A New Business Brio is Here And It’s Outstanding For Execs and IT Leaders Alike

Think about the amount of time your employees spend on video calls. For professionals, back-to-back video calls are a way of life, a constant in their work lives. Video calls are how modern day teams express themselves, share ideas, brainstorm, co-create, and strategize. In parallel,  IT teams need enterprise-level security, visibility and control over the devices used to keep work tools performing flawlessly.

That’s why we designed MX Brio 705 for Business for outstanding performance in a stunning design.  Our most advanced webcam yet offers a superior 4K experience with a striking aesthetic. If you’re in charge of buying technology for your high-performance employees and executives, here’s your chance to make your rockstars shine even more while you juggle all the IT needs of your enterprise.

Brilliant Clarity with AI and More Natural Color

With a custom-designed lens, a new back-illuminated image sensor, and a 70% larger sensor pixel (compared to Logitech Brio), MX Brio 705 for Business provides superior 4K image quality.

Since poor lighting is one of most commonly-cited problems of video calls, MX Brio 705 for Business includes RightLight 5 with HDR technology and face-based image enhancement. The camera automatically adjusts to bright and low-light environments, while representing skin tones more accurately.

Fast, accurate autofocus responds quickly and refocuses instantly on your face as you adjust your position in front of the camera. MX Brio 705 for Business uses advanced autofocus technology to deliver the clearest image possible.

Designed for sustainability
MX Brio 705 for Business is designed for sustainability with a premium feel. It’s built with low-carbon, solid-milled aluminum* and plastic components that include a minimum of 82%**post-consumer recycled plastic. The packaging includes paper from FSC™-certified forests to support responsible forest management.

Intelligent meeting experience
MX Brio 705 for Business includes advanced features to help employees feel more present in video meetings. RightSight auto-framing keeps the image centered on the speaker, even as they move around. Users can enable auto-framing through Logi Tune.

The innovative Show Mode3 allows employees to include physical items in video calls by simply tilting the camera down to show their desk.

MX Brio 705 for Business also helps employees sound clear and natural. Beamforming technology reduces distracting background noise, while dual microphones enhance the speaker’s voice even while they move around in front of the camera.

Deploy with confidence
Our business products are designed to be agnostic and work within your ecosystem. MX Brio 705 for Business is compatible with most video conferencing platforms and certified with major partners, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Works With Chromebook. It also works with primary operating systems, including Windows, macOS, or ChromeOS

Secure and in control
Logitech Sync and Logi Tune software enable IT admins to remotely manage MX Brio 705 for Business, whether employees use the webcam in the office or at home. Sync and Tune allow you to push firmware and software updates to ensure the webcam is current and secure. The secure boot design provides another layer of security protection ensuring the integrity of firmware and software running on the webcam.

Integrated privacy shutter for peace of mind
For privacy on demand, a simple dial on the lens ring allows you to open and close the privacy shutter. Extra assurance that the camera is off!

Logi Tune integration
Users can customize their appearance in video meetings by using Logi Tune software to adjust settings including digital zoom, field of view (90°/78°/65°), auto-focus, RightSight auto-framing, and HDR image. Users can also keep their webcam’s firmware up to date and join meetings with just one click.

Perfect for skilled professionals and executives and designed for sustainability, this webcam delivers visual excellence in a product IT can feel good about. Learn more about it here.


* For camera housing
Excludes packaging. 

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