Help Ease Life’s Changes With These Logitech Products

Change is in the air. Worldwide, graduation marks a time when people throughout the world move on from school, often relocate to a new city, and start new careers or the next chapter of their lives. Regardless of which change you’re going through, one particular question will become almost as common as the traditional “Congratulations!” It’s “What’s next?” Whether you’re getting ready to embark in the real world or continue your education at a new school, here’s a list of our top five products that will ensure success!

  • Logitech Global Graffiti Color Collection: Is your new dorm room bare? Does your work cube need some pizzazz? Spice up your environment with a wireless mouse or keyboard with a fun design or pick colors and patterns that reflect your own personal style.
  • Logitech Touch Mouse M600: One of the biggest transitions from being in school to starting a career is the amount of time you’ll spend sitting a desk, using a mouse and keyboard. Thanks to Logitech’s Flow Scroll Software and ergonomically-friendly design, the Touch Mouse M600 is the perfect companion to ensure you’re working in comfort.
  • Ultimate Ears 200vi Noise-Isolating Headset: Are you commuting to work on a crowded bus?

Need to listen to your favorite song one more time before that exam? The Ultimate Ears 200vi Noise-Isolating Headset is the perfect accessory for when you want to block out the world and just hear the music. Their transportable size and on-cord controls make these the perfect earphones for on the go – you can even use them to answer those important work calls!

  • Logitech HD Webcam C920: Don’t let moving to a different city for a job or starting at a new university hinder your relationships with friends and family. With the Logitech HD Webcam C920 you can easily video chat through Skype, allowing you to easily stay connected no matter where you’re located.
  • Logitech Wireless Boombox: While working hard is important, make sure you relax and give yourself needed breaks. Whether you’re rocking out to your favorite jam after a long week, gathering with friends for a BBQ or having an impromptu dance party with your new roommates, the Wireless Boombox is the perfect accessory for your musical needs. You can use your tablet or smartphone to pair your device and stream music directly to the Wireless Boombox.