DreamHack Summer…with a G


Quick quiz: What’s the worlds’ biggest digital festival? If you answered DreamHack you’re right on the money in our opinion. A record 18,361 gamers and gaming fans just swarmed to Sweden, connecting over 16,932 devices in the process. And you better believe we were there to soak it all in…

The main stage hosted the world’s top pro and amateur gamers championing StarCraft II: Host of the Swarm, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth tournaments. And right along side the games was a full-blown music festival with acts like Wintergatan, Those Random Boys and The Neverdies.  Our ears are still rattling.

Despite all the attractions, it was clear the main event was still the finals – especially the nail-biting StarCraft II tournament, for which Logitech G was one of the sponsors. In the end, big time gamer Johan “Naniwa” Lucchesi beat local Swedish rival Marcus “Thorzain” Eklöf, to take the top prize and lay claim to world’s best… for now.

As you can imagine, Logitech G was in the thick of the action with our new range of Logitech G products (#sciencewins). Offering prizes with Riot Games, we set up some treasure hunts and hosted F2P League of Legends sessions at our booth. Lots of fun with our fans, tall and small, at the stand…

Logitech Logitech

We kept track of all the action if you want to explore the big moments here, here and here.  And we also put together a  full gallery full of Dreamhack highlights and memorable moments. Take our word for it – you should start planning your travel for next year.


Congratulations to everyone who participated and thanks for joining us for Dreamhack Summer! We’ll definitely be at the next one in November, and before that, we’ll show off some Logitech G products at Gamescom, Cologne this August! See you there?



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  • Hey Todd, Where’s the G13 that is also a mouse? Mouse buttons are “dead but they don’t know it yet” … if you guys start putting out G13s that are also mice, you’ve sold 4 already between just my brother and I, for work and home. BYOD at work will now include the future of the Mouse: The “Gameboard.” Not just currently waste of time tables.

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