Logitech in the News

Four big announcements this week, ranging from gaming to presenters!

On the gaming side, we introduced the Gaming Mouse G500 and the Gaming Headset G330. CrunchGear says the G500 mouse is “like a mash-up between the couple year-old G5 gaming mouse and the MX Revolution line which should be a match made in heaven” and Maximum PC says the “G500 is the long-awaited update to the G5 gaming mouse.”

We also announced our new Unifying receiver – a convenient way to connect multiple keyboards and mice to your computer. PC Magazine calls the Unifying receiver a “handy way for you to cut the cords and use full size keyboards and mice” and Engadget simply said “finally!” to their excitement on this useful capability.

And we’re not done yet – we also announced the new Professional Presenter R800 and R400. ZDNet breaks down their capabilities, including R800’s “easy-to-set timer that’s displayed on the device’s roughly one-inch LCD.” Check out more coverage below:

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  • wonder when Logitech is actually going to do a real surround headset, that g35 is good but cannot be compared to the sound coming from a x-fi card… and since usb headsets kill sound cards all together.

    Come on logitech learn a little from Psyko audio and make some real headsets. Surround is possible to be good, not like the crappy tritton or medusa.

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