New interoperability between Google Meet and Zoom makes meetings simple

Ready for more flexible video meetings? So are we! That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that our partner Google has launched interoperability between Google Meet and Zoom. 

Now employees can easily join Zoom meetings from Logitech devices that are certified for Google Meet. Gone are the days of sending someone a Google Meet invite just to discover that they only have access to Zoom.

Employees will enjoy greater flexibility in how they use Google Meet in your meeting rooms, as well as the time they save by being able to jump right into a call and start collaborating.

How it works

Joining Zoom calls via Google Meet couldn’t be easier. The feature will be available for free on Google Meet room devices by default, so you don’t have to do anything to enable it. Your Logitech room devices that are set up for Google Meet can now join Zoom meetings in two ways: from a Google Meet device calendar, or by typing in a meeting code. 

At launch, Google reports that Zoom interop will be supported on all ChromeOS-based Meet devices, with more devices coming soon. You can enable interop for registered Google Meet devices in your organization and allow users on trusted devices to join Zoom calls without sitting in the waiting room. 

Now let’s take a look at what else can you expect from Zoom interop on Google Meet devices:

  • The same guest join experience as WebEx on Google Meet kits
  • Built-in integration with Google Calendar
  • Support for scheduled join, join via meeting code, and no-knock joining (lobby bypass) 
  • Support for core video conferencing features. (Employees will be able to join and participate in the meeting, but may not be able to use advanced features like polls or dual-screen support.)

Learn more about how to toggle interoperability.

And there you have it! At Logitech, we believe everyone deserves a hassle-free meeting experience, and we’re excited to partner with Google to make that happen. 

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