Vrienden van Amstel Live Brings Power to the Music in The Netherlands

Next week, the Vrienden van Amstel Live event in Rotterdam, Netherlands will celebrate its 15th anniversary. It is a well-known music festival that brings more than 15,000 music lovers together for eight nights with the best bands the Netherlands has to offer.

What makes Vrienden van Amstel Live so special? It offers a combination of remarkable performances, spectacular atmosphere and sense of community.

Picture this: At Vrienden van Amstel Live, you can listen to hip-hop artists and rock bands performing and singing side-by-side with famous Dutch folk singers. Despite the size of the event, the cozy feeling is always tangible. For example, last year, the organisation introduced 3D decorations and stages that connected seamlessly, which encouraged interaction between performers and the audience, and created an unprecedented feeling of togetherness. I’m always impressed by the fact that each year, the event feels fresh, even though the format hardly changes.

Vrienden van Amstel Live brings power to the music and so do our Logitech UE products. For entertainment between sets, bring the Logitech UE Boombox or Mobile Boombox, which can stream music from multiple phones, so everyone can take turns playing their favourite music.

We wish all friends of Amstel a great evening while singing along with their favourite songs!


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