in the week or offer a manual installation method via USB drive with a .zip or .img, etc.

  • This whole cluster@@@@ is Google fault which I will remember for a long time. Never thought I’d say it, but I will now wait for Apple TV.

  • Cool!! I bought it a few days ago, and today it’s my birthday and Logitech releases the new version, it’s so awesome, thanks Google & Logitech!

  • Thanks Logitech, I appreciate it! =) have a Xbox 360 but will still prefer my Logitech Revue for TV entertainment now with the update!


  • I love it when I’m right!
    I kept telling everyone you guys were just making sure the release was as right as possible.

    Freaking awesome!

    William Lewis

  • has anyone actually received the update? as far as I can tell, there is only one person who “received” the update and took a picture of it.

  • thanks for update, but if you are going to be dropping the revue, at least unlock it to allow developers to make custom roms to keep the device up to date when you stop supporting it.

    • We remain committed to our Logitech Revue customers. We will honor the product warranty period of 1 year from date of purchase. In addition you may want to check out our support community at forums.logitech.com for customers to find answers to your questions.

  • We recognize the first iteration of Logitech Revue with Google TV wasn’t perfect, however, to win a race, you have to start it. Remember, the connected TV concept is still in its early days. We listened to our customers feedback and we worked closely with Google to ensure that Logitech Revue with the next version of Google TV is a solid step in the right direction.

  • Whoa, don’t get too excited, it isn’t avialable just yet. Similar language has been used for about a year now.

  • I just ordered one off Amazon for $99. I’ve always like Logitech products. Now that the Android 3.1 Honeycomb update has just been released, it was a no brainer for me…

  • Hello,

    Good news. Can you also comment on opening up Logitech TV cam for google tv so that revue users can use it with GTalk and Skype ? I have searched logitech forums to get an answer on why its not possible (not supported by Skype or GTalk etc) but haven’t got any real explanation yet.

    Any chances of getting Skype or GTalk support without buying a new version on HD cam in future? if yes, it will help me make informed decision

  • I just hooked mine back up hoping to get the update. Haven’t gotten it yet. If I don’t get it soon, I’m trashing my device.

  • Logitech what about future updates to the platform? I mean with you all discontinuing it what’s gonna happen with regards to future firmware updates? Is Google taking over complete firmware support from here-on out? You all should continue with the platform… But you cannot price these boxes @ $299.99 out of the gate… They should’ve been priced somewhere in between $149-$199 from the get go… If you all can figure out a Tegra 3 version while keeping it under $200 I’m sold!

  • Sorry, I should have said, “Since I have been in China, it has already updated once before.”


  • Hi,

    I own Logitech Revue in India…. I am still seeing the old version here…. Will I be getting the update? Please confirm.

  • Hi Ashish, is the new update available for all users? I mean I live in India and just few days agoI bought Revue from Amazon… will I be getting update on my new revue? please confirm.

  • Hi Ashish, is the new update available for all users? I mean I live in India and just few days ago I bought Revue from Amazon… will I be getting update on my new revue? please confirm.

    • We can’t speak for Google and they haven’t publically committed to a launch date. We understand their plan is to focus on evolving the product and improving the platform for consumers here in the U.S. market before bringing Google TV to other markets.

  • I’m a little confused. This week meaning ending the Saturday? Even people in my country initiating new installations are not getting the update here (United States) as far as I can tell. With the massive dissatisfaction I’ve been hearing from most people, this was not the way to roll this out. Let us have a USB manual load option.

  • When you say this week, you mean by Saturday right? It’s already Thursday and no one has recieved this update yet!

  • Lets not put the cart ahead of the horse. I am happy for the update but will not pass judgement until I see how it works.

    Maybe I am being too critical but I was wandering if any anyone is having a problem with picture degradation when connected to the Dish Network? I enjoy the ability for the Revue to connect the net and my TV provider but not when doing so gives me an inferior picture.
    The updates I doubt will help this but even without it the Revue is a great product if they get it working properly and give us more sources.

  • Thanks for the update. I have had mine for 6 months and am okay with it. I don’t understand all the stink about how bad it works.

  • First of all, Thank you so much Logitech for this update. Will this be the last major updated to the Revue? I hope not. I purchased my Revue, the first week that it came out ago a year ago at ($299.99). I have been happy with my product and jumping for joy that 3.1 has arrived. I haven’t received my update, yet but I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Logitech, please consider future support /updates to our Revue units. Also, for future updates. I believe those that purchased the product first should receive their update first. Thanks again for 3.1 HC and Android Market, etc……

    • Logitech remains committed to Logitech Revue customers. Logitech will honor the product warranty period of 1 year from date of purchase. Logitech does host a support community at forums.logitech.com for customers to find answers to their questions.

    • The roll out has already begun simply ensure your unit is turned on and connected to the Web, and accept the update that pops up onto your TV screen.

  • My IP is from Vzla would this mean that the update will come later in the week or I will not get it at all?? other updates dis download here with no problem. When can we expect all the boxes to be updated??

  • My IP is from Venezuela , would this mean that it will take longer for me to get the update or it will not be available for IPs outside USA. The other updates did work here but hav this concern.

    When can we expec to have all boxes updated, is this update been done depending on the buit # or the customer #????

    Appreciate comments for us with the Logitech Reveu outside USA

  • Why not updating GTV outside the USA ? GTV is only available in US but it works better outside because no major website block it.

    • I just received confirmation that Revue is only officially supported in the USA. The update will go out to all boxes but customers should expect that some features such as Android Market won’t work outside of the US.

  • User reports have been saying that nobody has yet received the illeged update. When is the roll out process going to start, and how are you rolling them out? Stop false advertising and give us the update!

  • If I was do do a factory reset on my box would it then pull the update immediately? I know, impatience is a terrible thing!:)

  • Dear Noris Trevino,

    I am very dissapointed of Logitech’s product support. I bought 2 Revues in the US, but now I live outside the US.
    It was never mentioned that the updates were only going to be availabe in the US! I bought my 2 units always thinking about getting the Honeycomb update, but appart from being delayed, not I learn that I might never get it!
    It is really sad that in a world that is every day more connected a company can’t think about their worldwide customers.


    • I just received confirmation from Google that Revue is only officially supported in the USA. The update will go out to all boxes but customers should expect that some features such as Android Market won’t work outside of the US.

  • December 8, 2011

    Day Two of the proverbial………. ” a few days”. The Check is in the mail for a couple more ?

    My Best Buy Receipt is Ticking……..Kindle Fire without a stinking cable box.

    Long Live Amiga

  • Why did you delete my post forum zombie? Like I said, why has nobody received the update yet and what are the projected roll out schedules. At this point, that information should be readily available to you and your team. Please help all of us anxious customers out and let us know why nobody has received the update yet. The end of the week is approaching fast.

  • What do you have to say to the point that not a single person ha claimed receiving te update yet? Even though “updates started being sent out yesterday”

  • I was hoping to see it last nite! I would love to work with the new ui asap.
    Please send it out to Pennsylvania immediately 😉 I bought 2!!

  • The update bricked my device. Filled out the warranty claim form and haven’t received a response yet.

  • No update here yet. I haven’t heard or seen from anyone that’s got it either. I’m guessing something went wrong or surely we would have read on one of these forums from someone that actually got it.

    Actually … I have more faith that we’ll hear some time at the beginning of next month that Logitech ran in to an issue and the new update will come in the next few weeks. Until then we’ll all still be wondering in the dark…

    Hopefully I’m wrong.

  • For those that are reading this – if you want to “force” your Revue to get the update then simply do a data wipe.

    Note what they say in the announcment: “New customers are expected to receive this version automatically upon activation”

    This is what I did and VOILA – 3.1….

  • Hi everybody:

    I have the Revue for 2 months and loving it. I am just one of all of us that want the update as soon as posible. But I live in Mexico and bought the Revue from Best Buy. Your VP Ashish Arora claim, and I quote:

    “If you’re already a Revue user, simply ensure your unit is turned on and connected to the Web, and accept the update that pops up onto your TV screen. ”

    Well, then, I am a USER of the Revue Box, but I don’t live in USA. The statement do not says that ONLY COSTUMERS IN THE USA WILL GET THE REVUE.

    I do not know if he made a mistake or was misleader on the Update, but I hope I will get the Update like everyone else in the USA. Google TV maybe exclusive for the USA people, but I do use the Internet at my house, I use YOUTUBE at my house, I do like to download thinks from Android Market (have android phones), and also, I like to share photos and look at movies from my computer. And all this is done using MY REVUE.

    Please, honor your UPDATE to ALL. Thanks in advance.

  • Is it possible that logitech can release their source code or details to developers community so ICS (Android 4) and other versions be ported on Revue.

    I know Logitech has decided to abandon the development and support after this release and in an year warranties will run out.

    It will be great if developer communities like XDA or GTVHacker guys can take it to next level.

  • My Revue is no longer working since the update!!!! I have tried rebooting numerous times, but all I get is the start up screen and then the display goes total gray. Is there a way to go back to the previous version and then install the update again?

  • tried: settings -> about -> system update. received: your system is up to date.

    I’ll do a factory reset and see if that forces the update. If not, I’m leaving this thing on until Sunday morning. If it hasn’t updated by then it’s going back to the store Sunday Dec 11th for a full refund. I’m thinking about taking my Harmony remote back too, since I can’t get it to work with the revue.

    I’ll post the results in a bit.

  • I don’t know if this is completely true, as I have an Android based tablet and have a PayPal account and I’m able to downlaod and purchase from the Android Market anywhere in the world.

    “””””””Logitech | December 8th, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    I just received confirmation from Google that Revue is only officially supported in the USA. The update will go out to all boxes but customers should expect that some features such as Android Market won’t work outside of the US.””””

  • If I were to do a factory reset on my Revue and set it back up, would this force it to update? “New customers are expected to receive this version automatically upon activation.”

  • Waiting for an answer for the outside US USERS if we are getting the COMPLETE UPDATE. We, people outside US, are people like you and we are no less and no more than you.

    Please, keep the same UPDATE to all your REVUE USERS.

  • Waited this long after buying it and the recent buyers get it first… coz you advertised it and don’t to get sued… Makes sense.. and your warranty sucks big time..

  • still havent received the update and i live in los angeles, this is some bs whats the link to update it

  • Dear Logitech: For everyone that gripes and moans about how their life is over and not worth living because they have not received their Revue update…could you please make their update the very last ones?

    Life existed before you ever owned a Revue and life will continue should lightning come down and strike your Revue. Should it happen, take that as an indicator to get out of your house and GET A LIFE. Besides…watching too much Google TV WILL MAKE YOUR BUTT LOOK BIG!!!

    The box has worked great without 3.1. It will be great to have 3.1. You’ll get the update when you get the update! Now please go do something productive and stop whining! It’s very irritating.

  • I haven’t received it either. Can’t understand why it’s not downloadable. Why make it an OTA alone?

  • Open the source code for this device. There is no good reason websites should block it. The way you’ve (logitech) have abandoned the Revue is like a slap in the face. This update is beyond late. The way it was promised long ago and teased throughout the summer and fall has upset many people. I will no longer be buying anything logitech makes. If logitech isn’t going to do it let real devs have it. That is the only way to fix this. I want my money back.

  • This is a lie. I wish Logitech would stop misleading their customers. Stop the lies. Support your NEW customers. Or don’t have any NEW customers.

  • I see lot of thank you and everything. But here is the deal. My google tv is in virginia and donno whther logitech has missed the state as such or something (
    Jus being sarcastic.. Am not tat dump) but i don see any update or pop up in my google tv, YET(friday). I am wondering whther it has support for windows media player as half of the contents online is still windows based. Also it wud be much kooler if the android market has skype. !!

  • tried the factory reset a couple of times..
    still get the same “your system is up to date” message!

    i am in the software field..
    once you have the upgrade ready i can’t imagine what is the delay..
    is it out to some beta customers?

    considering the folks who bought the revue were early adopters who
    are keen on getting the latest stuff, this is a major PR snafu..

  • my update hasn’t arrived yet. Had been two days since the release day, whats going on, how much longer do I have to wait?

  • Mine just updated this AM (12/9). (purchased about two weeks ago). Very excited! Just started playing with it but it’s pretty cool so far.

  • Day three and no update? I can only imagine how long this would take if there weren’t “more revue’s returned than sold” and that it wasn’t a “big mistake” and people actually bought this. Look at how Microsoft rolls out their updates and communicates for a better strategy. To many vague posts and promises: I am thankful that its rolling out to be sure, but this doesn’t change how I feel about how this was communicated: over-promised and under-delivered. Also, a little embarrassing as I recommended to several people (some who purchased one) saying no its going to much better in another week or so. Well… I can just do what you do and say, not you will see… just another week or so (money pit: two weeks).

  • pure lies! logitech is brilliant with false advertisement to boost their sales during the holiday season, i just purchased 5 of this junk and yeah, no update to 3.1… thank you logitech for screwing ppl over with false advertisement to boost your sales.

  • Don’t do a factory reset! This will not force the update! Also, Logitech, I am on the middle of the USA, Chicago. And have still not seen the update. However users are reporting it in Canada, Florida, California, Michigan, Ohio, Arizona, and north Carolina. So, when will Illinois get theirs? This rollout seems to make no sense or have any rhyme or reason to it, so as we all ask again… how do we update our revue to 3.1 manually?

  • Mine has still not updated. Is there a way to “force” the update, rather than waiting for it to update by its self?



  • How come users are reporting receiving the update in foreign countries before we have it in the USA? I thought the us was first on the roll out chain? I can’t wait for the update, would just love to know how I can get it.

    • The Google TV 3.1 update is now being rolled out to our customers. The roll-out will happen over the next 4 days, and all customers should receive the update by Monday, December 12th. Please note that it is not possible to force the update by resetting your unit. The first day will be a small percentage and will get increase throughout the four day roll-out period. Your patience is much appreciated. Please be assured that the update is currently being rolled out to all existing Logitech Revue boxes. For more information please go to our Support Forum.

  • Are you kidding me? This update is NOT going to be available outside of the US? I can’t think of one solitary reason of any merit why would withhold it from other regions. I already accept the fact that whole thing is gravitated towards US consumption in terms of features etc, but this takes the biscuit!

    • The Google TV 3.1 update is now being rolled out to our customers. The roll-out will happen in the next 4 days, and all customers should receive the update by Monday, December 12th. Your patience is much appreciate. Please be assured that the update will be delivered over the next 4 days. For more information please go to our Support Forum.

  • I just bought a Revue today and activated it. I got an update, but it was NOT the 3.1 update–it was 2.1update1. (The activation process didn’t go smoothly–at step 8, when it tried to contact the logitech servers, I kept getting errors telling me it couldn’t reach the server. Kept trying, eventually it worked.)

  • According to this release new customers are supposed to receive the update upon activation but upon purchasing a unit last night, while it did update it did not update to the newest version. Disappointing.

  • I got the update, but am disappointed that not all the google tv apps work, show not compatible. But still, better than before. If only you could have landed HULU Plus, I could drop premium cable.

  • Understandable. In light of the fact that Logitech has elected to drop the Revue, I guess we can’t be too fussy. I am still pleased, but will have to find a backup.

  • Updated our device and have not been able to connect to our wireless since. Went through the troubleshooting with no success. Called tech support, after 40 minutes on hold had to hang up. Husband going through withdrawals…help!!

  • According to my settings info I have not received an update and none is available. However when I turn my TV on today when it was run through the Revue, I didn’t have sound, on any channel but had sound on all channels when not run through the Revue.

    I pulled the plug on the Revue and then put it back in the system rebooted and I had sound, but no update. Could the loss of sound been caused by a ailed update?m

  • I received the update on 1 of my 3 Logitech Revues in my house hold. The update was applied to the first device I had purchased months before the other two. The new interface is nice and will be happy when my other two systems are also updated. As far as the Android store, I am not sure why there are no compatible Apps yet; some of the Apps have the GoogleTv logo on them, but are listed as ‘not compatible’… hopefully just for the time being. Otherwise, my family and I are very pleased with the Logitech Revue.

  • I am still waiting for the automatic update. My connection is wifi and not through ethernet. Hope I still get it. Wish I could select somehow so the download would start. How do I know it will automatically update? Thank you.

  • In response to Norys comment about starting the race: true, and the other thing you have to do to win the race is stay in it. I love my Logitech Google TV box and though the interface was not great it was still a great step forward for TV. I am very sorry Logitech isn’t staying in the market, and am pretty sure they will regret it in a couple of years.

  • My unit got upgraded to the new version without any issues, so far things look good.

    Finally the wait is over 🙂

    If there is any good media player do let me know….looking for a media player which provides support for subtitles as well.

  • Ok, finally got the update but it is really useless. Sure u have access to the app market but none of the worthwhile apps are compatible. What gives? And still no hulu. Ive been waitings months for an update and when it finally comes it doesnt make the device any better. Im very disappointed with logitech on this one

  • I got my OS update yesterday, and I guess I was expecting miracles with the new interface from all the hype. It seems we have lost “bookmarks” and the “frequently used” section. The Android apps available are less than stellar, and I’m wondering if the Revue will accept a wider range of apps that can be purchased through various Android apps sites or if we are limited to what shows up in the “Marketplace” section of the Revue menu.

  • Bought one a year ago and it updated last night. Bought another 2 weeks ago, no update yet. It must be in order of purchase.

  • Installed it…love it (so far). Much more codecs available for AVI files or other media.

    Those of you complaining that your update wasn’t exactly on time…get a life! I’d rather them make sure of the product than commit to some arbitrary date if it causes issues down the line. I’d rather update on 12/10 (which I did and love it) than do it on 12/8 and risk system crashes.

    You whiners are an embarrassment. I wonder how much you’d complain about this if you lived in a mud hut somewhere and never knew what Google, Logitech, or the Internet was.

  • Bought my review when the price dropped at the end of summer. My update hit 12/9 around 7:30pm. Definately a slicker interface. Too bad there’s so much still blocked by the networks though.

    Haven’t tested out media player to see if new codecs are included, but I’m optimistic that this will be a “huge” improvement….

  • @slapinheimer, agreed. People need to relax. As Louie CK says, “Everything is amazing right now, and nobody’s happy.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r1CZTLk-Gk
    “How quickly the world owes him something, he knew existed only 10 seconds ago.” lulz.

    @Norys Trevino, you are right. This is a first step in a new form of media delivery, and please know many users/customers applauded Logitech for jumping on the bandwagon so early. I love my GoogleTV and promote it all the time to others. For $99 it blows the socks off most tech equipment.

    I’d buy another TV/web aggregate device made by Logitech, as I know you company has the experience now to develop smart and avoid PR errors. Thanks for putting up with the masses until then.

  • I just read Norys Trevino’s post “We recognize the first iteration of Logitech Revue with Google TV wasn’t perfect, however, to win a race, you have to start it.” Honestly, this confuses me.

    First, I am satisfied with my Revue. I have been a little irked by the “you’ll be updated–sometime” strategy, but so?

    But, I’m curious to understand gripes people have with Revue. It has been said techie geeks–like myself–deal better with the “unintuitive” interface. Maybe, but every time I see a kid with a gadget this seems wrong. Patience, curiosity, flexibility…are these geeks exclusives? I’m now old enough to dread “programming a VCR” or substitute the contemporary idiom of your choice; I do just fine with Revue.

    I think often ease-of-use equals restricting options. Count my small voice as “Thank You Logitech” for making Revue as flexible as possible. The upcoming App Market will enhance this, I hope.

  • The 3.1 update is actually a downgrade, especially when surfing the web. When I do a page down or scroll at a rapid rate, I get a page that pops up and says ‘reload’ this just doesn’t happen sometimes, but like a lot… I tried wiping my factory settings, but with this new version it won’t even let me to that. This better be fixed.

  • I still haven’t received the update, and when i go to the settings and go to the about section and go to check for update, it says the device is currently up to date. So i need my update!

  • Got the update yesterday, 12/10, it’s great, can now watch espn 3, everything is quicker, I don’t have cable so I watch on many websites, I’m very pleased, it’s like a whole new revue.

  • Michael…why would you tell people to hard reset their devices to push the update when you
    know that doesnt work? That is a lame thing to do especially with all the ill surrounding this ordeal to begin with. Troll. Slapinhemer…..people are annoyed by the way it was all handled. The lack of a real dialogue and proper communication is where the issue is with this roll out. If Logitech wasn’t dropping unreliable canned responses and being real with their customer base I believe you would be seeing a different response from people.

  • Its December 11already and mine still not updated! How does Logitech rolls out the update? By batch? then what batch? I’m getting frustrated and I’m planning to video smashing this piece of junk and post it youtube if i dont get update in a few days….l

  • Got upgrade 12/8,only use it for internet.now it doesnt work,cannot bring up homepage,bookmarks. Says I am not connected to internet, calls to customer support for help are on hold for 2 days.I am in Fla, will maybe go to Best Buy to see what they know. lyle

  • The updated version is much improved. I hope Logitech will considering continuing the product. I think it was hasty to decide to quit before this important update was available. I was able to customize the icons for my needs. My only complaint, I use Directv with RF remote, and it appears that the Directv control via the revue keyboard can only use IR communication to my Directv box. Other family members need the regular IR control, so I can’t change Directv channels with my keyboard.

  • i meant to say the other family members need the RF remote instead of IR and as far as I can tell, logitech only communicates to Directv box using IR. It would be nice if it could use RF to communicate with Directv box.

  • Logitech –

    It is Sunday afternoon! How much longer do I have to wait to get the update. This is really making me question ever buying anything labeled logitech. Please update my revue.

  • This might be the all time pathetic handling of a software update…to many stages, press releases, etc….Google deserves to share some blame here….poorly coded software

  • So… there is another guy on this thread that bought his Revue two weeks ago (like I did) and he got his update two days ago… so what gives? I’m a little more than annoyed at this point to not even be able to download the update on my own and do it. It seems that people in remote countries are getting their updates, and the US can’t even get their updates at once. What the heck??!!

  • I’m still waiting for the update as many others but I don’t stop enjoying my revue for a simple update. Logitech gave until monday to update so I don’t see the pressure to get the update. Many of those people getting crazy don’t even know how to use USA sites without the need of a vpn in their revue. Those customers want the update without knowledge to get the best of what they have in theirs hand right now. Enjoy what you have not what your missing.

  • What gives going to bed now… Was hoping I would have the update by now. Oh well maybe Santa will bring it to me for Christmas or possibly the Easter Bunny for Easter.

  • almost sunday midnight (west coast), no update yet…
    i read somewhere all devices would be updated by monday. well, seems like it wasn’t true!
    anyhow, didn’t buy the device for the update! still enjoy it every time use it. and would rather wait to get a reliable update, rather than one that doesn’t work….
    so logitech people take your time! but keep in mind we’re still waiting….
    very nice product by the way. have no idea why it was discontinued!!! LUV it!

  • Well got the update today and couldn’t wait to use the android market. I tried to download 4 apps and not a single one was compatible with my device. The market might as well not even exist. Extremely disappointed. I’ll try rebooting later maybe *crossing fingers* that will help. The UI is much improved though and seems a bit quicker to respond.

  • A friend on the west coast who got his Revue months after mine, got the update middle of last week. Mine still says 2.1 is the latest update available. How long is this distribution period supposed to be ?

  • I bought my Revue a couple of months ago for $99. Took it on vacation, and it connected well in hotel rooms (Netflix with good WIFI). The upgrade went smoothly & quickly and I see nothing broken. Installed a couple of apps, “Evernote” and “OI File Manager” and both seem to work fine. Hope “Dropbox” will provide a Revue app that will push files via USB to stick or external drive. *Revue a good presentation system, even if not hooked to Internet. **It would make a good gift to a school that needs a cheap Internet interface. ***I bought two more for 2011 Christmas presents, even before I heard that the upgrade was coming out. Like the keyboard interface. Sorry, if the Revue doesn’t continue or morph into another iteration.

  • Two Revues installed over a week. The latter one got the update right away and I just got the other one updated today. Very happy with the improvements. Appears to be able to handle more video types from my server too. Still a ways to go to be “perfect” but this was a huge step forward in usability.

  • Good morning to all:

    Thanks Logitech. In México, the update came to me on saturday morning. It was smooth and quick. And everything seems to be just fine.

    Too bad that some channels have territory restrictions. But it doesen’t matter.

    It is a cool device and I hope to have normaly updates in the future…

    Great product, great keyboard, great wi-fi, great response from the internet (even thought here in México we do not have great connection with the Internet).

    I will still consider Logitech products. They allways work.

    Thanks again.

  • It’s Monday 12/12/2011 and still no update, I’m considering returning the revue and getting the Sony.

  • I bought 3 Revue combos (with HD Cam) for my family (one each to my kids who no longer lives with me), I thought great deal for $129.00 at BBuy.

    The biggest downer was the way Logitech handled the VidHD. They made sure it only works with their software and NOT with Skype, Fring, or Tango. Whoever decided in their infinite wisdom that by proprietarizing this camera they would sell more should be put in a corner for stupidity.

    Everytime we send out invites for the VidHD download, most everyboty hesitated and refused. (Who wants another download if they are already loaded with Skype, etc. etc.) The whole world is already tuned in to these platforms.

    The recent availability of the Android Market with Yahoo Messenger was promising but the plug in for the video was INCOMPATIBLE.

    Triple Booooo…

  • Still waiting for my update. I’ve been hoping since I got the email from Logitech that I would get the update soon. I live in South Florida. Any idea when I should expect it? Do I have to unplug the unit or will it just show up when I go to the home page? I must admit, I am very pleased with my Revue and hope this update will make me even more so. I hope to purchase the TV Cam for Christmas after I get the update. I just wish the Cam wasn’t more expensive than the unit itself. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Hey Logitech, how about a discount coupon for the TV Cam sent to my email? I have always been pleased with all my Logitech equipment. Never a lick of trouble! Thx, Logitech!

  • To those saying a factory reset doesn’t send you the update, it does.

    I just did a factory reset and boom, updated.

  • Just got the update!
    Looking good!!! (except for Neflix! need an update asap!)
    this baby is getting a mini keyboard and HD cam for Christmas!!!
    btw, what happened to my previous post here!!!

  • yes it work love it i just got it today at 8 am boston mass hope they make more and come out more idea and new look for the box thanks you

  • I live in Chile and i waiting for the update. It’s possible logitech bring us a http:// link for download and install the new code manually?

    I suppose the new version brig support to .MKV, .FLV and .ISO, Right?


  • My release just came down. If Google would put out a RDP client in this platform it would be very useful especially if its built the in TV. That way I provision a profile out to my kids.

  • Just got the updated GTV, it looks really good!
    I am yet to fully check out the features but its looking impressive so far, one thing, I can’t seem to find the media player application anymore.
    Anybody have an idea of what happened to it?

  • got update 4 days ago but it seems my router is a big problem with new update and i have been without revue since i have had an escalated chat with IT and still no revue i cant believe it at least before i had something now im stuck with nothing..Westell DSL router

  • Hi all,

    is there something we have to do to get the update to my logitech revue box. I waited Thursday, Friday and whole weekend but no luck. I verified that my box is connected to WiFi and try rebooting it couple of times. Is there something i am missing?


  • commenter aldrich is correct. while my setup is connected to the internet and I can search< they upgraded the system without any help tab or online tutorial to show where my bookmarks and home page went. or how to replace them. i managed to search and add a bookmark, but there is no menu to recall it from. This is asinine. I was fine with it the way it was. My guess, it was not the users who wanted this, it was Google. typical techno-bs.

  • I loved the product and concept. and Ofcourse it will be a killer if it does the following too. Logitech, Thank you very much for the update. And I hope further improvements as well.

    Turn offs still 🙁

    1) When I bought Google tv it wasnt supporting Window Media player web and it clearly used to give out message saying “missing Plugin” . But now after the update when I logged in I see that a Black screen pops up but nothing comes. Initially i thought it was my Internet connection (15 mbps) but later when i tried with recorded one, it still didnt show up.

    2) Skype is not yet available – 🙁


  • Well the new update is nice but still lacks a lot of stuff. Im also disappointed with the new Aljazeera app. The current one is streaming very stale news yet the previous one was current. WE ARE STILL WAITING FOR HULU! I would hate to jail break this thing in order to get all the services but it seems I shall have to go that route. Please let us have choice we are tired of being led and directed, even when we think we should be relaxing in front of the TV.

  • I will not suggest any one to buy this device the reasons are

    1) Bad customer service they don’t have 24/7 customer service .their customer service is working according to EST timing and the service will close at 5.30pm EST ,I tried so many time to reach this people they never pick up the phone.
    2) It’s have a web browser (Google chrome)..if any video content that playing on media player plugging it will not play. Even now a days I am getting error on facebook.com I can’t play the video content on that one. Its asking me to download adobe flash player and the Google chrome will not allow you to install any plugging
    3) That Google chrome have no regular feature ( open new tab, minimize ,maximize)

    4) You can’t install all the android market app on this device.”Example yupp tv when I try to install I am getting one message it’s not compatible” this app is for google tv but not for Logitech revue google tv..Strange!!!!!!!!!!
    5) When I brought this one from bestbuy. I paid almost $126..i am going to return this product. Instead of this one I will buy a wireless keyboard, mouse and a VGA cable. I will get all this items in $50.

  • I installed this update. After reboot I found that and were dead. What a surprise! And what I have to do with this deadly $%*! hardware now? WTF!!!!

  • installed this update. After reboot I found that “Android Market” and “Chrome” were dead. What a surprise! And what I have to do with this deadly shit hardware now? WTF!!!! How to re-install Chrome and Android Market?

  • …in addition…

    After last Logitech update “Android Market” shows me black screen. I could not browse or download Market content. “Search” function works only for local files and dirs (internet search not working). “Chrome” is not present in Apps list at all. I could not find any working link to it on the REVUE local drives. I found chrome.apk, but I cannot install it, because installation does not work well (it says “chrome is not installed”)

  • I received notice that up-date was coming thru… I clicked on yes or o.k….My unit has not worked since last sunday. I have called 30 times to talk to someone at LOGITECH. No one answers the phone. All I get is a computer recording saying a tech rep will be with you soon. I have received no help from anyone. THIS IS DISGUSTING. My unit is at my lake home. 256-747-8614. At that location I use awharrison1@gmail.com.
    I really love my controller but can’t get any help to get it back on line…..


  • Updated the new software however i am very disappointed with some of the features that I no longer able to enjoy. Plus unlike the other Google devices, lack of your Android programs offering is huge down side. I do not subscribe Neflix and I used enjoy watching HBO thru Comcast, Hulu, New York times, many other great features . Also tv guide section where I am able to see right away all my current cable provider tv offerings. Now, the content is too abroad and some of the programs are not even offered by my content provider. At worst, good portion of them requires viewers to pay…

    Can anyone show me how to install my old Revue prior to this new release to following address? I am very serious about this and I would greatly appreciate it.



  • I purchased four Logitech Revue units ( two with cameras, plus two cameras).All the units got updated and all work great. Three of these went to the kids (they live out of town). We all plan to connect on Christmas to open presents. I hope we can figure out how to multiplex the connections so that everyone is on at the same time. Probably not, but it would be nice.

    How difficult would it be to stripe the voice signals off the TV camera/microphone and send the signals into the Logitech TV channel sellector? It seems like a simple app.
    I put up with this type of technology everyday when making retail/commercial telephone calls. A few hundred recorded signals to match with a few hundred channels.

    Thanks for the Review. It’s a great device.

  • Need flashplayer and the abilty to root the device. With out Root the device is as lame as the new Netflix. I do thank you from the update however you promisied a 10 and at best delivered a 4.

  • After I install the new software update the unit went completely dead. All it does is to show a silver screen, I’ve tried to contact customer support many times placed on hold for over two hours no response. My unit stopped working over two weeks now and still I haven’t been able to make contact with customer support to correct this problem. I’m out of a 130.00 and logitech make no effort to fix this ongoing problem and that’s not right. Potential buyers please be aware of this problem, before you plan on purchasing this item don’t be another victim.

  • My first impressions after activating my Google TV with Logitech Review yesterday: I love the keyboard, and unifying my Dish Network VIP722 DVR, Mitsubishi DLP TV, and Onkyo receiver onto one remote control works really well.

    The app store seems pretty small. I guess that this will increase over time. Maybe the idea is that only apps that are appropriate for HDTV will be offered. That should be a good thing to limit to these if the number and quality of apps will still grow. I would rather not install an app that is designed for a mobile phone and find out it displays on a small portion of the screen, or that it doesn’t work.

    I look forward to a Shoutcast app. I would like to have Think or Swim work on this (though that is not as necessary, as it is not an entertainment app). I expect there will be many more apps I can use on this as the apps store grows. Is there enough storage on the device for many apps? Can you use external storage for apps?

  • dont buy, save your money for a ps3. im selling mine, or maybe jailbreak it just to piss logitech off like they have done to so many loyal customers. i liked it befor the update, and the media player is better, but the cloud and what ever else they did is causing flash player crashed ever five min. and they have horrible customer service, no answer when calling, and automated msg responses on the web. B.S, the wont make it right. at some point its all gonna cost money, every app.

    • @Joseph,

      We are sorry that you are unhappy with the Logitech Revue. If you provide us with your incident number, we will look into this for you.

  • I purchased two Logitech Revues on 24th. One for me and one for my neighbor as a Christmas present. I am already frustrated with it. I can’t play any videos from TV websites. Every time I try watch video from CNN or ABC etc it says need Flash Player and asks me click a hyperlink to install. Once I click, it tells me that flash player is up to date. This is absolutely driving me insane. The main reason for me to buy this was to watch shows on TV. This got to go back to Best Buy.
    I am going to suggest my neighbor to return and get the money back as well. Unless Logitech fixes the glitch.

  • Updated the logitech revue box about ten days ago, and it has not worked since. It can no longer find and will not connect to the wireless network. Sadly, it worked fine prior to the update. Hasn’t worked since, Much the same as other posts here, we have spent hours on hold listening to “thank you for holding, we appreciate your call, and understand that your time is important. a technician will be with you as soon as possible,” and have never spoken to a human being, although hours have been wasted on hold listening to this message. And today the call ends with “due to an un-forseen circumstance we are unable to answer you call at this time”, and the the call is disconnected FROM THE LOGITECH SIDE of the call. Have read all of the on-line troubleshooting. Tried everything, and nothing works. A new low in customer service.

  • I got my update but lost control of my TV and stereo receiver. I couldn’t turn them on or off nor could I change the volume. I couldn’t remove and re-add my TV or receiver either. So I did a hard reset after my update and then re-added my TV and stereo receiver and got my control back.

  • I received my Logitech Revue for Christmas and absolutely LOVE it. I understand that there are issues that still need to be addressed but I’m confident that Logitech and Google will eventually work them out. I currently have a TV, cable box, and DVD/Home Theater box all hooked up and running smoothly. We’re also able to load videos onto a network drive and watch them in wonderful surround sound goodness.

  • Ok so you CAN hook just your TV to the Revue? I did that and all I get is a big triangle with an exclamation mark. Am I doing something wrong? Please help.

  • It would be nice to have the option of sorting the Blog Comments so to be either newer first or by older first. Thank you. We love the Revue, thanks..

  • Logitech really sucks – I created an application that includes a flash component and it won’t run on the Logitect box. If I embed the component into my website, then it works fine using chrome. looks like chrome supports Flash, but you can’t embed a flash component into your personal android applications.

    I’m currently using a android set-top box made by a chinese company and my application, works just fine. I would have thought that moving it over to Logitech’s box would be as easy and installing the .apk.

    Logitech sucks.

  • Still didn’t recieve any update…tried to reset the revue couple of times but no updates. Can you let me know how to update my Revue.

  • Ever since I have purchased my Review on 12/24/2011, I am constantly working to figure things out. But I am not able to hookup my home theater system (No HDMI) to it. Any idea to connect my home theater system will be appreciated. It is becoming frustrating that I can’t watch online TV shows and forced to upgrade my home theater system for Revue. Thoughts of returning it comes to mind everyday.

  • Hello,
    i purchased this sytem z506 for the reason it states it can be connected to a laptop. it hasn’t worked, I’m told I will need an external sound card for the toshiba laptop?

  • My Revue takes too long to play YouTube video. The lag time is increasing everyday. What am I doing wrong? Any fix?

    Am on phone holding for last two hours which includes disconnection after 42 minutes of hold. Any body knows better way to contact Logitech tech support? Now I know why someone above recommended to save money for something else. I have another 25 days to take it back. I hope it gets its act together before the deadline.

  • Just got this product today (12/31/2011) and I have to say I just love it. I no longer have to run to the TV and connect my PC. I was initially hesitant to use the big keyboard but within minutes I started loving it..And controlling all my devices through this keyboard works so well.

    The big differentiator for me is the chrome browser. It just adds endless options. The only issue I had is I couldn’t install any chrome extension like Adblock plus or anything for that matter. Hope that gets fixed.

    Great work Logitech and Google.

  • The update went smooth but after this flash crashes very often in chrome which is annoying. Mr. Jobs will be having great laugh in his resting place since he hated flash due to this very nature of frequent crash.

  • Two issues need help with please: 1st, when uploading videos from my C615 to facebook it seems to go through but I log in directly to facebook and there is only one frame frozen with the audio playing. 2nd, when trying to upload a video from webcam to YouTube it says my account failed to verify and to verify the information is correct. The log in information is correct but will not work.
    Help Please….

    • @Dallas, We are sorry that you are having difficulties and have notified customer support for you.

  • I have had the logitech revue for one month now. At first I loved it & was excited about it. NOW I hate it, you cannot move frome one app to another without waiting 10 minutes after it freezes up!! You lose everything & you have to RELOAD everytime you click on a new webpage or weblink!!

    The technology is slow, and even after an upgrade it has become useless. I should have spent the $100 on a new wireless keyborad and just use the net by making my TV a secondary display monitor for my computer.


  • I love the new updated software and access to the Android Market. But the biggest let down is now anything I play using media player from an attached hard drive the content will only play for 5 to 6 minutes and the dies. I have to reboot again. It used to work fine earlier. Now it plays more formats but now stops playing. Customer service will not pick up for 40 minutes and actually mu phone’s battery ran out and I did not have the energy to wait another 40 minutes. Please HELPPPP!!!!!!

  • After the os upgrade, many videos in my favorites list on youtube wont play, the message is something to the effect that the video is not available” but they still play on youtube on my youtube on my laptop. Further more, I can no longer adjust the resolution of the video as before to speed up download when the system is slow. I dont like the new os, whats up with this. I loved being able to watch music videos on Youtube but now many wont play.

  • i hated this new updated, you tube its not the same, i really hate it. i tried to reset the logitech to get the old apps and it can’t go back to the old apps.

    • @Oliver, We are sorry about that you are unhappy about the Logitech Revue software update. We will be sure to pass your input along to the team. Have you tried our support forums for assistance in using the Revue?

  • After the Update my bookmarks dissapear . I was able to get a bookmark icon but can’t set my favorites website in the bookmarks any Help would be appreciated.


    Thank you.

  • Will the Revue be receiving the latest Android 3.2 update that other units (including Sonys) just received?

  • Since the update I have a very big audio lag when playing video over upnp. What’s wrong?? I try with the logitech HD player, but also with some other video players (avia among others), same problem. Is it possible to downgrade?

  • Why does google chrome constantly crash on the logitech revue? It is very frustrating and makes me second guess my purchase of this product!

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