New Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600 Look as Good as They Sound

Today we’re thrilled to introduce our new Logitech® Bluetooth® Speakers Z600, a beautifully designed pair of stereo speakers with the same good looks you’re used to with Mac® and Ultrabook™ computers. Whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, playing a game or catching up with a far-away friend, you get clear, well-defined audio.

Because in today’s world we often use other devices alongside our computer, these speakers let you effortlessly connect up to three devices at the same time through Bluetooth, so you can stream music and other audio from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Switching among devices is as easy as pressing Pause on one and pressing Play on another.

With gentle curves, a fabric finish and contemporary colors, these speakers add a graceful note to any space. And the touch volume control lets you easily adjust the volume by gliding a finger around the top panel of the right speaker.

The Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600 are designed to work with almost any audio device. You can connect wirelessly to computers that don’t have Bluetooth built in using the included USB transceiver. In fact, we recommend you use the USB Bluetooth transceiver for the best wireless experience with computers. Or, you can connect the speakers to any device with audio output using the 3.5mm auxiliary input.

In the market for new multimedia speakers? Check out the demo below for a first look.



Brand Manager at Logitech


  • love the Logitech Z600 speakers. running the bluetooth on a newer windows 8 machine and a usb transmitter on an older XP machine. volume control on the speakers only works when i am playing from the bluetooth connection. thought it was a problem, returned the speakers to Best Buy who gave me a replacement. this seems to be a generic problem. also, when i plug in the headphones on the windows 8 machine the speakers keep playing.

    need to fix this.


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