Logitech + Google TV

This morning at the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, Google announced the development of Google TV along with Logitech and other partners including Sony and Intel.

So what exactly is Google TV and why is Logitech so excited about our involvement? Google TV is television the way it should be. It puts all the things you want to watch – from the hundreds of paid TV channels available today to the limitless number of Web and streaming videos – right at your fingertips. And unlike past incarnations of Web TV, Google TV combines the entire Web and all available TV content in one place, with one interface – eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between multiple screens.

To help bring Google TV to life, Logitech will offer the first retail companion box to work with the platform, which will deliver Google TV to the 60 million HDTVs already in U.S. living rooms today. The Logitech companion box will leverage our Harmony remote technology to give you seamless control over how you interact with your content. In addition, the Logitech companion box will include a controller that’s specifically designed to optimize the Google TV experience – combining a compact keyboard, remote control and touchpad.

We will also offer a collection of additional products for Google TV, including an HDTV camera and video calling software so you can talk with friends and family from the comfort of your couch, as well as apps to turn your smart phone into a Google TV controller.

So think of it this way:

Google TV = seamless discovery of content.
Logitech + Google TV = seamless control over how you experience the discovery of content.

For more information and to stay updated on the latest Logitech + Google TV developments, please visit www.logitech.com/news/googletv. Or you can also simply fan (or “like” as it’s now called) us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


  • Oh when for pete’s sake!! I hate waiting on finding out how much and when these things will be available.

  • I saw something about having to be a US resident (for now). Does this mean I can be a US resident but actually use the product outside of the US? I assume there is some checking for an IP address. This is the one thing I hate about Pandora. I’m a US resident, but I happen to live in Brazil (student). Why should I be eliminated from having either of these products?

    • Logitech + Google TV will be available in the U.S. only, regardless of your residency. The Google TV partners are starting in a market with a high installed base of HD set-top boxes and a high penetration of premium Internet video services. At this time, the U.S. has the largest installed base of HDTVs – at least 60 million.

  • How do I become a beta tester for this device? I am drooling. I have been using Playon through a third party box for almost a year and this looks the next generation. I can’t wait! Please let me beta test.

  • What are the storage capabilities? Any ability to record? USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports? Dish only for now, but how long until we see Comcast?

    • Because Google TV is an open platform, there are unlimited possibilities to the apps that could be developed — something like Squeezebox could very possibly be one of them!

  • This looks cool but do we want Google to know what we are watching and what devices we are using. I wonder if google will cache all our viewing habits for 5 years like they do with google searches.

  • How do I become a beta tester for this device? Do we still need Dishnetwork or cable for this to work? When can i buy it.

    • We have not rolled out a beta testing program, but if you’ll send an email to blogitech@logitech.com, I’ll make sure you’re directed to the right people if and when this happens. At launch, you will need a broadband connection, a TV with an HDMI input, and an HDMI set-top box to get Google TV with the Logitech companion box. Availability is Fall of 2010.

  • When will it be available
    How much will it cost
    Does it support DLNA
    Does it have Gigabit Ethernet
    Does it have 801.11n
    Does it have USB 3.0

    • Unfortunately I can’t provide speeds and feeds just yet. But availability is expected starting in Fall of 2010.

  • I have Time Warner as my cable service provided. I would be willing to be a beta test site.

  • No where does your teaser address the issues of privacy and security: If your Google-Box doesn’t include a user-controllable, firmware firewall then it will be dumping its users into that good old Windows on-line vulnerability. This is known as the world of data loss, ID theft and potential incrimination as a copyright villain.

    • Chuck – we understand your concerns, and we can talk more to these details closer to product availabilty this fall.

  • Hi Ashish, Will we be able to access networked drives or pcs?

    If not, is this something that a developer could manage with an app?


  • With Comcast and other providers fighting net neutrality, and demanding the right to filter or even prevent access, what are you people thinking is going to happen if they prevail and do not allow you to compete with their cable tv programming?

  • About how long will it be before google-tv will be available in other countries (Canada). Will it be weeks, months or years after the US lunch

  • How will this affect closed captions? There have been some issues with HDMi and captioning. Without cable, just web hook-up how do we stream the captions?

  • 2 questions. Will I be able to stream movies that are from my computer? And can I hook up a external HD to watch movies too?

  • Do I still need a set-top to get Google TV? Can the Logitech companion box substitute for my existing set-top to get Google TV?

    • Michelle, I am sorry for the delay in my response. A set-top box is usually bringing in a specific service by a provider, either cable or satellite or some other service. Logitech’s companion box is a small box that seamlessly integrates into your existing TV watching experience and provides new functionality on top of your set-top box, such as making easy to find and watch content from both the Web and your TV channels.

  • This is very enticing for U.S. residents and quite frustrating for all others I expect, including myself here in Australia. Do you have a timeline for other countries to roll Logitech/Google TV out including Australia? I’m definitely a buyer as soon as I can get it (and use it here)

    Thanks, Mike

    • Mike – apologies for my delayed response. We don’t have a specific rollout schedule for Australia or other countries yet. Timing will likely depend on consumer interest and adoption of Google TV in the U.S. during the upcoming holiday season.

  • Will GoogleTV be able to play different video formats from a USB flash drive?. Similar to the Asus Oplay?

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you all for your excitement and questions around Logitech + Google TV. As you can imagine, we are still working on a lot of features and we can’t share all of the details yet. To get the most up to date information, sign up to receive updates at http://www.logitech.com/news/googletv.


  • I think that what will make or break Google TV isnt so much what content it pulls in but how well the input devices actually control the device. Are users going to be frustrated with a keyboard on their laps? Check out this article I wrote about it here. Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but I think it is a salient point.


  • I sent you mail about beta testing. Looking so forward to this even if I’m not allowed to help. This is for your TV like a G-9 mouse is for the PC ..you gota have it

  • Hey i’ve been using alot of stuff from
    Logitech now.. Z2300 Speakers, Wireless keyboard and cordless mouse, Web
    cam ……..And i Liked what i’ve gotten. Well my question is Why
    Logitech is not accredited from Better Business Bureau (BBB) ?

  • will you be incorporating additional features into the TV camera similar to digital cameras such as face or gesture recognition for use in programming, power savings, etc.


  • This seems like a lame verision of windows media center. What does it offer that is better.

    You tube videos?

  • Where can we get our hands on a Beta or Test version of this? I work in Graphics and Media and advertise affordable services for my area, being able to get started on designing and testing websites to be compatible with Google TV would be greatly Beneficial! and I think this is going to change a lot of things TV and advertising wise as many of the reports are saying.

  • Can not Microsoft just add a broser to xbox and kill google tv in one stroke

    Why should anyone spend the money with this risk?

  • Windows media center is going to work with Project Natal soon.

    How about google tv? What do they have planned.

  • What happens if Microsoft buts a web browser on Media Center.

    With windows embedded out and in the process of shipping with explorer what benefit do we get with Google TV.

    By the way since all my questions are being deleted I am posting them on the Green Button so everyone knows what you are afraid to answer.

    So any question that gets deleted will be posted on the Green Button so the world can know your fear and hopefully bring that knowledge to a larger audience.

  • Ashish,

    Do I have to have other TV provider i.e. Direct TV, Comcast or Dish in order to use Google TV? Can I just have ISP with >10MB and your device? Why would I need to have a TV service and then Google TV vs. just plain old HTPC with web?

    Thank you

  • This is very exciting and I’d love to see it all, but I’m more interested in the Logitech harmony technology that google tv.
    I have a harmony remote, which stopped functioning after 2 years. I thought about buying a new remote, but actually would like to simply use my iphone instead.
    If you will be releasing an app for the iphone which leverage the harmony technilogy (which would require the ‘companion box’), would you also be able to use the iphone app with some existing hardware such as the 895 Wireless AV Receiver – RF to IR remote control adapter?

  • I saw a video of someone using an iPhone or Android phone to send commands to this device, using Harmony technology. Very cool! In the video they said the phone was using Wi-Fi to send the commands. I wonder if you are also considering using Bluetooth to send commands. That would sure save a lot of battery life!

  • I’m hopeful but skeptical about this project. Didn’t Apple try something similar to this with their AppleTV box? I know that was to get content from the computer to the TV and not the other way around, but it was still a spectacular failure. Something tells me most people still prefer to keep their television and computer experiences somewhat segregated

  • Will GoogleTV device work with NFL HD Gamepass to stream NFL live directly to my TV?

  • Why are your devices or the Google TV service launching country locked? Why shouldn’t i be able to pay you cash money and use the device wherever i choose? If i buy a mouse or a remote from Logitech i can use it in Bavaria, Botswana or Brazil.

    • Hi Steven,

      Google TV, and therefore Logitech Revue with Google TV, will be available in the U.S. only. The Google TV partners are starting in a market with a high installed base of HD set-top boxes and a high penetration of premium Internet video services. At this time, the U.S. has the largest installed base of HDTVs – at least 60 million.

  • Question….
    I dont have a sat tv or cable provider bc they all blow.
    Can this device still be used, seperate of them…to search the web and view streaming content? from things like hulu, netflix?

  • Hi,

    I’m currently a subscriber to MSN-TV (formerly WebTV)and this has me very excited). Am I correct that the stand alone box is similar to the MSNTV-2 box in that it is just a browser for those of us who don’t own a computer?

  • Hi,

    Will the logitech device work like a WebTV/MSN-TV box, i.e., a stand-alone browser not needing a computer?

  • Google TV will only be available in the US!? So being from the UK I’m stuffed then? Why isn’t it also being rolled out in Europe, its not exactly an insignificant market after all?! I was getting quite excited about this. Back to Boxee then…I’m not waiting forever and at least it looks they’re launching this year outside the US!

  • If this product does not have analog outputs, (component video or otherwise) and support for 1080i, it is utterly worthless to me. None of our large TVs has an HDMI input and I’m not going to replace a TV with years of life left on it.

    The people who are going to want this product are people who want save money on cable. If they have to spend an additional several hundred (or more) dollars on a new TV they don’t need, well, good luck with selling that.

    Personally, I’m better off just hooking up an an old PC.

  • I am interested in the Google TV set-top box primarily for the ability to do HD video calling with my HD TV. If I buy the box and the Logitech HD C910 webcam in the US and bring them to Japan, will I be able to use the HD Video Calling feature? At the estimated price points for the set-top box, this product will be the most cost effective solution on the market for HD video calling…. I look forward to the favor of a reply.


    • Hi Gakugei,

      We have talked about bringing HD video calling into the living room on Logitech Revue with Google TV — however, when it launches this fall, Logitech Revue and Google TV will only be available in the U.S. We hope to expand beyond the U.S. in the near future.


  • Please think about the users that do not have digital TV’s!!

    It would be great if this device would have analog outputs like s-video, component video and or composite video to support older TV’s! Not everyone can afford a new HDMI enabled TV.

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