Bring on the Revue Parties!

“They’re going to find me dead in front of my TV after I get my hands on one of these” exclaimed Rob Marchesani only 3 minutes into his first hands on experience using the Logitech Revue. Rob was among the first official guests at the Logitech NYC loft and his reactions were absolutely priceless. The positive reaction kept on coming, guest after guest, hour by hour…and I could not help but glow with pride as if this was my very own brain child. When a product is so magnificent that it simply speaks for itself, what more can you ask? It quickly becomes the most desirable addition to anyone’s life within minutes of exposure; now that is making a statement.

All sorts of people joined us at staggered times for a hands on Google TV demo. I met Grammy award winning music group managers, social media experts, broadway performers, and some very creative and innovative New Yorkers! One thing was clear, despite the different backgrounds, demographics and views, something that we all had in common was a shock, awe and instant fanfare of Google TV. People shared an instant need to gift these to all their loved ones for Christmas, what a stellar gift.

Among the favorite features are crystal clear video calling and a super light keyboard/touchpad for the Revue (people underestimate how light it is all the time) among countless other perks. You will have to see for yourself!

Our NYC Logitech loft official kick-off/launch party is scheduled for this Friday the 15th of October and we have a lot to look forward to. We have partnered with Daylight Media and Harlem Brewing. We vow to bring an exclusive party to New York, complete with a custom “Revue Debut” cocktail, generous giveaways and hands on demos of unparalleled technology.

I for one am now unsure how there ever was life before this level and quality of web integration. I find that every guest who has a chance to toy around with the product seems equally convinced this is a true must have game changer.

Speaking of game changers, I am quite accustomed to living in TriBeCa now and I am in love with the neighborhood. Everything I could possibly want is within walking distance. The weather has also been very kind and despite having only been here a week, I already have some colorful stories to share.

I found myself stuck in a cab the other night that had been involved in a very small fender bender. I was now a witness stuck awaiting the NYPD’s assessment. The exchange between my driver and the other unlucky participant in the ordeal was somehow so New York: animated & passionate–hilarious. Despite the significant delay, I was engrossed.

I walked right past Robert De Niro the other day, not a bad celebrity sighting. Who is next? Any guesses?

I find myself appreciating each and every New York minute, no matter what happens. From the Canal street vendors offering me knock-off Louis Vuitton’s daily to the fun and funky high fashion that surrounds me, I am always entertained. Top this off by coming home daily to my loft with endless entertainment options, it’s a wonder how I find time for anything else. Speaking of which, I have never slept less and for some odd reason, I am doing juuuust fine!


'Host with the Most,' New York City


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