Logitech in the News – the Logitech + Google TV Edition

Is your TV ready? As you’ve probably heard, Logitech + Google TV was announced last week at Google I/O 2010. The Google TV companion box we’re creating will search and access to TV and Web content anywhere, from your satellite or cable provider, even some compatible DVRs.

Wired described the Logitech + Google TV’s functionality: “It will hook up to your TV and then pull in content from cable, satellite and compatible DVRs. In short, you can Google the entire Internet plus your home for TV shows and watch them wherever they may be.” Logitech Vid will also be integrated, as explained by VentureBeat: “And instead of crowding your family around a laptop for a Skype phone call, you can all sit in front of the TV. The box will also integrate Logitech’s Vid cameras for video phone calls.” Gizmodo‘s “Logitech’s Google TV Box Will Have Special Powers” article explains how our companion box fits in with the rest of your living room devices. “In Logitech’s case, it’s tying all of your different home theater components together seamlessly, so their Google TV box will work perfectly with everything else you have, using their Harmony software.”

Much more coverage below, but feel free to include your favorite Logitech + Google TV coverage in the comments! For more information and to stay updated on the latest Logitech + Google TV developments, please visit logitech.com/news/googletv.


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  • But since you connect it to your network – will it also play supported media from my local network and network shares?

  • Also, will there be an antenna version? I heard your CEO say “all you need is HDMI input” – well i don’t have an HDMI input – I get my TV via antenna (DVB-T) its still digital and HD, but the input is an RF cable – not HDMI.

    • Hi PJ,
      At launch, Google TV will only work on HDTVs so you will need a TV with an HDMI input.


  • That is not the question he is asking….
    My TV has an hdmi port, but i too get my signal from an antenna.

    Am i correct in thinking that Google tv works as like an overlay for a signal that is going through a hdmi port?
    In other words you need a cable/satellite box to use google tv.

  • Can I make a simple request? Make the the set top box a standard width so that it will stack with my DVR, stereo and DVD/Blu-Ray player.
    I don’t care what the width of the devices is, but you guys all need to get together and decide that EVERYTHING that plugs into a TV should be NO MORE than 12 – 15 inches wide. Figure out what is optimal industry wide and make all boxes the exact same width. then I can have 4-10 devices and they all look at least a little neat sitting there. And here’s an idea, maybe the furniture makers could catch wind of this standard size and make a shelf or an entertainment center to hold them. Home entertainment center units are gone the way of the Dodo, but seriously, I should be able to go to any furniture store and pick up a book-shelf type unit that can hold TV-attached equipment.

    Why is this so hard?

    And since I’m asking, can you all make you ventilation work so it doesn’t matter if I have 5 devices stacked? Kthksbye.

    • Hi Brian,

      While we can’t control the design of other manufacturers’ devices, we think you’ll appreciate the sleek design and slim profile of the Logitech Revue box.


  • Will users be able to shop online with this device at sites such as ebay and will it be secure with 128 to 256 bit encryption, also will they be able to play games, like games that require flash or java, and will it be compatible with youtube? How much will the device cost and the service? Will it work with dialup connections. I am using msntv2 to surf the web with now, I can shop at ebay, but I have to shop at the mobile site because the unit can’t handle the regular ebay site due to memory problems and the flash is out of date and not upgradable.
    Will this device be safe and hacker & virus proof?

    Thank You. Have A Nice Day. 🙂
    Sincerely, Nan

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