Video: Unveiling the Logitech Revue – Behind the Scenes

Last week, I arrived at the Logitech Revue with Google TV launch press event. I was told that I was not just the one filming behind the scenes — but I would be IN one of the scenes! From product development to a press event, it takes a lot of different personality types to put a plan into motion. When all was said and done, I was happy to endure those cameras because I ended up scoring a demo with the senior product manager of the Revue, which you can check out here!

(Watch the rest of the Logitech Revue demo here.)


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  • When is the next open party? I’ll be in town next weekend 21-24. Anything going on then?
    Is there a schedule posted? How do we get directions?

  • When will the GoogleTV Revue be coming to the UK? Sky TV is our equivalent of Direct TV so making the remote work shouldn’t be a problem.

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