Harmony Tips and Tricks: Creating Favorite Channels on the Harmony 300

Logitech recently launched the Logitech Harmony 300 Remote, which is customized using our new myharmony.com online website. The Harmony 300 is a 4 device (TV, Cable/Sat, DVD, VCR/Aux) remote that is simple to set up, yet powerful enough to customize to your needs. One advanced customization that can be done is setting up the Harmony 300 to select up to five of your favorite channels with the push of a single button.

Most of us have a few channels that we are constantly watching, be it CNN, ESPN, HBO or one of the other major broadcasting networks. None of us want to consistently push in the same three or four numbers time and time again. This is where the Harmony 300 can make things easier by allowing you to come back to the site and add in up to a seven number channel, including a dot (.) or dash (-) for Over-the-Air HD channels.

Creating Favorite Channels on the Harmony 300
To set up favorite channels on your Harmony 300:

  1. From the home page, click ‘Add Favorite Channels’ and select the device you wish to set up favorite channels for.
  2. Enter your favorite channel in the corresponding entry field.
  3. When you’ve finished entering your favorite channels, click ‘Save’, and then ‘SYNC REMOTE’.

The ability to make the Harmony 300 work the way you wish is just a quick trip back to the myharmony.com software where you can customize the Watch TV button, allow a third device such as an AV Receiver to control the volume, or set up up your favorite channels.

Be sure to check back every week for more Harmony tips and tricks and feel free to send us your comments.


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  • hey recently purchased a harmony 785 fully charged the battery and went to set up for my telle surround sound and austar when i plugged into my computer to load the settings all seemed to load fine until i unplug my remote and receive the message sayin go to website to update remote have tried to do this several times and still receive the same message have also contacted for tech support they advised me to try updating firmware which i also attempted several times and still receive the same message saying to go to website to update have tried on 2 different computers running xp and windows 7 also tried downloading the latest software off the logitech site and still the same message appears any help would be much appreciated i also disabled all firewalls and antivirus software on the computer

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