Four Tips to Survive a Southern Hemisphere Winter

For our readers in the northern hemisphere it’s hot – really hot. But for our fans in the southern hemisphere it’s a little chilly, a Fahrenheit factor we don’t want to neglect.

Never fear friends below the equator, even though sun bathing isn’t a current option, there’s still countless entertaining activities you can do at home besides reading books and watching movies.

1)    It’s hard to leave your home when it’s cold outside, but there’re lots of apps out there to connect you to the warmer world. Bout, the photo sharing app from our friends at CollegeHumor, is an addicting game for users looking for a laugh. Missing the sun? Download the 3D Sun app for temperature reports from the surface of the sun. Stay comfy with the Logitech TidyTilt Case for the iPhone 5 while you play and explore apps and games – the handy magnetic mount and kickstand makes not moving from your couch totally doable.


2)    Break a sweat indoors. There are plenty of workout videos for quick sweat-breaking sessions and it’s kind of fun to exercise in your pajamas. Try out Physique 57 Classic 57 Minute Full Body Workout, P90X, or Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. Don’t want to spend the money? Search YouTube for the latest exercise routines that you can do from the comfort of your home.

3)    Plug into a video game. There are lots of awesome PC games out right now – BioShock Infinite, Fez, The Swapper – all of them are exciting ways to spend a wintery afternoon. Check out our new G600 MMO Gaming Mouse for an even sweeter playing experience.

4)    Explore the outer corners of the Internet. Sites like “Do nothing for 2 minutes” and “Eel Slap!” are ideal for days when you need a pick-me-up or just a distraction. Read through these 35 random sites to visit – single-serving sites always aim to please.


Stay warm, south of the equator!


Sr. Public Relations Manager