Logitech Revue with Google TV

Yes, it’s true. The name of our Google TV companion box will be Logitech Revue with Google TV.

Why did we choose Logitech Revue?

At Logitech, we’re known for certain kinds of products – peripherals, video calling, entertainment control, streaming media….

Logitech Revue does everything we’re known for and more. So it couldn’t just be the Harmony Box or Squeezebox TV or, even worse, the Logitech TV Hub (although believe me, we’ve discussed them all).
The meaning of Revue is a type of multi-act theatrical entertainment that combined music, dance and sketches – wildly popular between 1910 and 1930.

Logitech Revue is a companion box and controller that brings the experience of Google TV to your TV screen. It combines everything on the Web, cable or satellite content, apps, video calling and more that will be wildly popular between 2010 and 2030, until we reinvent interaction again.

And there you have it – Logitech Revue with Google TV. We can’t wait to tell you more about it this fall.
In the meantime, to get all the latest updates about Logitech Revue with Google TV, please sign up at logitech.com/news/googletv.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


  • Does it decode DVB-T/C ? Otherwise it won’t be superimposed over my picture, it will be another channel I’ll have to switch to – and search on a black screen.

    Sounds like fun.

  • This seems to be a product for geeks all I can say is, why a geek to use it? This is not robust enough for Media Center and the lack of AAA games browse full Web pages on a 50 + HDTV is not what people want in the room the interface is also very widespread.

  • Whoever named this deserves a raise – it’s not some bizarrely-spelled pseudo-word, it doesn’t have “lurid” sub-culture alternate meanings, it’s clear and wholesome, and actually semantically connected to its function without sounding “workday”. Love it!

  • The UI will be the make or break for me on this. So far, I’ve yet to see anything come close to XBMC (in fact, if this or another device like it could run XBMC I’d take 4 now).

    Oh, and I also like the name 😉

  • hi Ashish

    thank you for this. I’m quite interested. I’d like to know how it will integrate with PC based PVR’s like Media Portal. You mention that it will integrate with DVR’s but many of us have bypassed the DVR’s from TIVO and the cable company in favour of more full featured PC-based ones.

    will Google TV ever offer similar functionality or at least integrate with existing ones like this

    Thank you,

  • hi, Best luck for Product !
    i wan to know.
    can a android programmer can make application for this gadgets ?
    if there is any info regarding same pls let me know on piyush_d2 at yahoo (dot) co (dot) in.

  • The name is brilliant. Classy, timeless and descriptive. Thanks for showing mature leadership by not just coming up with another cliché “i” or “g” product name. It gives me a hint that the rest of the product will be well thought out too.

  • As the owner of two SB3s and a Boom, I’m really looking forward to this new device and just hope that it will interact with the products I already own. Not only my existing Squeezeboxen but also my Tivo! And Revue is a fantastic name.

  • This is a brilliant idea. The idea is to be the central box integrating content from the web, your current TV provider, your personal videos, pictures and music that resides on your PC. You can do this now with a media center PC but integrating it with your Sat or cable and going out to the TV was too much of a hastle. With a universal remote this is easily automated with this box. Interestingly directv could have done all of this themselves and tried to do with media share but this app is low res and deficient in other ways. So I see Sat /cable as becoming merely one of many sources of entertainment data with their customer base easily poached by more nimble providers (web) Not likely to happen quickly as the typical home network is pretty deficient.

  • Brilliant name with nostalgic comfort too.

    I would like to see a list of connection types on the back of the device… Could a back picture be posted? Or could you tell us if the device will be WiFi and/or will the device have a Ethernet connection for wired situations? I’m interested in how it will connect to the Internet… If someone knows for certain please let us know.

    thanks so much… I’ll have one of these for 3 TVs in my house as soon as they can be purchased!

    Carpe Diem!

  • Ashish,

    We have an idea for a great app that we’d like to make available on the Revue. We’ve already received positive feedback from experts in the TV industry on EpisodeCatalyst. Is there any way for us to chat offline about how we can make this app freely available on the Revue?

  • Hi Asish,
    Will this have a browser, where I can go to a website and watch Livetv using the browser.These are mostly the MMS or WMP player URL’s?Does it support flash based content?
    Please let me know.

  • Hi Ashish Arora

    We are expert in Adobe Air platform Flash.

    We would like to disponibilisarmos for y’all new applications for Google TV.

    Do we can talk about?

    Very thanks.

  • Most people watch television to be entertained and surf the web to be informed or communicate etc. While the first is a passive exercise the latter is more aggressive. That will make Google tv like see saw one second flipping the channel to see a program the next to search the web? This experience is not going to fit well into the living room.

  • Between 2010 and 2030. What the hell are they talking about. Nothing that has to do with the internet will last 20 years.

  • Looks like a great device, but one reference that bothered me is when the author dismissed the simplistic descriptive name (Logitech TV Hub) as the “worse” alternative name.

    … Few things annoy me more than marketing hyperbole, insidious reference, and misnomer!

    Give me “Google / Logitech TV hub” any old day!!!

  • I have a sports room with 4 hdtv’s. Will there be a web tv device that can serve more than one tv, or will I have to buy one for each tv?

  • I hope that the Revue will also be capable of streaming Netflix movies to subscribers…that would make it perfect!

  • I hope the Revue will help bring IP-based control to the Harmony line. With a networked device it would be a waste to do otherwise. So many new receivers, TVs, Tivo, Blu-Ray, and of course media centers have bidirectional communication via IP. This beats IR-blasters by a wide margin. If the Tivo integration and the IP control work well, I will by a Revue in a heartbeat. I’d love to be a beta tester as well.

  • How is this better than PC-based HTPC with browser like Zinc (ZeeVee) or Boxee and 10ft interface? People already have both.

    What about hardware upgrades in this tiny box? I can pay $30 and add RAM to my HTPC at some point, but in this box – is its hardware upgradeable at all?

    What about integration with PC or external HDD – I doubt the HDD in this box will be sufficient for 20 years as they intend?

    What about software and OS uploads?

    Summarizing all of the above – is it REALLY an HTPC with all that this entails?

    What about the remote, is it RF or IR or both, does it have a touchpad or any other mouse function? People are reluctant to use a keyboard on the coach, typing/searching is a desirable and yet an infrequent activity in relaxed TV watching. Logitech Harmony has been unable to produce a good HTPC remote so far – is this really going to change? Promo video shows Smartphone used as a remote – thanks, but “no, thanks”. It should be a dedicated remote, operable without looking, i.e. with real buttons.

  • I’m awaiting the Revue eagerly.. here in NL/Europe
    And yes, if XBMC ports over to it.. I won’t even think, Ill just buy.

    • Hi Joost,

      This woud be dependent on a few factors on both the Logitech side and the Google side — but we hope that Logitech Revue with Google TV will come to you soon.


  • Interestingly directv could have done all of this themselves and tried to do with media share but this app is low res and deficient in other ways. So I see Sat /cable as becoming merely one of many sources of entertainment data with their customer base easily poached by more nimble providers.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to thank you all for your continued interest and excitement. I wish I can share all the details about Logitech Revue with Google TV with you, but it will be a little while longer before I can. Please keep reading for the most current information. You can also visit RevueIsComing.com for info.


  • Like the name is why I’m going to buy it. I’m so cool that I must have cool named devices around me. I’m going to vote for Obama again as well because I’m the coolest. Dude.

  • Okay, I want one (I already use a competing product and I’m willing to take a chance on this, sight unseen).

    So, what we need is a place to pre-order. How about it Logitech? Toss us early adopters a bone, please ?

  • One thing I have not seen yet is whether this will pull video’s pictures and music from an already existing device on your home network. I have a WHS setup with over 500 gigs of movies and shows in several formats(WMV, AVI, DIVX, MOV, MKV, 3GPP). Will this find my server and allow me to stream those movies? If not then I will stick to my Win7 PC that is hooked up to my TV with google chrome and Media Center.

  • After reading many reviews/sites on the ‘Revue’, missed seeing any that answers the question: will this unit box work with just ‘over air broadcast tv’. I am running tv via antenna for major networks HD. No cable/sat. Also, if price range is $200., it seems to be a deal breaker!

  • @Jimmy C. >> The Revue will not work with OTA signals and in fact will not work with cable TV either. To use the DVR function you must use the inputs on the Revue to get the DVR signal into the box VIA HDMI. So in essence the Revue it’s self has no broadcast decoder’s or receiver’s in it to allow it to process any signal data whether cable bound or air bound.

  • @reddragon72> Many thanks for your helpful info. At present I will not concern myself with any ‘DVR’ use. Basic first concern is to be able to have ‘Revue’ box able to function with my OAB viewing and able to utilize GoogleTV as well.

    I am presently hooked up PC to VizioHD42, which has 2 HDMI connects. I have my Roku. I am using a outdoor HD antenna for great pickup on majors, ie: ABC; CBS; NBC; PBS, etc.

    Any further thoughts from you are appreciated.

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