Recognizing a Great Idea: National Night Out

Safety is one of the key factors in deciding where to live, raise a family, and work. Around the world, communities take a variety of measures to foster the sense of safety, and keep their residents protected. In the U.S., one program that helps neighborhoods stay organized and make a difference is the National Association of Town Watch.

Through its National Night Out campaign, the organization involves citizens, law enforcement agencies, civic groups and businesses to heighten awareness and strengthen participation in local anticrime programs. In fact, the National Night Out in Texas was just held last night! Any community can join, and it helps make it easy to increase neighborhood spirit and safety.

 In the San Francisco Bay Area, which is close to our U.S. headquarters, we recently launched Logitech’s Alert for Communities program to help improve community safety. Logitech security experts spoke at a number of neighborhood and local events this past summer, sharing tips for home protection and explaining the value of video surveillance in preventing burglaries and robberies. Attendees were also given hands-on demos of Logitech’s security cameras.

With the vision to expand nationwide, Logitech’s Alert for Communities program is a local initiative we believe will help neighborhoods’ gather together and enforce safety.

On the community level, if you’d like to start your own neighborhood watch, visit the National Association of Town Watch. Or, if you’re interested in adding a measure of safety to your home or small business, consider the Logitech Alert™ 750n Indoor Master System, which is an easy-to-install smart camera with a wide-angle night-vision lens that captures high-quality HD video at any time of day. The device is motion triggered, so it will alert you of any movement via e-mail or a text message, no matter where you are.


National Night Out is just one way help with local crime prevention – what programs are helpful in your community, and what steps do you take to ensure safety year-round? We’d love to hear what you’re doing in the comments below!




Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Video Security Business Unit

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