New Logitech for Business combos deliver on productivity, comfort, sustainability and security

IT pros tasked with supplying the enterprise with peripherals lately are being challenged to spec mice and keyboards that provide a comfortable, productivity-enhancing employee experience.  At the same time, an increasing concern with wireless peripheral security and performance requires that mice and keyboards address both issues without resulting in more help desk tickets and intervention. 

Two new mouse-keyboard combos check all the above boxes, providing peace of mind for both IT and employees. And provide ITDMs with all the evidence to demonstrate immediate value to the enterprise.

Let’s start with wireless security. Since the modern workplace is packed with wireless tech, connecting everything to everything else, “noisy” and “security-compromised” wireless environments are inevitable. Logi Bolt manages both growing connectivity issues and increasing security risks. It’s Logitech’s next-gen wireless protocol, minimizing enterprise vulnerability both in office and when working remotely. Logi Bolt offers fully-encrypted and FIPS compliant Bluetooth Low Energy Security Mode 1, Level 4 connections for reliable, robust signals even in congested wireless environments.

Now onto the combos. First, the Signature MK650 Combo for Business, which delivers notable feature upgrades to enhance productivity. The keyboard includes a soft, integrated palm rest and the mouse has contoured rubber side grips providing all-day comfort that every employee deserves. The keyboard’s one-key productivity shortcuts and Perfect Stroke typing help increase efficiency while improving experience. The mouse features Silent Click technology, reducing click noise by 90%, along with SmartWheel technology for ultra-fast scrolling and line-by-line precision. The combo is available in graphite and off-white.

For employees with more advanced workflows, the MX Keys Mini Combo for Business packs performance and versatility into a minimalist design that opens up more desk space while improving overall productivity. The compact MX Keys Mini for Business provides a fluid typing experience with great tactile key response. Backlit keys shine with smarter power management that automatically adjusts brightness to preserve battery life. The portable MX Anywhere 3 for Business mouse tracks on nearly every surface—including glass—and the MagSpeed wheel provides users with faster, more precise scrolling, down to the pixel. The rechargeable plug-and-play combo is available in graphite and is compatible with every major operating system, making it easy to deploy and manage.

Both combos are compatible with the recently released Logi Options+ software, for easy product customization and popular application-based presets to optimize workflow and increase efficiency. These environmentally responsible solutions are certified carbon neutral. Plus, the MX Keys Mini Combo includes recyclable paper packaging that comes from FSC™ certified forests and other controlled sources. And a portion of the Signature MK650 Combo parts are made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic: 21% for off-white and 28% for the graphite K650 keyboard. And 26% for the off-white and 64% for the graphite M650 mouse.

These products deliver by increasing productivity, boosting comfort and reducing hassles, a dream combination for any IT pro.