Play for the Planet: An Update on Logitech G Sustainability Efforts

  • All Logitech Gaming products are carbon neutral as are our operations
  • Logitech was the first consumer electronics company to provide detailed carbon impact labeling on product packaging. Logitech G has eight products that now carry a carbon footprint label. 
  • Products like Logitech G435 and ASTRO A10 were designed with your future in mind to reduce environmental impacts and enhance circular design.
  • For more information on what we’re doing, keep reading and check out our sustainability commitments at

Logitech is aware of the urgent need to take climate action. We’ve committed to removing more carbon that we create with our climate positive approach. We are addressing our carbon footprint across the entire value chain and have achieved carbon neutrality across our entire product portfolio. We know there is still much more to do, but it’s work that cannot wait. 

At Logitech G, our mission is to bring the joy of play to all. At the same time, we recognize that gaming has an impact on our environment and that we have a responsibility to our consumers and across the industry to reduce that impact inline with Logitech’s corporate commitments. Below is a summary update on the major things we’re doing.

Designing for Sustainability

To reduce our carbon footprint and help Logitech achieve its goals, we’re working on key improvements to our peripherals and introducing more ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products. Our methods include utilizing renewable materials, reducing material weight and improving hardware and software updates.

We’ve also revisited the materials we use in our products to focus on the impact they have on our planet.

  • Last year, we started incorporating Post Consumer Recycled Plastics (PCR) resins into our peripherals while maintaining durability and performance quality.
  • In FY21 we launched the Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT, a mouse meticulously redesigned and engineered to reduce weight while enhancing performance. Nearly 25% lighter than the Logitech PRO Wireless, this weight reduction is achieved through, among other materials and design choices, the use of 7.5% less plastic,  leading to an estimated annual carbon impact avoidance of 260 tCO2 e.
  • Launched in 2021, the vision for the Logitech G435 headset was guided by Logitech’s Design for Sustainability (DfS) framework. 
    • 165 grams, the G435 is our lightest gaming headset to date by approximately 50%. The plastic parts of the G435 use certified (post-consumer) recycled plastics wherever possible 
    • 35% & 85% recycled content ABS resins are used on compatible components and the overall product is SCS certified with a minimum usage of 22% (post-consumer) plastic
    • Paper packaging is FSC®-certified, the charging cable is PVC free and the headset has user-replaceable ear pads. It is our highest carbon saving headset in the market to date
  • The recently announced ASTRO A10 Gen 2 is our second-highest carbon saving headset and ASTRO’s most sustainable headset to date.  
    • 28% lower carbon impact than our original A10 headset
    • The paper packaging comes from FSC® certified forests and other managed sources, and its plastic parts include certified post consumer recycled plastic (PCR)
    • The black color has a minimum of 41% PCR, and all A10 Gen 2’s support user replaceable ear cushions & headband pads, which help extend the product’s field lifespan

Across the board, we’ve significantly reduced the size, weight, and material usage across a range of gaming packaging, with the final package size reduced by up to 71%, depending on the product line. This change has also allowed us to reduce the number of pallets required for every shipment. All of this work has resulted in an estimated impact reduction of over 1,760 tCO2e per year. 

By being open and transparent about our impact, we know we can drive better design decisions in our own teams and more informed purchase decisions among consumers. Carbon footprinting is one way to measure and quantify a product’s complex impact on the environment. From the weight of plastics to the size of the printed circuit boards, to the recycled content, to the end-of-life recycling, carbon footprinting helps us to quantify environmental impacts and informs our design decisions. 

Logitech has developed a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) capability so that we can quantify the carbon footprint of our products across their full life-cycle, from sourcing of raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, consumer use and product end-of-life. Like nutritional labels on food, Carbon Impact Labels allow consumers to make informed and mindful decisions about the environmental impact of their purchase.

We are the first gaming company that has committed to providing a detailed carbon impact labeling on packaging across our entire portfolio, we call this Carbon Clarity. Today we have eight products with this label, and by 2025, our full portfolio, including our gaming products, will have a Carbon Clarity number. 

We want to empower players to make impactful and knowledgeable decisions that help reduce their carbon footprint. So what can you do? Start by being more informed about the product decisions you make and of course, look for the carbon impact label on our products.

Our ambitions are high, and we recognize we still have a long way to go, but we’re committed because it is critically important that we get this right for the planet. But the work is never complete. We’re focused on continuing to learn, improve, and grow. You, the gamer, are an important part of this journey. We’ll continue to share updates on how we’re progressing.

For more information on what we’re doing, check out our new sustainability hub for Logitech here.