Logitech Optics: Why We Are No. 1

Logitech builds and manufactures a full array of video solutions for consumer and professional spaces. From webcams to conference cameras designed for businesses, with each camera we build we strive to give our customers the experience of sitting in the same room, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

As the webcam market leader, people often ask how we differentiate from the competition. Below are a few highlights that we believe make us the no. 1 choice in webcams.

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We build our solutions from the ground up

Logitech builds all its video solutions using high-quality glass optical polymers and high-quality raw materials to design our optical lenses. We create our own molded glass lens rather than incorporating off-the-shelf solutions. Although this ground-up development requires a heavy investment for machinery and process, it in turn creates the video quality experience Logitech is known for.

We employ the best experts out there

The Logitech team who builds our cameras is composed of expert optical engineers, including in-house Ph.D.’s proficient in video optics, along with test and verification engineers who qualify during every phase of the product and work with engineering to optimize the optical assembly. Simply put, we hire the best of the best.

We strive for the best optimization and tuning

Our team designs and tunes the lens performance to the specific needs of the user environment (desktop, room, etc.) for the many applications supporting video conferencing and other video use cases. Within Logitech, we set up labs and sample workspaces and rooms to qualify within the lighting and environment of those spaces. Our video labs in both Newark, Calif. and Taiwan are set up with extensive diagnostic and verification tools to ensure finest quality in performance. Our manufacturing in China also validates each product on the line with extensive testing tools.

We offer the highest quality at the lowest possible cost

And, because we make and manufacture our own optics from the ground up, it gives Logitech a huge cost advantage – creating both high-quality and relatively low-cost optics across varying price points.

Our customers use Logitech cameras for many different purposes and in a wide variety of lighting conditions, but all users have a common need for optical performance that delivers natural, lifelike video. We know firsthand that designing a lens takes a mastery of several engineering disciplines – optical, electrical, and mechanical. We test our optics at every stage of the process to ensure the finished product delivers a superb user experience. In the end, each Logitech camera has been crafted by over a hundred hands before it reaches our customer. We go to these great efforts so the technology can disappear, and our customers can connect as if they are in the same room.

If you’re one of the millions of people using a Logitech Webcam or ConferenceCam, we hope you enjoy the experience – it’s something we work hard to achieve.


Director, Product Management