Gaming With Your Valentine

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, what better way to spend time with your sweetie than by bonding over a great game? Here at Logitech G, we have exactly the right gear for all of you gaming couples.

Best Games to Play with Your Sweetheart 

  • Few games make couples laugh uncontrollably like Octodad. You and your honey will work together to perform “simple” tasks like grilling hamburgers as, yes, a wacky octopus man. Use the customizable key lighting of the sleek G910 Orion Spark keyboard to ensure you know exactly which key controls which tentacle!
  • From questing to fishing to marriage, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has a huge variety of content for couples. In this epic MMO, you and your partner can explore the vast, beautiful lands of Eorzea, staying in touch with the new G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset. Do you have different play-styles? Customize your mouse to your liking with the G 502 Proteus Core or pick up the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse pre-configured for optimal MMO play!



  • Portal 2 is the ultimate modern classic for gaming couples, whether tag-teaming single player or joining forces in co-op. This first-person puzzler starts out simply but ramps the challenge up quickly, making it perfect for two love birds with different approaches to problem solving. Improve your experience in the fast-paced co-op campaign with the Hyperion Fury, and if your partner likes playing rough, the durable Daedalus Prime will ensure your gaming session lasts the entire day.

No matter what you play, Valentine’s Day is about sharing your passions with your loved ones. Remember: couples that play together stay together, and Logitech is here to help you do just that. Check out what we have for you and your sweetheart today!

Gaming with Valentine

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