Logitech and Google TV: Why We Think Open Systems are Great

Previously, Ashish confirmed that the name of our Google TV companion box will be Logitech Revue with Google TV. We obviously have a lot to be excited about.

From a product development standpoint, one of the many reasons we’re so excited about Google TV as a platform is because it’s not a closed system.

(Don’t worry – we’ll still be making speakers for iPod docking and Mac peripherals while there’s still demand in the market and opportunities to create great experiences.)

We’re dedicated first and foremost to getting people to interact with what they want to do, the way that’s most natural for them. That’s any platform that makes sense; regardless of the screen people access it on – computer, TV, conference room or mobile phone.

We’re most excited, however, by platforms that allow distributed development like Windows and now Android.


First, we can do more ourselves. We’re not waiting until the next version is unveiled, a contract is signed and permission is granted before we’re fully developing. No one develops proactively when the platform is solely owned and controlled. No good product development team strives to be in reaction mode all the time.

Secondly, we can add more value. We can move from creating yet another peripheral, and focus on creating something that unleashes new possibilities. We can develop smarter, deeper and with the full experience in mind. We can help establish and improve the platform – not just attach to it.

Third, we can build things that empower people – whether they’re consumers using the product who have a chance to customize and adapt it to their needs or software developers who have great ideas, if only they had the hardware and the access to create what they envision.

Google has the same vision for Android. And we’re thrilled to be involved so early in the TV opportunity. By working as closely as we have been, we’re not working around a fully baked system after the fact. We’re helping build in the functionality and ideas that will create opportunities for richer interaction, greater control and new experiences – like HD video calling – that are implemented well from the first step. It’s not an architecture, it’s an ecosystem that has the power to reinvent the living room – for the better.

This does mean we won’t be the only ones. We won’t be the only hardware provider, won’t be the only one making accessories for Google TV systems, won’t be the only video calling standard. So we have to focus on delivering the absolute best experience for what people want to do on their TV screen. And with Google TV, we believe we have that opportunity.

You’ll be able to get your hands on Logitech Revue this fall. But from my perspective, that’s just the beginning.


Senior Vice President of CCP at Logitech


  • Please push Google to release to Canada as well. Don’t leave out your best friends!

  • “We’re most excited, however, by platforms that allow distributed development like Windows and now Android.”

    Are we going to see a Logitech Revue with “Windows” TV too?

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