Halloween Tricks Caught on Camera!

With fall comes the season of trickery and one of our favorite international celebrations – Halloween! This annual festivity is shared by several countries across the globe, including North and South America, several European countries, and even some areas of Africa and Asia. Trick-or-treating is common in the U.S. and Africa, also known as “souling” or “guising” across Europe, with children walking door to door to collect candy or coins. People in Scotland and Ireland also spend time carving intricate designs in pumpkins and even turnips to display them around their homes.

If you’re planning to leave home this year and enjoy one of our favorite Halloween traditions, the annual Halloween party, leave behind your fears of pumpkin smashers and egg throwers. The Logitech® Alert™ 750e Outdoor Master System and the Logitech® Alert™ 700e Outdoor Add-On Camera make up a complete video security system with wide-angle night-vision, powerful PC software and a free remote viewing account. Motion-triggered recording can detect any movement on your property, and automatic alerts will let you know about it instantly by sending notifications to your email address and mobile phone. Logitech Alert keeps you informed even when you’re away, which is your best bet to catch those Halloween pranksters. Check out these trick-or-treaters taking all the Halloween candy, as the action was captured by a Logitech Alert system:

Perhaps you’re staying home to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters this year? Dark corners and dim areas around our homes can seem scary at any time, but especially during Halloween. Allow Logitech Alert to help you and your family feel safe and secure. All of our cameras come equipped with a wide angle lens that helps you see up to twice as much viewing area when compared to standard cameras, and their night vision capabilities also help you see clearly – even in complete darkness. Plus, the add-on camera is easy to add to your existing Logitech Alert Master system, expanding your monitoring into other rooms or places.

Installation for both the master system and the add-on camera is simple, and there’s no need to run wires or bother with network configuration. Simply plug your camera into a wall power outlet, and HomePlug® networking uses your electrical wiring and outlets to connect your camera to the network and transmit video securely.

Lastly, don’t forget to enter our Logitech Alert Busted! video submission contest. For more information on how to enter, please visit our Busted! Videos page and click on, “See How to Win,” for official rules and details.


Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Video Security Business Unit