A Night in the Spotlight for Logitech Revue

New York City and San Francisco experienced a frenzy of activity last week with dual press events unveiling the Logitech Revue. To contribute to the fanfare, I decided that the Logitech Loft Los Angeles needed to host an event putting Logitech Revue in the spotlight. It all went down on Saturday night, as “The Logitech Revue Premiere Party” offered invited guests the opportunity to interact with web industry insiders and the Logitech Revue firsthand.

Featuring a red carpet entry, the event welcomed guests with a photo op with the Logitech Revue. It is, after all, what everyone came out to experience. Guests including Shira Lazar, Brigitte Dale, Taryn Southern, George Ruiz, and over 40 others had a chance to use the Logitech Revue throughout the course of the night. It was fascinating to watch as people got their hands on the product for the first time—many didn’t realize it offered such a massive feature set, from the simple search bar to the built-in Google Chrome web browser. A lot of the guests seemed really impressed with it, and I overheard that quite a few pre-orders had already been placed.

The event was a great opportunity for guests to talk tech and discuss the future of television and online video. Things got really social when we received video calls from the other Logitech Lofts in NYC and San Francisco. Praneet and Nixie did a great job showcasing the Logitech TV Cam, and our LA guests were blown away by the video quality and interaction capabilities.

People were still playfully fighting over the Logitech Revue controllers as the event team started packing up for the night. It was really an awesome party, and I’d like to thank everyone for coming out to celebrate this special premiere night. For more photos from the event, check out A Night in Revue, a great photoset put together by our photographer Mike Petralia. And for your chance to get an invite to a Logitech Loft LA party, make sure you’re following the action on Twitter and Facebook.


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