Logitech Vid – New Video-Calling Software

Logitech Vid is a new, fast and easy way to make video calls. If you have a Logitech webcam, Vid is free for you and anyone you call. I’ve recorded a brief video to share more about Logitech Vid.

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  • Hi, using logitech vid can I connect with more than one person at the same time having both video and audio?

  • Hey I have downloaded logitech vid, and it is GREAT! i only have one problem. My girlfriend says that my video quality isn’t as good as skype. I have the logitech pro 9000 so I know it isn’t the webcam, but i don’t know if it is my computer or her computer or if i have the settings wrong because she has the logitech webcam communication deluxe which is a lower quality webcam but her picture is amazing on my screen. When we talk on skype I can barely see her picture but when she uses this it is at least 5 times more clear and the picture is larger and runs smoother. I just don’t know if i have something setup incorrectly to make it so that she can’t see me as clearly. I should be high quality. Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Jordan,

      Great to hear that you\’re enjoying Logitech Vid. It\’s hard for me to diagnose your particular issue — there are a number of variables that can affect the video quality (e.g. the processor speed, Internet connection, lighting conditions, drivers installed or not, etc..). I suggest that you contact customer support (www.logitech.com/support) so that they can investigate the exact cause and respond appropriately.

      Best, Gina

  • New to Logitech Vid and am having issues. I’m using a Mac PPC Dual 1.25 with Tiger. Upon launching the Vid I keep getting a window asking “where is iTunes”? Not sure what that has to do with anything but I cancel that window since I do not use or have iTunes on my machine. Setup continues fine until the 10 second test video and the app crashes. Is iTunes of all things tied into this app? If an external app is necessary for playback I’d hope there would be a preference option (would much prefer to choose Quicktime). Hope to get this to work.

    • Hi Jud,

      Thank you for letting us know of your problem. We\’re investigating it, but can suggest an immediate workaround:

      1) Click on Vid – My Settings at the bottom right corner
      2) Go to Application and Devices Settings
      3) Scroll down to the Advanced Settings panel and at the bottom on the Mac client you will see an item Pause iTunes at Call Start, which is by default checked. Please uncheck this.

      This should address the crash issue when iTunes is not installed.

      Best, Gina

  • Hey,

    I have the new Logitech Vid and its really great!, but i have one question is that when i want to talk to my friends does my friends also needs to have the logitech vid downloaded on his computer?? and he doesnt have a logitech webcam he has a different brand so will i still be able to talk to him??


    • Hi Mike,

      As long as you send an invitation to your friend to use Vid, and he or she downloads it, you will be able to use Vid to video call (regardless of your friend\’s webcam brand).

      Best, Kate (on Gina’s behalf)

  • So a Mike emails you about people without Logitech cameras using Vid, and it appears that a “Kate Brinks” replied (using the name Gina) that anyone can use Vid if they are “invited,” and they download and install it. Hey Kate/Gina, don’t you think it would be a bit more honest to point out that they can only use it for 30 days unless they buy a Logitech webcam?

    • Hi Dave,

      Sorry, I\’ve been traveling and asked Kate to post on my behalf. If you have been invited by someone who has a Logitech webcam, you can use Vid forever. The 30-day trial only applies to people who are not Logitech webcam owners or have not been invited by a Logitech webcam owner to use Vid, so in Mike\’s case, he will be able to Vid with his friend forever (the friend just needs to download Vid).

      Best, Gina

  • I understand that I can invite someone who does not have a Logitech webcam and that person can use the VID software forever. But can the VID software for that person only be used to talk to the person who invited him? Or can the invited person then later call someone else who also does not have a Logitech webcam and talk with him using the VID software that he downloaded when he received his invitation?


  • What is the difference in quality between SightSpeed “free” build 6564 and Logitech, Vid? I know Vid is using On2’s VP7 for video and probably GiPS’ iSAC for audio & that SightSpeed uses a pared-down H.263 for video and some narrow-band audio codec; but what was the design goal? Why not just make Vid use the same network, audio, video codecs and all the other guts of SightSpeed with the Vid UI? Or is this an indication that SightSpeed is going to use VP7 & iSAC or something?

  • My wife and I are on the same network at home through a router and we are both on logitech vid yet when we try to call each other the calls don’t go through.
    Could the router be blocking the call?

    • Hi Richard,

      It looks like your issue is already being addressed on our support forums, but please let me know if you have additional problems.

      Cheers, Gina

  • hi,its amazing,very good,tnx.easy setup and easy signed up.
    but i have a problem,me and my brother,are unavailable for each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what should we do ?

  • I was perfectly satisfied with the standard video on Skype using a logitech 9000 webcam. What does VID do that isn’t in the standard Skype video?

    • Hi Yarsub,

      The major difference is that we designed Vid to be easy to set up. It has a simple user interface. In Skype, when you want to call a contact, first you have to click on the user\’s name, then select Video call, to make the call. In Vid, all you have to do is a single click on the user\’s picture to make a video call. Furthermore, Vid makes calling easy by automatically configuring the mic, speakers and webcam so that the devices are all configured and ready to go.

      In your case, if you\’re already set up on Skype, you should be all set. Vid is particularly helpful for people who are video-calling for the first time.

      Cheers, Gina

  • I have a problem, i can not change from available to Busy or Away on my welcome sreen.
    the only thing i can do thats logout
    I have Logitech Vid.

    • Hi Raquel,

      You are right — at this time the only way to indicate that you are unavailable on Vid is to log out. We are looking at adding status functionality in future versions.

      Cheers, Gina

  • Hi,
    I really like the Logitech Vid. The picure quality is much better than Skype. I use Vid daily to chat with my in-laws in New Hampshire. I’m in Georgia. We are both having a problem at times. Somehow Vid will just change and show us at different times as being unavailable when actually we are ready to chat. We have done nothing to change our status, so how can this be fixed. I can find nothing in Vid to change it back. Usually when we re-boot it will change back, but there should be an easier way. If there is no way to do this now, here’s hoping that an update will give us this option. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Carlton,

      I\’m glad you\’re enjoying Vid. In terms of the issue with Vid showing user unavailable at times, that could be happening either because your system is going into standby mode or because there is a drop in your Internet connection. We\’ll look into it further on our end.

      Cheers, Gina

  • I purchased Orbit AF and downloaded Logitech VID and NOW I can’t download Skype.
    I want to use BOTH vidoe calling systems.
    Sister has Skype, can she download Logitech and keep Skype?
    Dan Miro

    • Hi Dan,

      I think you\’re having a system issue that is prohibiting you from installing Skype. Vid does not block installation of other IM clients, so they should be able to coexist. Your best bet is to contact customer support (www.logitech.com/support).

      Cheers, Gina

  • I have had VID for a month and it has worked fine. Now today when I went to talk to my daughter who also has VID I noticed she was not available. When I called her on the cell phone she said she had her computer on and was logged on. She said I appeared to be unavailable on her end also. If I click on her picture it rings on my end and not hers.

    Yesterday I installed an update for Adobe Flash Player. Have you had any problems with this?

    • Hi Nancy,

      I\’m very sorry for the inconvenience. The Vid servers went down Saturday morning but we\’ve resolved the issue and you shouldn\’t have any trouble Vidding with your daughter now.

      Cheers, Gina

  • Hi!

    I got a new webcam, the Pro9000 and I successfully downloaded it to my laptop. Now, I am trying to download the Logitech Vid, but it would hang and not completely finish its installation. Please help me find the solution.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Lizza,

      I suggest contacting customer support (www.logitech.com/support) so that they can properly investigate the issue and walk you through the complete install.

      Cheers, Gina

  • When I open up Logitech Vid it asks for an e-mail and password, but when I type both in it says that it isn’t “a valid login for this client”. I didn’t know it, but I actually have an account with SightSpeed because I have Dell video chat, so that’s what I’m using to log in. I can’t make a new account because my e-mail is already in use with my current account. I’ve probably overlooked something…

    • Hi Lele,

      You need to create a new account with a different email address for Vid.
      Unfortunately, you cannot use an existing Sightspeed or DVC account to log in to Vid.

      Cheers, Gina

  • I must admitt I have been reviewing your answers Gina and found the one I needed in an earlier post. You are good… Thank you for the time and support you provide.

  • I have the same logtech quickcam (s 7500) as my daughter & we are both downloaded on “SKYPE”. I was having problems with “SKYPE”, slow movement or freezing. I downloaded also on logtechVid, my daughter did not. I am still freezing up although she is not. Can I be downloaded both on “SKYPE” & “LogitechVid” ? Is it best to” both” be on “logitechVid” to receive best reception? Do we have to delete “SKYPE” ? I do have other friends on “SKYPE” that I like to video call

    • Hi Susan,

      For the best video calling experience, you should call eachother using the same video calling service. We know that people have different friends on different video calling services so you do not have to remove Skype if you install Logitech Vid.

      Cheers, Gina

    • Hi Bill,

      Logitech Vid works with Windows XP and Vista as well as Macintosh: Tiger 10.4.11 or higher, Leopard 10.5.0 or higher, Safari 3.0 or newer. If you are both using Vid and have a webcam (stand-alone or embedded), you will be able to call eachother – regardless of if you are using a PC or a Mac.

      Best, Ladan

  • I can’t use Logitech Vid because of same password problem and I don’t know what to do. I bought a Logitech camera today and installed Logitech vid but when I tried to create an account it said that the email address was already in use. I have no idea why my email address would already be in use (I’m not aware that I even have any kind of Logitech account), so I clicked “forgot password” and a temporary password was sent to me by email that said it was good for 48 hours. I tried to use that with Logitech Vid and it said that the password was “not valid for this application.” What the Heck? I have never used Sightspeed (I saw on the Web that someone had this same problem because they had a Sightspeed account registered to their email address), so that can'[t be the problem.

    I tried to send an email to tech support and you have to put a serial number and product number to even send an email and it says that these numbers are on the product, but they are NOWHERE on my little Webcam Pro 9000.

    Since I bought the camera today I can return it but I’d like to keep it an use Logitech Vid. But if Logitech itself is going to ban my email address from using Logitech Vid (and I only have one email address), then why would I want to do business with Logitech at all? I’d rather get another camera.

    This is infuriating. How can I use Logitech Vid? I haven’t even seen what it looks like, because I can’t get beyond the login screen.

  • I have VID downloaded and installed and my question is can I call 6 persons at the same time and see all 6 people’s video, just like video conference?


  • I have a QuickCam 3000 with the Vid software. I can add friends but even after they accept the invitation, download and configure the software, they still show up as Unavailable. I always show up as Unavailble to them. Any ideas?

    • Hi Steve,

      Your best bet is to contact customer support (www.logitech.com/support). They can work with you to troubleshoot.

      Best, Ladan

  • I installed Vid on my Laptop and desk top so my wife and I can keep in touch when I travel. Neither of us can make a call or receive a call. We are both running Windows; XP Pro on the desktop and Vista on the Laptop. This is my last effort before going back to Skype. Can you help?

  • Dear Logitech VId,

    After installing the logitech vid software and following the instructions and sending the invitation to my colleague in another company, it still says person is unavailable. But I can see my colleagues picture on my list and also he can see me. But on both computers it says person is unavailable.
    We both use windows vista.
    What seems here the problem?
    Would you be so kind to help us.
    Kind regards

  • Hi,
    I’ve been using the logitech quickcam chat so i can talk to my girlfriend and at first it was working great but now we’ve been having problems. Yesterday we tried calling each other but during the day I updated my driver because it was recommended and then when we tried calling each other at night on mine it said she was unavailable and on hers i was unavailable to. When she tries calling me her side rings but i never get an incoming call and when i try calling her my sometimes rings once but then says could not connect. Ive uninstalled everything and tried setting it up all over again but the same problem keeps happening. I even restored my computer so the driver wouldnt be updated but the same problem keeps occurring. What can I do?

  • I installed Logitech Vid. I have a Pro 9000 camera, Win Vista. Sometimes the icon in the tray is gray, sometimes blue. My two friends always appear as unavailable. What am I doing wrong?

  • I want to install Vid on my daughters ECeePC 900 but as it is a notebook computer the space for apps in my memory is very limited. How large is the file and if I dont have the space are there any other options. thank you.

  • I have the same problem as Greg G (August 27th, 2009), which never got answered. The issue is the same except when I clicked on the “forgot your password?” link in the Logitech Vid program, the program sent a new password to my e-mail account. (I was previously registered with Logitech for my webcam and my security cams.) However, the link in the e-mail from the Logitech Vid program to reset the password took me to a Sightspeed page. On the Logitech Vid program menu screen it says, “Powered by the Logitech Sightspeed Network” so I figured the two things were synonymous. So I logged into the Sightspeed page with the new password. Now, if I interpret the previous posts correctly, I cannot use or even TRY Logitech Vid. because Logitech Vid is not Sightspeed. That’s messed up. I don’t even know what Sightspeed is, let along Logitech Vid. Somewhere along the line the coding got screwed up big time and it should be fixed. UNLESS Logitech wants to direct people to a “pay for play” sight instead of Logitech Vid, in which case I guess the whole thing does work, nefariously enough. It’s just not going to work for me. Oh well, thank goodness the Logitech web cams work well with the free Google Video Chat and Skype. I was just curious to see how the cams worked with software developed by the company that made the cameras.

  • Hi Paul,

    I recommend that you contact support (www.logitech/support) with this issue.


  • After installing the logitech vid software and following the instructions and sending the invitation to my 2 colleagues in the same company, it still says they are unavailable. But I can see my colleagues’ picture on my list and they can see me too. But on both computers it says we are unavailable.
    We all use Windows XP.
    please help
    Kind regards

  • I have the same problem that Greg G and Brad F submitted for resolution. I was a Sightspeed registrant, and I’ve been Skype for years. Why do I have to create, apparently, an entirely new account with Sightspeed ?

    Since I’m the third query, how about answering our question?

  • I just purchased a logitec vid for my computer. I bought the webcam and the CD came with it. My daughter has a computer with a webcam in it already. Can I just load the CD into her computer and utilize the system. I am not a tech and so don’t want to do that unless someone can tell me that it will work and not mess up her system. thanks

    • Hi Bill,

      Are you asking if you can use Logitech Vid for video calling with a computer’s embedded webcam? Once you’ve set up Vid with your Logitech webcam, you should be able to access Vid with that webcam or with the embedded webcam.


  • hi,
    my dad just installed logitech camera and vid on his computer and wants to talk to me. i installed the logitech vid software and have been using but find it significantly inferior to the video ichat that i normally use.
    is it possible to speak from my apple chat to my dad’s logitech vid?

  • Hi urban cowgirl,

    Both you and your dad need to be on Logitech Vid to be on a video call together.


  • I use sightspeed. I just recieved an invite from a vid user. can I use sightspeed to communicate or do I need to install vid

  • Hello, I’ve just added Logitech Vid™ only yesterday,, and using this with my wife who’s in Japan currently.. We’ve used Yahoo messenger for some time and added this because the video is faster real time verses shower shutter speed in yahoo.. The sound is WAY better as well.. However, the video reception is leaving tons to be desired.. Graphic quality comes in and out, from large pixel blocks to small.. I set my properties graphics to highest, which i should add do like the ability to adjust my cams graphics.. However am not sure if this also adjusts the out put..

    But, while the graphics i am receiving are OK, Not good or great, just okey. , OK most of the time and occasionally large pixel blocks. Other wise, I wouldn’t say what’s regular graphic quality is ‘that good”. Comparing Yahoo, while shutter speed is slower, its pixels are smaller continuously,, ‘higher graphic quality’ ,, my wifes is continuously receiving large block pixels.. or poor reception video quality.. She is on high-speed cable Internet connection, she’s running a due core, windows vista, with 4 gig memory, only 6 months old laptop.. with built-in video/sound.. I have been there with that laptop myself and tuned its reception, and or, used it running intencive and demanding internet feed and programs, with zero complacations.. All of which My wife is not useing.. I.E. her computer is running free smooth without any tasking programs, which could lower memory, cashe, or prossor output, .about 3/4 open hard drive space, On the vista 64 bit platform

    What can we do to 1. improve My video graphs other than already set to highest in your properties.

    2. maintain consistent higher graphics verses occasional giant pixel,
    and 3. possible changes to my wife’s reception which only displays blurry lousy large block pixels., Keeping in mind, her graphic quality is normally good to best on other web cam broadcasts..

    4. while not as critical or important, Have more functionality with the video window, such as, adjust sound during broadcast without interruption, adjust screen or camera resolution without disconnecting too.. Light conditions can change from day to night, and as it stands currently, if I need to make adjustments to the camera, it will disconnect from the person whom I am in conference with.. There ought to be, in my opinion, a warning note, window, In the very least,,, warning that by opening quick capture while tele conferencing,, the conference will disconnect.. and or, probably any attempt to make a connection other then the current video conference, such as yahoo web cam may cause disconnect.. A simple warning before conference becomes disconnected in the event of any possible condition a user may be performing, warning, or allowing the user to make a choice before p[proceeding.. ..

    Thanks for any possible solutions.. Otherwise, I’m just gonna junk this progam and up-load free versions which have about the same quality??.. .

    • Hi Jeff,

      Because there are a number of variables that make up audio and video quality in a video call, it’s difficult for me to determine your particular issue. I recommend that you contact customer support (www.logitech.com/support) for assistance with this.


  • I just purchased a Logitech Webcam C500. My brother has a Logitech Quick Cam. We both used Skype. The video quality I see of him is pretty poor (grainy and blotchy) but his video of me was excellent. What is the reason for this? Can the video quality I see of him be improved?

    • Hi Deb,

      There are a number of variables that can affect the video quality (e.g. the processor speed, Internet connection, lighting conditions, drivers installed or not, etc..). I suggest that you contact customer support (www.logitech.com/support) with your particular issue.


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