Ultimate Ears and Warped Tour

Ahhh, Warped Tour, my favorite season each year. What’s that you say? Warped Tour isn’t a season…summer is? Well, for me and thousands of other kids, summer = Warped Tour. It’s as simple as that.

Ultimate Ears and Logitech have a long standing history of getting out to shows and mixing it up with all the fun that is Warped Tour. This year is the 15th anniversary of the tour, so if you’ve never been to one, you really need to get there, as it’s basically my generation’s version of a Grateful Dead concert. The music and people come together to form a community of goodness.

As is often the case, I headed out to the start of the tour this summer to meet up with all the artists and take care of their Ultimate Ears needs. We take impressions onsite, answer questions and let people listen to demos. I also tell jokes, take bands to dinner and listen to lots of awesome music. This year, I was super excited for NOFX, Anti-Flag, Less than Jake, Underoath, Saosin, Outernational and Bad Religion. I also got to meet new bands like TAT and Therefore I Am. Really, there’s something for everyone, with music ranging from punk to ska to crunk (I think?).

Ultimate Ears even took the extra step of bringing out a bus on tour this year. It’s where all the coolest people hang out – or at least that’s what I tell my friends. Either way, we’re having a blast on tour. If you want to learn more, check out the Warped Tour Web site, and, if you find yourself at a show, track down the pit reporter Tiffany Mink (@minkus on Twitter) and tell her Logitech sent you. She’ll buy you lunch!


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  • I recently purchased a cordless optical mouse, LX6, and I have found that the on/off button is so small that I can hardly find it, much less operate it at my age,(77). Could the on/off button be made a little larger? I find the LX6 a very reliable tool.

  • hey todd, thanks for the help with the ears! we’re actually saving up for a wireless setup for our horn/keys/orchestra-player, Dr Blum. leo from outernational

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