Video: Logitech Revue with Google TV Demo

Watch as the Senior Product Manager of the Logitech Revue goes through the steps of navigating through the interface and what makes Google TV so seamless.

What aspect of the Logitech Revue most excites you?


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  • Glad I held off my purchase of the ‘REVUE’. Since all the major TV broadcast companies have now ‘blocked’ all programming thru GoogleTV ! Google dropped the ball on this error of not contracting upfront for rights.

    Now, Logitech and Sony have a big investment in trying to sell their ‘GoogleTV’ ready items. But better them than me and many other consumers wasting $300.00 for ‘Revue’, (a way overpriced item in any case ) .

    The future “is” merging TV with the Internet…how did a BILLION $ giant like Google screw the pooch?? Hope all you corp ‘suits’ correct the course very quickly.

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