Busted… driving into a house?

Many people install video security systems, such as one of our Logitech Alert systems, to monitor their
home in case of burglary or accidents. Footage from our own Logitech Alert cameras have aided law
enforcement with investigations and helped win settlements in insurance cases. While the systems give
Logitech Alert owners peace of mind, they can also capture some amazing – and funny – footage.

We asked Logitech Alert owners to submit their best videos to our Facebook Busted! Video Contest, and
so far, they’ve proven our cameras have seen it all!

Most recently, voters on Facebook have been transfixed by a run-away car video submitted by J. Francel,
who installed the Logitech Alert system to monitor his house in case of an invasion or vandalism.
Instead, he caught this bizarre accident:

Francel explained that a neighbor was on his way to pick up his kids from school when the car lost
control and crashed into his home, not once but twice, totaling both of the vehicles parked inside the

A scary accident, and not exactly the cat burglar Francel was expecting to catch on video, wouldn’t you
say? Thankfully though, no one was seriously injured.

If you have a video you would like to submit to the Facebook Busted! Video Contest, visit us here. And
please remember to vote for your favorite video on our Facebook page.


Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Video Security Business Unit


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