New: Logitech Professional Presenter R800 and Logitech Wireless Presenter R400

If giving presentations is a part of your job, you should definitely take a look at our two new presenters: the Logitech Professional Presenter R800 and the Logitech Wireless Presenter R400. The R800 presenter is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in August. The R400 presenter should be available beginning in September. Both products will also be available through Logitech for Business channels.


Director of Product Marketing, Mice


    • Hi Stephen,

      The Professional Presenter R800 will work on most Macs, but due to variations in the systems we cannot guarantee whether the presenter will work on your specific computer. As for what the future holds, unfortunately, I can\’t comment on upcoming product developments until their official introduction, but I certainly appreciate your feedback.

      Best, Erik

  • Dear Erik,

    I am a huge fan of Logitech products and have used your cordless mouse almost my entire career. I am however disappointed that this new exciting mouse as well as the previous presenter do not have software written for MAC, it has forced me to buy other brands presenter instead. I sincerely hope you guys can write the LCC software for MAC users to use for their Keynote software.

    You mentioned above that it will most likely work for MAC, can you kindly elaborate exactly what you mean? (i.e. which OS version of mac etc). I currently switch from a laptop to a macbook running on the latest OS snow leopard and ilife software.

    Yi Chieh

  • I, too, am running on Mac Snow Leopard. The presenter does work, except for the “play” and “go dark” buttons, but only if you uninstall any existing version of Logitech Control Center (just use the Uninstall program that comes with the control center software). This is weird, as one might think that Logitech would have worked this out with their own software, rather than shooting themselves in the foot, but alas. It is also particularly inconvenient for me since I have a Logitech keyboard and mouse that I now need to find new drivers for. But this presenter is so cool I just decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I’ve heard that Mac’s native keyboard and mouse drivers do a better job than Logitech’s, anyway.

    Hope that helps! I’m curious to know if Logitech plans to address this ridiculous situation.


  • Logitech Control Center (LCC Version 3.1.0-302) still kills the R800 presenter’s input. This is ironic! If you have another Logitech product (mouse) you have to deactivate one of the two. Moreover the R800 “Start Show” and “Black Screen” only work to “Stop” the slide show when Powerpoint is in the foreground. The “Start Show” button output is alternatively “F5” (function key) and “Esc”, the “Black Screen” sends “.”
    Using third party software (e.g. SteerMouse and Keyboard Maestro) you get control of your mouse and you can redefine the action of the R800 Presenter buttons.

    Bad job, Logitech! Bye the way: the distance for a save connection from dongle to R800 is rather 30 feet than 100 as advertised. Otherwise a nice product, once more crippled by software.

  • Hi Logitech,

    I am a bit disappointed about your “professional” presenter R800. I bought five of them and I am currently using them on a medical congress in the large halls.

    I did so because the R800 offers a green laser pointing device which is nice to have.

    But – in difference to the Logitech Cordless Presenter (we bought more than 100 of them) – the buttons are not intuitive to new users. When you are a new user of the device and you are presenting in a dark hall, then you have to actively think about where the right buttons are, while with the old model, the laser pointer splits the button panel and users are only either pressing the pointer button together with a slide movement button. Now and with the new R800, I have seen more presentations drop out of slideshow mode than ever before in my professional career.
    The button panel is not very well designed and we just stopped letting the users try them.

    Additionally, I cannot find a way to programmatically switch off the “dangerous” buttons like “black screen” or “ESC”, which we would need to continue usage of the R800.

    If nothing happens very quickly, we start to consider other solutions, because we are trying to get good “green laser pointer” products.

    If you want to contact me for more detailed feedback, you are more than welcome.


  • I manage a resale operation at UMaine. 68% of our faculty and students purchase Macs. This year we have sold over 1039 macs and 493 windows machines. We love Logitech products, and are amazed that the Mac plaform was not adequately addressed for the R400 and R800 presenters. Please let us know when this compatibility problem is solved as we want to hang some for sale in our store. Best, Doug

  • Can anyone tell me what the left bottom button does on the R400 presenter remote?

    It looks like a video play button, but I can’t get it to launch a video.


    • Hi Simon,

      The lower left button starts a presentation from the beginning of the presentation (even if you’re in the middle of the deck–that’s the way Powerpoint handles it) and closes it with the second press–basically it sends out F5 and ESC.


  • hello
    I have “installed” the R800 but no way to mak ethe black screen button wokring .. 🙁
    Any tips ?
    Thanks !

    • Hi Lionel,

      Sorry for the delay. Powerpoint needs to be running in presentation mode in order for the black screen button to work. You can verify whether it’s an issue with the presenter by typing a period on the keyboard–if the screen goes black, then it’s in the correct mode. If it doesn’t, then you may need to switch to presentation mode. If the keyboard works but the presenter doesn’t, then you probably have a faulty presenter and it should be exchanged. Let us know how it goes!


  • dear all,

    i have purchased the above for my macbook and realised that like what the other bloggers have mentioned. the presenter won’t work if you already have LCC installed on your computer (as in my case, for my new logitech performance mx mouse).

    logitech technical team, please fix this as in your logitech singapore website under specifications, it is clearly indicated that this presenter supports both mac and pc! you guys needs to resolve this but coming out with a software update for mac soon as it is considered as false advertising. Just wasted SGD142 to buy a piece of “great but can’t use” product. what a disappointment!

  • I have recently bought one of these. Whatever countdown time I set only two of the horizontal bars show. Also, when obviously out of range there is no ‘out of range’ signal given. All other features work. Have I got a faulty product?

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