Logitech Unifying Receiver Pairs with Multiple Mice and Keyboards

Today we’re introducing a convenient way to connect multiple keyboards and mice to your computer. The tiny Logitech Unifying receiver can be paired with up to six compatible Logitech mice and keyboards, including the new Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350, Logitech Wireless Keyboard K340, Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 (EMEA) and the Logitech Wireless Mouse M505. Wim Vanheertum, product marketing manager for Unifying, describes the benefits of this new technology in the following video.


Senior Vice President, Music


  • I think that the Trackman Wheel needs an updated wireless connector too.

    In a perfect world, they would update all designs so that anybody could mix and match their favorite mouses/trackballs and keyboards. And license the Unifying tech for Wacom tablets.

  • I think that the entire line of TrackMan should be made available in both bluetooth and also with Unify. Way to go Jeff!

  • Pretty sad that Logitech has turned to using in-house trolls to defend their lack of product development. I also agree that they need to update their Trackman(x) series of thumb-balls to in line with their other pointing devices. Actually, it’s not possible for a reasonable person to think otherwise so, “Jeff’s Mom” get back to work. Ah-ha, maybe that’s it, “Jeff’s Mom” is the engineer responsible for updating the Trackman series and he’s trying to cover up for years of trolling the Internet instead.

  • First off, I have to say I absolutely LOVE the concept of unifying devices on one receiver… especially one this size.

    As someone with a veritable fleet of Logitech devices of varying ages, I have receivers of all shapes and sizes sticking out of my various systems. And some of those are so large they block the port next to them. So it would be amazing to combine them on one receiver.

    But that seems to also be the issue: no backwards compatibility. Since I already have a huge number of devices, it seems very wasteful to replace them all just to combine them on one receiver. I’d be a whole lot more willing to buy a separate unifying receiver capable of combining my existing devices than replacing my current devices. Especially when some of those devices haven’t seen or wont’ see worthy replacements (my G7 gaming mouse, for instance) that are compatible.

    Sadly, this seems like another offering born of a great idea, but lacking the features to make it a truly great product.

  • If I buy a mouse and keyboard can I stick one receiver in my pc and one in my PS3?
    Will this work on a PS3?

  • I saw no mention of backward compatibility. Since it supports up to 6 devices, I have to wonder if it will work with some previous devices. I have a nano vx mouse–anyone know if that might work with the unifying receiver if I bought the new keyboard that comes with it?

    • Hi Daniel,

      Unfortunately, Unifying is not backward-compatible. Please visit http://www.logitech.com/unifying for a complete list of available products that are compatible with the Unifying receiver. All Unifying products will also be clearly marked with the Unifying logo.

      Best, Rory

  • Looks like the K340 is what I’m looking for, but how can I tell for sure? There is no mention of the dimensions of that keyboard in either your site or any other site I checked. What’s keeping you from releasing this info so customers know whether it is the right product for them? I, for instance, would order it today,paired to one of the ‘unifying’ mice, if only I knew it is not too small for my desktop needs.

    Thanks in advance for a reply,

    • Hi Tal,

      The Logitech Wireles Keyboard K340 dimensions are 398.6 x163.4 x 24.6 millimeters (L x W x H).

      Best, Rory

  • Thanks, this was really fast!

    (think I’m gonna go for a wired keyboard tho, but that’s a different story).
    I must say that the choices of unbundled wireless keyboards is rather disappointing. I’ve been on the hunt for a simple layout keyboard that feels right for quite a while, but unfortunately they are all either corded, super expensive or bundled, and I will not pay extra for a mouse I’m not 100% happy with.
    Pro Choice!

    good day…

  • I guess that’s a no to PS3 compatibility, what about in the future?

    Is the Marathon Mouse M705 Unifying receiver compatible? The site doesn’t seem to be sure. When will this be available for purchase?

  • This is unfortunate. The idea itself is good in theory, but unlike previous cordless devices, where you could at least use the basic functionality via the standard receiver even without installing software (detected by built in Microsoft HID drivers) you now have no choice at all but to upgrade your system to one that that is compatible with the Unifying drivers. It’s a lot of hassle just to upgrade a mouse. I really wanted to try that “Performance Mouse”, but that’s impossible now.

  • Unfortunately Logitech has got it backwards, most people want multiple receivers to use with 2 or more computers, and one keyboard mouse…..

  • skippidy,

    don’t this unifying reciever cater for that?
    both keyboard and mouse would come with 1 reciever each and both being unified, you can plug one reciever in each computer. (dont know how easily it would be to switch between the two though)

    am disappointed at the lack of backward compatibility..

  • I can’t find details as to the distance the keyboard and mouse will work using Unifying technology. The MK700 combo (non-Unifying?) specifies10 m (30 ft).
    Any advise from anyone on advantages or advatages between MK700 and K340/350? I do not want a huge keyboard and there are no dimensions on web site (K340 is mentioned abolve).
    Also, since the MK700 was just released, why is Logitech releasing 2 forms of connectivity and not standardized across all products?

  • Hi: This question is for someone from logitech..will appreciate any help. I bought the performance mouse and am using that with my mac. Now that i have that i am looking for a keyboard that works with the receiver and the mac…all the keyboards are for a windows pc..will they work with the mac also although it does not say so.


  • They should make this compatible with other manufacturer’s devices to help gradually convert users. In fact they should make it backward and forward compatible with all manufacturers and then licence it to them.

    • Hi Steven,

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring a new ground-breaking technology to market and at the same time offer full backward compatibility with all existing 2.4 GHz and 27 MHz radio devices.

      In terms of making Unifying a new industry standard, we love the idea as it would mean we have succeeded in convincing everybody of the true value and benefits of Unifying.

      Best , Rory

  • Excellent concept, I’ve been waiting for more Logitech products to adopt the same “nub” adapter as the nano VX mouse and not just those aimed at notebooks. I really want to use this for my desktop to eliminate clumsy receivers and the clutter of more wires behind my computer. I do have a few questions:

    1. When will the keyboards be released? The announcement is rather vague about availability.
    2. Will there be a more ergonomic keyboard (such as an updated comfort laser) added as a future supported product in the future?
    3. And as an extension of the previous question, will this be a long term direction of adding more and more new products to this connectivity platform?

  • hi
    i have a question,

    i lost my Receiver of my mouse “MX™620 Cordless Laser Mouse” so i want to buy new Receiver for my mouse but didnt find for it 🙁

    but seen today the Unifying Receiver, so will it work for my mouse?”MX™620 Cordless Laser Mouse”


  • hi again. sry for this, another question,

    if u can tell me if there is any other reciver the compatible for my mouse pls tell me, i really want to buy 1 🙁

  • Why can’t they make this for Mac? I imagine that the K340 would work with a Mac with the exception of the specialty keys?

    • Hi Sam,

      You are correct, the K340 will work with a Mac computer with the exception of the specialty keys.


  • Just bought the K430 keyboard and the M705 mouse. The mouse was out of stock when I placed my order, will this be delivered when in stock or should I reorder?

    The K430 is the keyboard I’ve always wanted, plugged the receiver into my PC and it worked straight out of the box, same with my PS3. Don’t know if I’ll need to download the software when it’s time to unify the mouse. I’ll be very happy if it works without.
    The keys are full size with a low profile and great touch, crammed together like a laptop with no frills and an excellent case, just the right size. To my surprise and pleasure it also has an on/off switch. Perfect, thank you Logitech.

  • I see the link for a specific brand of receiver, but where can I purchase a Unifying receiver? I can use the existing receivers for the desktop and the unifying for the laptop.
    Also, is there a type of Keyboard-Mouse switch that will allow me to specify which device to use if I’m actually using them in the same room?
    Thank lagitech

  • I got the k340 keyboard and m505 mice, it’s running well with one unifying receiver. the other one i plugged it in sony ps3, it’s not working(i paired it in pc, then plug it into ps3, pc is powered off). just wonder is it possible to solve this problem. I hope i can effectively use the two unifying receiver, one for pc, another one for ps3.

  • I too am dissappointed that this unifying receiver is not backward compatable. I have purchased numerous Logitech Mice and Keyboards, and combo units for myself and my children. Unfortunately i had to purchase an expensive KVM switch if i wanted to connect multiple systems, and use only one keyboard and mouse. I have an MX1000 mouse and MX3000 keyboard. They share a common receiver, however the KVMs do not support the full function of these mice/keyboard functions. I have the latest setpoint software but the KVM does not see the mouse. Treats the mouse as a generic device, so no functionality. I saw the unifying receiver through one of the many adds which Logitech sends to my email, and with excitement thought this may the answer to my problem…but alas i still have to use multiple keyboards and different mice to allow me to use multiple systems on one desk (gets kind of crowded). Sorry Logitech, but you get a thumbs down on this one from me.

  • I really like the unifying adapter idea but it doesn’t seem to do me a lot of good since I would probably never use more than one keyboard and mouse simultaneously. I sincerely hope you’ll be expanding this adapter to be compatible with other products such as tablets, headphones/headsets, game controllers, presenter remotes, and possibly harmony remotes to use with media centers.

  • Just received my M705 mouse and as happy that I am with the K340 keyboard I’m just as unhappy with the mouse.

    It’s very light weight with a cheap plastic feel and the wheel rattles if you move to quick, it’s also only the length of my fingers (shouldn’t it fit into the palm of your hand?), but worst of all the up and down movement is only about half the distance of the left to right, I’m guessing the mouse thinks I have a very widescreen monitor, I don’t, it’s square, this is doing my head in, How do you change this, I can’t find anything in the settings, please help.

  • I thought I should give this mouse a bit more time but the more I use it the worse it gets. The fly wheel (in free wheel mode) is not smooth it seems to speed up and down in a jittery fashion when you scroll a webpage. I also think It may have a fault, If I move it from left to right in a straight line the mouse pointer moves down the screen by about 100mm, to fix this I have to hold the mouse at an angle so my fingers cross over the finger grooves or I have to hold my hand at an angle but this starts to ache after just a couple of minutes.

    I would like to return this as I don’t like it and I think its faulty. Would I be able to exchange this for the Performance Mouse?

  • Hmmm… looks like the unifying receiver is trying to butt heads with Bluetooth. Why don’t they just give up on their propietary receivers and just use BT? Almost all desktops and laptops already have BT on them anyways. It’s like the fact that the U.S. is still using the imperial measurement system when the rest of the world is on metric.

  • When is Logitech going to release a wireless trackball, preferably a thumb-type, that works w/ the unifying receiver?

    And why isn’t there a nice simple wireless curve keyboard available – something like the straight keyboard shown at the top of this thread (no extra buttons) but w/ a curve to it?

  • Steven said: “The K430 is the keyboard I’ve always wanted, plugged the receiver into my PC and it worked straight out of the box, same with my PS3.”

    I can’t get it to work on the PS3. What exactly did you do? If any of you guys from Logitech can give me an answer as well, I’d be thrilled.

  • After my little rant above I now have to commend Logitech on a great service.

    They read what I had to say and contacted me to sort out my issues with mouse. It was decided that the mouse was in fact faulty and that I would be better suited to the Performance MX.

    The Performance MX is great, just like my old MX mouse it fits snugly in the palm of my hand and has a great feel, perfect.

    Thank you Logitech.

  • Simon

    I first plugged the receiver into my PC, checked the K340 worked and then shut down the PC and put the receiver into my PS3 and it worked. When I got my mouse I set it up with the unifying software shut down the PC and put the receiver into the PS3 again and both keyboard and mouse work.

    I tried to do this with the second receiver so that I could have one in the PC and the other in the PS3 but my PC wouldn’t see the keyboard and mouse with the second receiver, I guess you can only lock a device to a single receiver. If anyone has a work around for this it would be great.

  • Thank you, Steven. That worked for me as well, although I am now at the same point as you are; wanting to bind the mouse and keyboard to two different unifying receivers simultaneously.

  • What a great idea! I just ordered the K340 and Anywhere Mouse for my desktop intallation. I have previously used older Logitech USB devices and this comes along as I am looking to upgrade to wireless. A single unified receiver is definitely a plus. I am hoping it will work okay with my desktop PC on the floor beside my desk.

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