Google Queue on the Logitech Revue: Everything in One Place

Google Queue on the Logitech Revue gathers everything you want to watch into one simple place.

Check out the video below for a demo to see how easy it is to add podcasts, TV series or even Web site RSS Feeds all to your Google Queue.

Your queue will automatically update when new content is posted so you can sit back and relax. Or, when you want something that’s already in your queue, you can simply search for it in the Quick Search Box just as you would search for anything else with your Google TV.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group

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  • Just purchased the Revue unit. My TV is connected to an Audio Receiver without an HDMI cable. According to your manual and post, i should be able to connect the box using an SPDIF cable. However, the link with the instruction on how to do this generates an error. Can this be done or do I need to return the unit? Help…..

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