Harness the power of light

A few weeks ago we posted about the battery saving benefits of the Logitech® Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 since this keyboard utilizes the power of light – indoors and out.

As mentioned last month, we did a little research on the subject as we were curious to find out what the potential energy savings would be if everyone in the world switched to the Wireless Solar K750 keyboard. We learned that if the world switched to our solar keyboard we’d save enough energy to light the Eiffel Tower almost four times over – indefinitely.


Using ambient light – light already being produced by the sun or your desk lamp – the Solar Keyboard K750 will charge itself and even run for up to four months in total darkness. And it comes with advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity so you can work or play in more places.

We’re obviously excited about the Wireless Solar Keyboard and its energy saving benefits. But what we really want are your thoughts – comment away!


Public Relations Manager, EMEA

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  • I don’t understand why Logitech makes great technology but abandons them. Put a PerfectStroke key mechanism on this and I’ll buy it.

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