Notification of Change to Logitech Vid Video Calling

This is Joerg Tewes, vice president of the digital home business group at Logitech, here to let you
know that as of July 1, 2013 Logitech Vid video calling will no longer be available.

We launched Logitech Vid to make video calling easier and more approachable for our
customers. We recognize that video calling has come a long way since then and there are now
more widely used video calling solutions available, such as Skype. Our focus remains on seeing
that our customers have the best video calling experience possible.

We recommend that people using Logitech webcams switch to an alternative video calling service
such as Skype. Logitech webcam customers can learn more here.

If you are a Logitech TV Cam for Revue customer you can also learn more about available
solutions here.

We greatly appreciate those of you who use our webcams and TV cams to stay in touch, and we
know how important a high-quality video conversation can be.

Thank you.


  • Is this a juke? Really?
    Damn what is going on?
    The best calling software ever is going to end?
    Why? Economy?
    Don’t use skype since Vids is out why should I go again?
    No more msn, no more Vid, just Skype? WTF ?

    • Hi Djey,
      This only impacts those with the Logitech TV cam for Revue. If you have a web cam, you can still use other video calling services of your choice besides Skype. Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  • i have been using logitech vi for the last 4 yrs and now this i don’t like it i don’t use spye i like using my logitech vid

    • We recognize that video calling has come a long way since the launch of Logitech Vid. There are now more widely used video calling services available, such as Skype, and our focus remains on offering customers the best solution possible.

  • What the heck! I use my PC (because you Revue isn’t available in the UK – yeah, thanks a lot), to contact my wife in the USA (3500 miles away) on her Revue using this service, so I can see my little girl. Please tell me why on earth I would even touch your products again after this? You are getting as bad as Creative now. Your software was flakey, I had to screw about for days trying to get a fully compatible camera to work with your software, but it offered the best quality and most reliable connection once it was.

    At least do the decent thing, and make a skype client for those people that actually spent hundreds of dollars on the box, keyboard AND CAMERA, that is STILL wayyy in advance of other camera’s.

    Or.. at absolute minimum, open up the camera so the open source community can use it.

    If you offered the skype service on the revue it wouldn’t even be a problem, but you don’t.

    Thanks. For supporting your company, you decide to shaft us. Not impressed. Business decision or not, this sucks.

    I can’t even image the anger my wife is gonna feel when she see’s this message suggesting she should download skype… a service which YOU DON’T OFFER ON THE REVUE. To repeat, IF you did, then there wouldn’t be a problem.

    So… are you going to offer Skype on the Revue?

  • What about your abroad costumers? I bought almost a year ago 2 revue w/ TV cam and send it to Chile to chat with my family.
    It’s a shame, i will dump in the trash can right now the revue.

    • Hi FitoDotNET,
      Thank you for letting us know. We’ve escalated this to our customer support team. Please keep an eye out for an update from them within the next couple of days.

  • No real explanation, just a quick note telling everyone to go screw themselves. What a dirtball company. Will never buy anything from losstech again.

    • Hi Robert, while Logitech Vid will no longer be available as of July 1, 2013, you will be able to continue using your Logitech webcam, no matter the model, with other free video calling services such as Skype.

  • Hello Mr. Tewes and team,

    Thanks for the past years of superb Logitech Vid software and connectivity, and thanks for warning about the cancellation. Please understand that Skype is not a usable alternative to Vid for the many users for whom the Skype user interface is too complex and finely-detailed to navigate. We have an elderly family member with limited vision who lives alone and depends on Vid as the only available video calling solution; the loss of the service will have a real impact on her quality of life. Would you please reconsider this decision?


    The Volstad family

    • Hello to the Volstad Family, Logitech Vid will no longer be available as of July 1, 2013. We recognize that video calling has come a long way since the launch of Logitech Vid. There are now more widely used video calling services available, such as Skype, and our focus remains on offering customers the best solution possible.

  • Logitech Vid is better than Skype and much easier to use. All one has to do is click on the contact icon and you are connected right away. The clarity and resolution is much better than Skype as well. Skype users always need to click to answer a video call and the user options are much too complicated and time consuming to set up. Very disappointed on your decision to do this!! Please reconsider as it has been easy for my elderly parent and caregivers to use compared to Skype!

    • Hi Bob, Logitech Vid will no longer be available as of July 1, 2013. We recognize that video calling has come a long way since the launch of Logitech Vid. There are now more widely used video calling services available other than Skype, and our focus remains on offering customers the best solution possible.

  • Hi Logitech,
    I’m a user of Logitech Vid since it’s beginning I think. Stopping this service is a deception for me, but I have to move on I suppose; with the condition not to rely on any other software from Logitech (except drivers) because I will end up in misery.
    What I’m really disappointed about is the lack of explanation from your part (the company). Just a dry announcement. Did Skype bought your software (most likely scenario)? Are you going to provide an answer for this or we will just have too google it in the following period, including rumors?
    If you can answer this please do, if not better to say nothing rather than copy-paste formal responses like your 2 previous posts. Personally this method of response I find it insulting and I expect more from Logitech 🙂

    • Hi Daniel, The Logitech team has been transparent with this announcement, publishing a statement on the Logitech blog and forums on April 18, 2013. We’ve also contacted active users directly through email. Please visit our blog for more information. We appreciate those of you who use our webcams and TV cams to stay in touch.

  • My entire family purchased Logitech Revues a few years ago to keep in touch.

    Skype and other services are not available on the revue.

    Are you telling me “Logitech Vid will no longer work with the Revue” ?

    Is there any workaround that continues to use the Revue?

    If this is the case, why the exclusion of this device only?

    Please don’t reply with canned message 🙁


    George & Family

  • This is sad. Skype is not an equivalent replacement for Logitech Vid. Please don’t copy & paste the response like you have posted earlier. I don’t understand what you mean by “…and our focus remains on offering customers the best solution possible.” Is taking away Logitech Vid the best solution possible for your customers? Like me, many would want to know WHY this service is being closed down. If you have reasons that you can’t state it publicly, let us know. But, don’t reply like an automated bot.

  • very bad news, i love logitech vid HD. i prefer this than skype cause its more user friendly, very simple, and most of all the “answer calls automatically” feature is very useful. no commercials, ads, and it works. this is just the right thing for you to do.. i bought lots of logitech items and even recommend it.. logitech vid hd made enormous pc camera sales.

    • Hello Reynaldo,

      You can still use your camera. We know that video calling has gone a long way since we introduced Logitech Vid and we hope that you can find a comparable solution that is not Skype.

  • i filled out the online form and received an email a couple days ago that Logitech would email me a shipping label to send my vid cam back, but i havent received that email yet. When should i be expecting that email?

  • Hello, Logitech Teame!

    I live in Ukraine and I use a Logitech TV cam for Revue with a Logitech Vid.
    My computer is a Logitech Revue.
    What can I do now? How I can use Skype

    Andriy Voloshin

    • Hi Andriy, Since the Revue was only sold in the US we cannot make the exchange program available globally. However, if you have a US address that we can ship to, you can exchange your TV Cam for Revue for an alternate product. There are more details on this program here.

  • Hi,

    How long does it take to receive the email with the label once the exchange form has been submitted? I filled it out a few days ago (received the acknowledgement immediately), but I’m still waiting for the label and there was no indication of how long it might take.


  • My tv cam doesn’t have a serial # , Model # , or part # at the end of the cable.
    Is there another way to get this info?
    Take it apart?

    • Hi Chris,
      If you’ve removed the tag that has the part and serial numbers for your device, you can still submit the form. The model number for the TV Cam for Revue is V-U0022. For serial number, simply enter “unknown.” You’ll be sent a shipping label to return your TV Cam for Revue and once we’ve received your TV Cam, we’ll send out the requested replacement product. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Very disappointed that Logitech Vid will be discontinued. A lot of musician’s use it, over Skype, to connect to each other across the world. Logitech Vid offered a higher quality call with better audio and video, with data rates that could be changed. Skype does not offer the data rate flexibility that Vid does.

    Since Logitech Vid is being discontinued, I would like to inquire about obtaining the source code, or making it open source, so that it or a variation of it geared toward connecting musicians may continue to be developed outside Logitech.
    Logitedch Vid was widely used for on-line guitar lessons because it offered higher quality than Skype.

    Thank you.

  • You say – “other free video calling services such as Skype” Since when in Skype free? And what other free video calling services can you recommend? You really should leave Vid up and running for those of us that use it. Don’t just respond by telling me “video calling has gone a long way since we introduced Logitech Vid and we hope that you can find a comparable solution that is not Skype.” Tell me what other services we can turn to since video calling has come such a long way and there are so many other options.

  • Exchange program form is asking for a serial number – my camera’s serial number is crossed out with black marker for some reason?? How can I exchange without this?

    Bought revue to communicate with family across country (we all bought one… I hope the others aren’t also crossed out??)


    • Hi George, The model number for the TV Cam for Revue is V-U0022. If you do not know your serial number, simply enter “unknown.” You’ll be sent a shipping label to return your TV Cam for Revue. Once we’ve received your TV Cam, we’ll send out the requested replacement product. Hope this helps!

  • I purchased a Revue because it was a great way for my mother to see her grand children (18 month old twins). It was so much easier to sit them in front of the TV than to try and sit them down in front of a tiny computer. Although I do appreciate the swap offer (which I am not sure which camera will be the better of the two for what I am doing), I am not happy I spent all the money on a Revue only to have it be nothing more than an overpriced keyboard now.

  • Your repetitive standard response shows a lack of concern on your decision for loyal Logitech Vid customers. The better options you are not better than Logitech. Skype is not easy to use and setup. Its clarity is not as good either! What are the better solutions you mention that are available and easy to use like Logitech? Not one! Bad move on your part and there is no rhyme or reason for your need to stop this other than not wanting to continue providing us with a good service.

  • As mentioned by many of your loyal customers above, Vid is a far superior product than your suggestion of other “more widely used video calling solutions available, such as Skype”. I have tried the alternatives since your announcement and have found them cumbersome and unfriendly.
    As a customer with a large amount of Logitech products this decision disappoints me greatly and I cannot understand why a company with a superior product has not capitalised or positioned itself as the number 1 product in the marketplace.
    As for the repeated canned response to your loyal customers, I find it arrogant and insensitive which shows a lack in basic customer service!
    Here’ an idea, maybe your team could try the alternatives to appreciate what you have created before making any further dissapointing decisions!

  • My only complaint is that the Service Notice “reminder” message is vague. It anniunces that “this video calling service” will end, but the name Logitech does not appear anywhere. The first time it appeared, I spent 3 hours checking for malware and pdating anti-virus software, and 5 hours searching the Internet for any clue as to the source.

    I’ve always apprecated the quality of Logitech products, until this happened. This is very close to the definition of Trojan Horse! Okay, not quite, but close enough for my purposes.

    Would you please update your software so that messages that appear out of context (when no Logitech client is open) identify themselves? And pledge to always do so in the future?

    Also, is there any way to prevent this message from appearing in the future? My family has been “warned” twice, now… That’s quite enough.

  • The Alternative SUCK!
    -SKYPE doesn’t appear to offer the 1280×720 rez image when both people have a logitechHD webcam and fast cable connection.
    -oovoo only does low 352×288 and potential HD looking image but at only 4×3 frame ratio

    THERE IS NO OTHER SERVICE THAT OFFERS (1280×720 resolution) 720p HD video live calling with 16×9 frame ratio like logitechHD. LogitechHD was the best for the past 3 years in image quality and fps….like a glimpse of the future many years ahead of its time. People are now just flocking like sheep to the latest most popular thing (eg. Skype) even though it has inferior quality. Now we have no choice because of this :(:(:(:( LogitechHD will be greatly missed as they have been cutting edge and we now enter bleaker inferior times with Skype etc…….unless they adopt the same high quality standards of LogitechHD software.

  • What’s up, I log on to your blogs on a regular basis. Your writing style is awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

  • I tried out Skype again with the LogitechHD software and the picture quality is about 75% as good as LogitechHD, but a little blurrier….atleast now I know it does indeed offer 16×9 aspect ratio.
    But the audio quality is subpar on Skype. The Audio is less clear and less pleasant on Skype, whereas on LogitechHD the voice much more clear almost as if they were on the phone with you. So I recommend we all continue using LogitechHD software everyday we can until it’s discontinued…and then switch to the inferior picture and audio quality of Skype and others. LogitechHD software will greatly be missed until others improve in quality much more.

  • We stumbled over here different web page and thought I might as well check
    things out. I like what I see so i am just following you.
    Look forward to looking into your web page again.

  • Why are you guys discontinuing the service? You do realize the internal Vid Video Calling feature attracted many customers like myself to your products. My entire family has purchased your web cams because of the simplicity and technical continuity of the products. Please reconsider keeping the service. Taking it away from your customers sucks!!

    • Hello Kw,

      You can still use your camera. We know that video calling has gone a long way since we introduced Logitech Vid and we hope that you can find a comparable solution that is not Skype.

  • Skype is an inferior service. I’m amazed you closing the Cadillac of vid services and telling us to use a another product. Who is getting paid off is what I would like to know.

  • Logitech, Actually video calling has “NOT” gone a long way since Logitech VID was introduced as far as “quality” audio & video goes…

    -maybe networking capability with more of your friends all over the net is better with skype, but quality plain out SUCKS in comparison especially the audio voice pickup quality.

    -Logitech VID is giving a much clearer voice quality than Skype…no idea why Skype audio quality sucks so badly.

  • Is there another program that offers the same features as VID?

    1: you can set to automatically answer calls. (this was perfect for when my wife is away she can call to watch me sleep or I can call to monitor room when away)

    2: restarting call will unmute computer, this comes in very handy at times.

    discontinuing this program will hurt my family, SO PLEASE does anyone no of a video chat that will answer automatically????

  • I used Logitech Video because it was better than Skype. I had a lot of problems with Skype, Yahoo and MSN when trying to talk to relatives in USA. Was so pleased when I found Logitech and now disappointed. I doubt I will get a good reception now.

  • I am very disappointed on loosing Logitech VID program I would like to know just what I
    will be able to use that is the same as VID I do not like Skype please help us to find a real
    good replacement .

  • I too have Logitech Vid HD and don’t want to use Skype. My grandson downloaded it last year and it jacked my computer up until I removed it. WHY do we pay for something and then you discontinue it? I bought this to keep in contact with my grand children. NOT. Happy. At. All.

  • Hi,
    I bought the Logitech revue + the Logitech TV Cam for Revue out of Germany via your partner Amazon (they didn’t say this is only for US… they had no problems by accepting my money!!), so I basically can not agree on your statement: “Revue was only sold in the US”.
    I kindly ask you to reconsider covering with the exchange program + shiping costs your customers from abroad.

  • I do not know whether it’s just me or if everybody else experiencing problems with your blog. It looks like some of the written text in your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as well? This might be a problem with my browser because I’ve had this happen before.

    Many thanks

  • Why end a vid calling service that’s superior to any out there. Skype SUCKS. It has hidden Trojans and commercials trying to sell me anti virus software. Listen up logitech. Bring it back or you have lost my business forever. I will not use Skype. FOREVER!

  • My dad bought a box for his TV to make it like a smart TV and it wont run Skype or any other video service. He lives 15 hours away and we use it for him to see my son. Very sad that this is going away!

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  • De quelle façon le service de Logitech webcam va être suspendu à compter du 1 juillet 2013 ? Je possède une cam Logitech C210 avec son logiciel (sur CD). Y aura t-il d’autres webcam logitech compatibles avec skype pour que je puisse l’acheter, ici à Montréal??

  • Dang!

    I just found this video call app on my Logitech Quick Cam for Laptops and it’s going away.

    I’m using an older laptop w/o built in webcam/mic while my newer one is out of action for awhile.

    It is running win xp so I can’t use the Skype Video message function (requires win 7 or higher) but I can videotape a message and attach to an email using your videomail function.

    If you decide to keep it running a while longer I’ll be very happy. If not….sorry about that.

    Thanks for your great products and service over the years. I’ve used your cams, mice and trackballs.

    Wun Wing Lo

  • Hi,

    I use video calling from revue every week. this is the sole reason why i bought logitech revue box instead of an apple tv. Now exchanging cam wont work as they wont be compatible with Revue, if you are asking me to make my video calling from PC, I wouldn’t have purchased logitech revue in the first place. Please make skype or any other video calling service available on revue.

  • I cannot believe you are dumping this service when this was one of the most appealing parts of the Revue. How can you offer a substitute camera that doesn’t work with the Revue. I bought 5 of these for my family for Christmas. I will never purchase another Logitech product again.

  • Hello. We bought the Revue+Camera+keyboard combo for our family (FL) and one for my family in VA. We use Vid on a daily basis so my parents can keep in constant contact with their grandkids. I am very sad this is going away. This was the sole reason we BOUGHT TWO systems. Being able to use the TV rather than gathering in front of a tiny computer was a major plus. What are the other alternatives for being able to use the TV and the webcam for video calling? Skype isn’t available. Will Yahoo messenger work? We need other options and not just canned responses. It seems like you all do not care about your customers. That combo we bought was $500 each! I believe you should buy back all the systems from your now disgruntled customers. I will not purchase anymore Logitech items.

  • It seems you should offer the telyHD instead of the subpar products you are offering as a replacement.

  • Logitech is probably killing this service because, while it IS superior, it requires dedicated hardware (centralized servers) that Logitech needs to keep powered and cool and can probably no longer depreciate or write off for taxes. In other words, both you and I connect to Logitech, who then establishes and maintains the video connection between you and I.

    Skype is a “peer-to-peer” service, so no “central servers” are necessary. I connect straight to you to vidcon with you.

    In other words, this is purely a financial decision.

    It would be *VERY NICE* if Logitech released the Sightspeed/Vid software to open source, since otherwise it will just sit on a harddrive somewhere in an archive, not helping or doing anything.

  • Stop sending the pop up message reminder that service is ending. I got it like 100 times already. There is no way to click to let you know I got it and I understand and I will decide what service to use. I do not need your advice. i used that before and where has it gotten me? I finished first grade many years ago. I do not need to be reminded everyday. Stop it already. i am sick of you.

  • I wrote to Logitech and their press department weeks ago about this, left a personal comment here (not published) and then wrote a stinking syndicated piece about Logitech’s contempt for its customers (for anyone reading between the lines). I’ve still had no reply for follow-up from anyone at Logitech, which says it all.

    Logitech web cams are still being sold with the promise of Vid HD so on the 1st July, if it’s not running, there’ll be a complaint to Training Standards (in the UK) – Logitech needs to recall and modify all its packaging, as far as I’m concerned, and buy back kit sold with this false promise.

  • STOP THE NOTICES NOW!! (or at least tell us how to stop them)

    I’m normally a Logitech fan, but had I known I’d be getting these popup messages I would never have bought this web cam. It’s interrupted numerous gaming, video, et al scenarios and I’m at the point I’ll stop being a Logitech customer if they don’t stop after July 1st. Let Skype do their own advertising. If I want Skype I’ll get it (fact is they’ve already chased away my business& I don’t need you to pester me about it).

    You’re losing what once were faithful patrons… just stop it! PLEASE!

  • This really sucks . I don’t know the real reason for pulling the plug on Logitech bt the bull shit they are trying to feed us stinks.i’ll bet that they arn’t using Skype for their business because it sucks and they know how bad it is

  • I just found out about Logitech Vid being unavailable a couple of days ago. Needless to say, I’m very disappointed. I use it to do video piano lessons. Before we used it, we tried both Skype and ooVoo and had frustrating problems with both. Tonight, we tried each and were reminded why we switched. ooVoo consistently freezes and Skype’s audio is horrible—out of sync with the video and echoing. Both are harder to see than Logitech, and on Skype, my external camera is mirrored to me (though fine to the other person).

    Does anyone have suggestions for something else? Logitech Vid was great—there was next to no delay in video-audio and I could make the screen full screen and still have a good-sized picture-in-picture to see my own image. I’m disappointed that it’s no longer available. Skype just isn’t cutting it for what we need.

  • I used Skype and did not care for it. My entire family uses Logitech. Thank God I just purchased an IPAD, now i can use facetime with everyone. If i did not have that option, i would be stuck. They don’t use Skype. This really sucks..

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