Logitech Alert – Capturing the once in a lifetime moments

In families with children, it is increasingly common for both parents to work outside of the home, leaving their children under the supervision of someone else.

It is increasingly common to see both parents working outside the home. In fact, 64.3 percent of married couples with children under the age of 18 were both part of the labor force in 2010.  And just because you’re not at home when your kids are, you don’t have to fully miss out on that time.  Whether you want to keep an eye on your infants sleeping or young children playing in another room, or want to make sure your baby sitter is taking good care of them while you’re at work, video monitoring can provide you with peace of mind.

For Logitech Alert user Vance Miller, it isn’t just about keeping an eye on the baby sitter. His favorite use of the Logitech Alert is to watch his 11 month old twins play during the day while he is at work or traveling. It helps him feel like a part of their most memorable moments, even when he can’t physically be there.

Check out the video of Vance’s twins playing with their grandparents. His daughter decided it was the perfect time to take her first steps, while he and his wife were eating dinner! Without the Logitech Alert system they would have missed out on this precious moment – lucky for them they can relive it over and over, and one day share it with her when she is older.

Logitech Alert can help capture the important moments, from experiencing something that you were going to miss, or knowing that your home is safe and secure, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.


Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Video Security Business Unit


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