The Next Version of Logitech Revue with Google TV Due Before Year End

As our CEO Guerrino De Luca stated earlier this week, Logitech will not manufacture new Logitech Revue units. That said, we do believe that consumers in the U.S. will be able to purchase the product during this holiday season. And all owners of Logitech Revue will receive the automatic and free update of Google’s recently announced updated version of Google TV, which we expect to roll out before the end of the year.

It is important to note that Logitech remains committed to all of its Logitech Revue customers and will continue to provide them with customer support under our warranty policy. We will also continue to support the Media Player, TV Cam, Keyboard Controller and Mini Keyboard.

We are very excited about the new release of Google TV, which includes access to the Android Market, faster and more comprehensive search capabilities, a simplified user interface and improvements to the Logitech Media Player. And we are optimistic about the long-term opportunity for the Google TV platform and the potential for Logitech to offer associated products as the ecosystem evolves.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


  • Sorry, but have heard another couple of weeks for last 4 months. # times you are out. Could you give US a reason why it has taked 4 months and why it will be another 2 months?
    Think we deserve that, thanks.

  • Why has it taking so long to get the update out?
    Looking at almost 6 months if out by end of the year.
    Appreciate why, thanks.

  • Can you explain what the huge delay is compared to the Sony’s? We had been told for month that Logitech was working closely with Google on the new update. Was this inaccurate and the Logitech add-on software is not working? I purchased your product in early August, what is your return policy? At that time your CEO said the software would be release at the end of September. Thanks!

  • Been Hearing another few weeks for 4 months. Now another month and a half. Can we get at least a reason why the long delay?

  • “End of the year”?! Over a month ago, it was ‘the next few weeks’. At this point, with Logitech quitting the Google TV game, we’re better off if somebody just roots the damn thing. I honestly would be taken aback if Logitech ever releases the update.

  • This is absolutely silly at this point. I truly can’t understand why this has not been released yet. The company seems to be admitting this product (which I love) was a huge flop and they do not plan on continuing the revue, but they are “perfecting” the update. You obviously show little investment in this. I have watched enough videos of the leak of 3.1 to know there couldn’t have been that much left to do, and here we are. Logitech, this is going to become a reflection on your products in general. This seems to be a simple update from where the leak was. Fix netflix, push it out. I really am beginning to doubt Google’s responsibility in this “flop”.

  • Ashish

    Then the update should not locked down, meaning that we should be given the ability to upgrade without logitech in the middle for any further updates. I think this is the best you can do for people like me who bought this product at launch.

  • best buy lied to me ,they said it was on sale for $99 and the regular price was $259. ,and the salesman said an update was coming out in October that would make it capable of watching hulu and all networks. now it is 11/11/11 and on the news they say Logitech is dropping production of the Revue. and it sounds like you’ll be in no hurry to release an update. this needs pdf support and the ability for ad blocker plus for chrome, it takes to long for some pages to load. it times out and I have to reboot it. I have many Logitech products. I think if you updated the Revue it would sell much better , I feel like I’m doing product testing. on my $$$ ,when I used to product test in the past I received the equipment for free after the surveys were completed. and I helped write easy setup manuals for new users. for this as of now I would say wait for the final product. a blu-ray with wi-fi does as much and more than the Revue at this point.

  • It would seem like a really good idea to get this rollout underway as quickly as possible. The Revue I just purchased from Amazon (based on the promise of the update) is going back next week if the update is not installed before my return period ends. And it’s obvious that lots of others feel the same way. Logitech has made a huge mistake with this product and your customer base is dropping like a stone.

    • Many of you have submitted comments asking why it’s taking so long for Logitech to release the long-awaited update to Google TV for Logitech Revue. It is not, as some have speculated, that we are working with a reduced engineering staff or that Logitech lacks a commitment to our Logitech Revue customers. We’re as eager for this release as you are. Our engineers have been working around the clock on it, with our first priority being to deliver a rock-solid, robust version of this update.

      To that end, we have been very thorough in our quality testing. And in doing so, we have encountered some bugs that we simply must resolve. We’re working closely with our partners to fix these issues before we update your Logitech Revue boxes with the new software. Although it would not be prudent for me to give you an exact date for when we can roll out the release, we are confident that we will deliver a highly rewarding customer experience.


  • Gee thanks for abandoning your customers and our devices. I guess this will be the last update as well for the Revue…… just when the device is going to start living up to it’s potential. The 3.1 User Debug is actually pretty good, what is taking so long to roll out the update? Well this will be my last Logitech device, because of the dishonesty and negligence exhibited by logitech in regards to this device that could have been a wonderful device if it actually had a full OS. I think Logitech lost about the whole Revue customer base as future customers. You really have no idea just how mad many of us are. Well, we have choices, there are new logitech products that are must have anyways and in many ways, the alternatives are much better. Have a good life Logitech, won’t see you around.

  • I think it is a shame you are giving up on the Revue, there is so much potential here. The Revue is capable of much more than people understand

  • Your spin is commendable given how negative your CEOs comments were regarding the Revue.
    In his own assessment, the Revue is an albatross sucking profits and developmental resources away from other more potentially viable products. Considering his disdain for the execution of the product, I would bet he’s already redirected development resources away from the Revue to other projects, leaving a skeleton crew to clean up and turn out the lights. It’s too bad the CEO doesn’t share the same enthusiasm for his own product that many users, including myself, enjoy. The delay in implementation of 2.0 is more understandable with his comments. It seems that Google should’ve kept the Revue update announcement separate from Sony’s. Logitech’s CEO didn’t just throw Google under the bus, he threw his own staff, PR, the author of this informative blog, and many happy users of the Revue under the bus too.

  • So, even though I got an email 2 weeks ago saying I’ll be getting the update over the next couple of weeks and it still hasn’t happened, and even though it’s already been released on other Google TV devices, the best you can do is “we expect [the update] to roll out before the end of the year.” So you are essentially telling us absolutely nothing, except that the already several times expired time of update has now been pushed back another couple of months, and from your wording, it’s with even less confidence than the other promised times. Way to go, really appreciate the info.

  • This product has been incredibly disappointing – you should be ashamed for the poor performance after the expectations that were created by the marketeers

  • Here we go with Google and Android. There are too many layers to this platform. It is the case with phones, pads and everything. Google releases an update and announces it to the world. Then the device makers get the release and has to customize the system to their particular taste. It is after all this tinkering and customization that the device can receive the update. There is a need for better co-ordination between Google and device manufacturers.
    If Google were to create an update, announce to device manufacturers with a scheduled release date when all manufacturers are expected to have all tinkering done, it would eliminate much of the frustration on the part of consumers.

  • The reason this product bombed is firmly in Logitech’s domain. Google did take too long to update their software, but Google TV version 1 was a very fine system. If Logitech had simply fixed the problems with their own media player and the Netflix app their customers would have been very happy with the Revue, since these are the main complaints about it.

    Now Logitech id further alienating their customers by delaying the update. Sony was able to update within a few days of the release by Google, but Logitech is still dragging their feet, without so much as a release date. I have been a Logitech customer for years, buying many mice, keyboards and remotes, but this is the last product I will buy from them. There are other companies that produce these thing, and I will give them my business.

  • This says that all owners of the Revue will receive the update. Does this mean Google has reconsidered their position for users on the leaked versions of Honeycomb

  • So when will Logitech be done with QA on the new update and finally release it to it’s loyal epicly long waiting customers? Two weeks ago it was announced it would be released in a few weeks, then the other day it was announced again that it would be released in a few weeks, now here you say “before year end”. After all the other “It’s almost here” moments(spring 2011, late august-early september, a few weeks, a few weeks again) I am pretty sure most of us would prefer you just release it now and release an update to fix anything not working as intended at a later date(it’s been in beta since August it can’t be that far off right?). While we appreciate you trying to keep us updated, they don’t serve much purpose when they are the exact same update every time. I have always been a huge Logitech fan, great sturdy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing devices that stand the test of time.

  • Revue owners have been promised for months now… that the honeycomb update would be happening just weeks away. So many times now that it’s hard to tell where the truth lies anymore. Even product has hit the shelves with the stickers advertising this update. I think the public needs to start getting the warm and fuzzies that can only come from knowing that Logitech isn’t just dumping a product to cut their losses and then abandon those customers that were trusting enough to invest in the technology. I own Logitech Mice, a keyboard, a set of IPod speakers… and a Revue. Show me that there’s still going to be ongoing real customer support and I’d be happy to buy another Revue and recommend others to get it while it’s still available. I’m also a computer consultant and I’ve seen the difference between successful and failing ongoing support. Netflix insulted their customer base and we know how investors reacted to that incident. It’s your reputation and customers on the line Logitech… how much do they mean to you? Ice Cream Sandwich is out… and here we are waiting around for an update that was outdated when the beta leaked to the public. Will we ever see I.C.S., and if we do when will it be available and who will be giving it to us?

  • By the end of the year is “shortly after the Sony release?” I am perfectly happy with the Revue as it is. However, I really do not like the vague time frames that keep coming out. An honest, “I have no idea when this thing will be done” would be better than “before the end of the year.”

  • How come Sony could push the update to their devices so fast after Google’s release but you (Logitech) need months to make it work for the Revue?

  • Really? We have to wait until the end of the year now? Why am I commenting on this blog post when I know you will just delete it…

  • Purchased a Revue on 11/11/11. If I don’t see an update by 12/10/11, I guess it’s going back to Best Buy in exchange for the Sony unit. I’ve been a long-time fan of Logitech products, but am a little disappointed that this update is taking so much longer than it did on the Sony product line (which is spread over multiple different products). Please help me continue to be a loyal Logitech customer!

  • Too bad the market was not available with the original release, this would have likely tipped the scales with the android community. The initial release is limited in it’s functionality and content. Everyone I know has been waiting for the update to unlock this devices true potential! I’m sad to hear that Logitech is abandoning the Revue… It truly is a great little device.

    I assume that any OS update past Honeycomb will be a slim possibility then?

  • Sounds like you guys are talking out of both sides of your mouth. How can you say you are excited about Google Tv, and that it was the company’s biggest mistake in the same sentence?

    For those of us that went with Logitech vs Sony (when it was $300), we got royally screwed—no blu ray player, no update, and now no more support. I know your commitment is to your shareholders, but your customers are the ones that bring in your profits. I purchased two of these for my home, along with a camera. That’s almost $800, and now they are being “wholesaled” for $99.

    Logitech, I’ve enjoyed your products, but I am done as a customer, this product was no $30 mouse!

  • Well at least it’s good to know Logitech is abandoning the Google TV platform.
    Way to go Logitech!

  • Maybe the mistake was trying to gouge everyone at $300 a box?
    Obviously, there are a lot of people out there waiting for the update – which means that there is a customer base…

  • Why the hell these types of false promises Ashish? Don’t Logitech has some morale and commitment to customers? Why are you guys doing this.

    Till google released you blamed it on Google and now what??? no updates and your customer support people give so many other set of false promises…

    I don’t think as a company you guys stand united, integrated. And give frustration to customers who trusted, bought into and raised your revenues.

    Absolutely ridiculous…

  • Bought revue 15 days ago as update was almost here. But now Logitech giving up on Revue and update pushed back till end of the year this box is going back. Will wait for better box that may come out next year. Thanks!

  • i purchased the revue when it first came out over a year ago for $299 and scrapped my windows media player pc. It has already been surpassed for most uses by a roku and western digital media player. both devices combined cost less than half of the revue. both have hulu plus and the western digital plays every media format i throw at it with out fail. i’m very very disappointed that this updated has taken so long to come out. if the revue was packaged at the start with a market place it surely would have been a success. this is ridiculous. i should have returned this thing like the other thousands of people rather than holding on to the promise that it would get an update “soon”.

  • Hey Logitech… glad to know I was a beta tester (with a required $300 Donation) only to have the beta product crap out a year later.

    With no real updates. The only things going for the revue were the HDMI interface (though it lacked DTS) and the keyboard, which I’m buying a unifying receiver to use on my next HTPC. I could have built a much more capable device using this ( for less money than the Revue.

  • heres the update schedule for the revue so far, 2010 market place will be added soon after release NOPE! then they did an update that was really nothing and started touting honeycomb by the end of summer NOPE! then we watch sonys players get the update and they send an email saying update in a couple weeks NOPE! Now the CEO says they’ve discontinued the revue but the update will be out before the end of the year,The next thing were going to hear is we no longer support the revue or google tv and have decided to cancel the update.thats my educated guess on this matter…

  • I love that the test update that was leaked over a month ago is able to run almost flawlessly but yet Logitech can’t figure out how to release this update. Here is an idea, have your people work on this instead of all the other things you have going on. If your revue user base was important to you, you would ensure this got out a lot faster than it is. I have been a loyal Logitech user for years but if i get screwed on this i will be getting all my keyboards mice speakers and everything else from some other company.

  • Don’t listen to all these whiner goobs. They act like the lack of update is destroying their life. It’s kind of amusing so you can take longer if you want too….

  • Why not push out Google’s update now and then push out all the crappy Logitech stuff when you get the bugs worked out?

  • As a developer I can tell you that I would probably be working harder at updating my resume than on a doomed project. Especially if the CEO of my company were to publicly announce that the project I’m currently working on is going to be nixed. That doesn’t even factor in the stigmata of a $100 million loss in profit. I certainly wouldn’t want to tout that “achievement” to any future employers. You claim to not have a problem staffing engineers, and you may actually believe that, but in such a climate I find that claim to be incredulous at best. I don’t know many “competent” engineers who would willingly stay on a project that gives them no advantage in their career path.

    I was going to purchase another Revue for my other television until I heard the news that you guys were going to discontinue it. Despite your assurances about your willingness to support it, I now know that you guys really just want to drop the Revue from you balance sheet and pretend like it never happened. While I will be appreciative when I do finally get the much delayed Honeycomb update, I’m all but certain that this will be the last update that the Revue will receive. In other words, buying another Revue would essentially amount to buying into obsolescence. While I love my Revue dearly, I think I’d rather save my money for a lesser device, from another company, who is more committed to bringing the amazing experience of Google TV to my living room.

    I think you guys are making a mistake retreating back to making peripherals. In my estimation, that is a dying market. As more and more devices start to incorporate voice recognition, gesturing via built-in webcams, and touch screen interfaces, the space for aftermarket webcams, mice, and keyboards will be marginal at best. I think you guys should look to the Xbox, and the Xbox 360 for inspiration. Despite numerous delays, price cuts, bugs, and hardware issues, they’ve managed to successfully find their way into millions of living rooms. What the Revue offers, and what it could offer in the future, is rather compelling. Even more so at the $100 price point. I do hope that you guys come to your senses in the near future so that I, and many other fans of this device, can continue to enjoy what it has to offer for years to come.

  • I’ve been keeping up with this for the longest time now, and am very frustrated with the way Logitect has approached this whole update thing. It seems to me that you don’t really care about your customers and you totally disrespect us by trying to feed us BS.We are not stupid. Is the update that badly coded that it is taking this long to get it working with the revue? How come Sony got the same update, that took them a few day to start the update process.

    I was an original purchaser of the revue when it first came out and have been waiting quite patiently for an update, just be told “it will be out in a few weeks” Get to working 24/7 and get the product out to us your paying customers.

  • I have the Logitech Revue and LOVE the unit. I recently purchased the new SONY unit with the BluRay Player. The Sony HAS the new update with the market, and it works great.. the sony unit with BluRay is a far superior product, but I like the Logitech Revue keyboard better. The Sony unit with Bluray can be had for 199 all day long, and I expect it to be 159 by the spring, but that is only my thought.. It is one hell of a product. The Revue is rock solid tho, and for 99 bux, you can’t go wrong. It does what it does now great. So easy, my 6 year old can use it. Even if it never gets an update, it is a really good product for the low price.

  • what if we all donate $1 for you troubles Logitech? i wonder if you could speed the update. Could’t you?

  • Guess you didn’t like my truthfully harsh comment I left last night so you deleted it.

    Logitech is a business that relies on people (customers) to buy your products. You should do everything within your power to satisfy all your unsatisfied customers. Obviously, people are watching how you react to supporting your products.

    What about the slogan, “Customers comes first”? Are we first or are we all last? It should’nt take you 3 to 4 months to put out an update that took someone else a week!

    What’s wrong with you?

  • So, a year ago I was relaying one of the selling points provided to me that the Revue would not become obsolete. As the improvements and changes occurred in the rest of the “Ecosystem”, Revue would would allow you to take advantage of them, without needing to replace the Revue hardware. What has changed? What has happened with Android 3.1 that seems to now make Revue ‘obsolete’? Thank you in advance for some straight answers.

    • We don’t have all of the answers about the future direction of the platform, but when we do we will make them available.


  • This is awesome for us who purchased this device November 2010 and then only got one single update that basically just allowed us to move the PIP screen and then to have us wait over year with nothing but lies about there WILL be another update is great. Using a device that works partially is a sweet deal.

    Greater still was 2 weeks or so ago when Logitech swore they would release the now very old Honeycomb update, seriously isn’t Ice Cream hitting phones this month? If a bunch of hackers can figure out how to get this to work on the device then why not Logitech.

    For us early adopters we could smell the blood in the water when the price dropped to 99. Oh well. Time to hope for a good hack. I’ve been supporting Logitech for a long time and have become very fond of the Squeezebox server devices, I can’t underplay how disappointed I am in the way this whole debacle was handled.

  • Thanks for the clarification on the delay of the update and we’re eagerly waiting the improvements. Our family (which includes two teen females) likes the Revue (purchased a couple weeks ago) and finds it very useful as it currently is and I keep telling them it will only get better. It’s a real shame that Logitech has chosen to discontinue production. The negative comments by the CEO certainly doesn’t help the product branding and makes extra work for you and other spokespeople to reassure customers about their purchase.

  • Add me to the list of frustrated customers.
    I bought the Revue almost a year ago (at $250), with the promise that developers were working on Apps and the Market would be brought to the platform in EARLY 2011.

    Beyond frustrated with the constant delays.

  • Other than the delay, my biggest concern is that we will be stuck with Flash 10.2, as it is integral to the OS. Adobe is already up to Flash 11, meaning that over time, it will not be possible to watch streaming video with the Revue – one of the primary reasons many of us bought the unit. I have suffered through the college football season without ESPN3 on my home theatre due to the current flash incompatability, wonder if the same will occur next season.
    If Logitech is truly furiously working on the OS, holding off until they get it right, the least they can do is provide us with a version that will allow Flash upgrades.

  • It is quite disheartening to hear Logitech’s decision to abandon the Revue and Google TV platform. I paid full price for the Revue and the Vid HD camera and absolutely love this system for the ease-of-use, integration with cable TV, the ability to stream movies from Amazon and Netflix and the many educational videos and apps geared to children and people of all ages. I am disappointed that major networks have blocked their streaming video to Google TV; however, that is not Logitech’s doings. Of course, I am anxiously awaiting the update. I planned on getting the Revue with Vid HD for my three adult children who are scattered around the country. I thought it would be a great Christmas gift which would allow us to watch our infant grandchildren playing while we video chatted with their parents. Now I don’t know what to do. Should I scrap the Revue? Will Honeycomb have Skype and if it does, will the Vid HD camera work? So many questions, so little time to make up my mind. Feeling abandoned. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

  • I will not purchase any Logitech products till the 3.1 update for the revue is released. I love the device. I hope Logitech reengages with the device. But the constant statement that an update is coming just to hear it will be delayed more and more has damaged the trust between merchant and customer and I demanded Logitech earn it back.

  • we are fortunate that the upgrade will be provided.

    will most likely purchase an additional unit before it is sold out.

    too bad it didn’t work out. have really enjoyed the experience.

  • Well, I might be returning mine if they are going to abandon us. Luckily, I just bought two weeks ago, so I can probably still return it. It’s a shame, because I really loved the product. Even in its current state, it’s been nice. But it could be so much better! Hell, my wife and 4 year actually like using it and that is impressive enough!

  • Oh, good. I’m glad I’ll get the Android Market on my Revue just shy of 9 months after it was originally supposed to come to my device.

    Android’s update process is absolutely worthless. Phones, GTV… if it’s running Android, don’t expect any software updates, and if you DO get one, it’s probably over 6 months late.

  • Parsing the information in this post, we’re on hold because Logitech has commitments to its bloat providers to ensure their apps work. They also moved the engineers that worked on the Revue’s add on hardware to other projects and outsourced maintenance. The contractors weren’t properly prepared for the update. It is imperative that Logitech protects its reputation by shipping Logitech branded apps that work well on a retired product.

    Because Google encourages OEM distinction (Sense, Blur, etc), the distance between Google OS release and device update is based on how much brand sauce the OEM ladles over the box. Logitech launched with some heavy apps due to the lack of a market, and now with large losses, they have to repeat heavy customization of those apps.

    Sony went lighter, put more people on it, and got their update out.

    Logitech ignores history by pulling out now. Look at Windows Mobile 5 in contrast to Android 2.0 and the impact of an in-product app market. GTV1.0 is an appliance OS for a finite set of OEM-defined entertainment tasks. GTV2.0 brings Android’s biggest strength and the key to the success of any device: a wide open market where, for starters, we can immediately download better media players than Logitech’s and use Slacker and Amazon Cloud Player if we prefer that to Pandora.

    Sure, a digital fireplace is a gimmick, like most live wallpapers and almost all ringtones. And WeDraw is amusing for 10 minutes at a time. But with no critical mass hardware, we get the chicken and the egg problem with incenting developers to build for the 10 foot landscape touchless client.

    Staying in the GTV business to support market growth, going far lighter on the brand sauce, forgetting about bloat bundling, and keeping these Revues working would have allowed Logitech to retain an image as committed to anything they start and able to weather gaps in demand to plan.

    But instead, we’ll be skeptics if Logitech ever comes back to GoogleTV, and those most upset will choose something other than Harmony remotes and Logitech cameras, keyboards, and mice. That’s Logitech, kick the early adopter, the evangelist, the free marketing right in the crotch. Add insult to injury. It worked for Netflix.

  • I just want Plex and Netflix. I have it all ready I’m just waiting for the update. I really hope it soon rather than by the end of the year. I have been waiting so long already.

    I do want the developers working on this project to know that people are already gotten upset over how long it has already taken.

    Even though the logitech has dropped the revue I strongly suggest that you push it out as quickly as possible. They are in danger of losing quite a few loyal customers who often buy other logitech products.

  • I purchased the Revue on 10/28. Then I heard the announcement from the CEO and immediately ordered the Sony. The Sony arrived today! I’m boxing the Revue up tonight.

    I wish Logitech would have continued support for the revue.

  • More non-answers from Logitech. I’m thoroughly dissatisfied with everything that has happened with the Revue from the beginning. After preordering the unit, I received it the day AFTER I could have bought it in the store for the same ridiculous price of $300. As an apology, I was given a coupon code for $50 off my next purchase. Why would that make me want to make another purchase? And as if that experience wasn’t enough of an issue, the price on these units has dropped a significant amount. What about those of us who snatched these things up the second they were released? Those of us who spent the money and put our faith into this product that was supposed to be so incredibly innovative. What have we gotten from this aside from a less than mediocre product and repeated disappointment? I appreciate wanting to wait to send out a software update until there are significant improvements, but timeliness is also important, and one factor that seems to be continuously overlooked.

  • Completely unacceptable and absolutely misleading. There is no way on earth that I will EVER purchase another product by Logitech. This update was promised far too long with far too many missed deadlines.

    Sony launched this as soon as Google finalized the update. Why exactly is that so hard for Logitech to do? Is it not running on essentially the exact same hardware? Many customers purchased this product because of the promised update months ago. Currently its so far from a perfect product why do you need to do so much QA for this update?

    The reasons for your companies financial woes are pretty apparent. Continue to point the finger externally but it’s pretty obvious from the outside looking in that the problems is at Logitech.

  • If you want to make some money from the hardware, then make sure the device
    can be rooted. The community will be more than happy to free you from your
    support burden.

    Locking the platform, as you did, does not make any sense.

    Either release the keys, or use an open boot.

    I like the hardware, let me use my own s/w.

  • I am so sad. My philips tv broke down within 3 years, my HDX1000 is no loger supported by HDX, and now I have the feeling I bought another piece of s***
    My friends with a Sony blu-ray device are having (limited) access to the Android Market, and -sadder- my friends who bought an obscure Chinese Android player for less then 80 Euro do have full acces to the Android market on their tv.
    I thougt Philips and Logitech were Premium Companies, so I choose for their products.
    What a miscalculating…
    What trust can you have in a company who announces a release this summer and now says before the end of the year. (I hope they mean the year 2011)

    A disappointed customer.

  • I don’t understand why the applications and/or features that are causing bugs can’t be eliminated from the current build. It would lead me to believe that lack of compatibility with Logitech’s proprietary applications are causing this delay – most of which are secondary priorities to your customers other than the performance improvements, the market, the standard 3.0 features that we want.

    Logitech said it themselves – we’re currently running what is effectively a beta software experience. Waiting to give us 3.0 is like rubbing salt in our wounds.

    Sorry, just a rant, no harm intended.

  • I am another very frustrated revue owner patiently waited for the update, but now impatiently awaiting the same update! Amazon has a forum where we’ve gotten some answers from the revue product manager, we’ve been told that this won’t be the last update to the revue, and that logitech after selling remaining inventory won’t make more, but will support, update, and provide help for those of us with the technology. While I’m very disappointed in the way logitech has handled this debacle, I’m grateful we’re finally gettting some answers! Like most, I’m skeptical at this point of anything logitech sayd as there have been so many empty promises made, but anyone buying one now at $99.00 even with bugs and an outdated OS, it’s well worth $99.00! Also those of you with revue who want to stream your media to your tv with the logitech media player, download the Tversity DLNA server free edition and you’ll find the LMP does work quite well! Yes it crashes at times, and you need to refresh your content often, but I can now enjoy almost all files on my pc streamed to big screen hdtv, I’d suggest Tversity to anyone who needs to stream personal media files thru nthe gtv box to your tv. Logitechs customer service made me aware of this and thats been for me the saving grace to this entire sad saga! GTV when it’s finished and ready for primetime wil be a real game changer in home entertainment, logitech won’t be doing it I heard LG might, and sony has it built in to newer models, however for those of us that can’t afford to buy an actual smart tv, this is the best option bugs and all! I, like most everyone just wants to see the update rolled out so we can get you working on the inevitable bugs that will go along with an update! C’mon logitech, save some face in this mess, fiix wht needs fixing and get us that update! Fences won’t begin to mend for logitech with the many, many, owners of the revue continuing to be lied to, whatever you do don’t make more promises unless you know you can keep them!!!!!

  • Thank you for the frank and honest information about what’s going on with the Revue update. While I’m also anxious for the GTV 2.0 experience, I appreciate and grudgingly accept your desire to squash all bugs before sending us the release, especially as you may no longer have the resources in place to fix things once this update goes out. Somebody call the waaaaaambulance for the rest of you guys…I think it will be worth the wait.

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