Tips & Tricks: Making a video call with Logitech Revue

Did you know you can make high definition video calls directly from your television using Logitech Revue with our Logitech TV Cam?
It couldn’t be easier with the Logitech Vid HD application already installed on your Revue. Vid launches as soon as the TV Cam is plugged in, no need to download or install any new applications.

Watch this how-to video and see how simple it can be:

This feature of Revue is especially great when you have a large group wanting to make a video call. Instead of squeezing around a computer screen, you can all sit comfortably together on the couch.  Enjoy!


Technical Content Developer, Logitech Digital Home Team


  • Hi Ian,

    We are very impressed by the simplicity of the Logitech VID interface and the ease of plug and play compatibility with the Logitech TV Cam and the stunning picture as well.

    We would like to explore incorporating the Logitech VID interface into a PC-based application we are building and using Logitech TV Cams as well.

    I am wondering who I could contact inside Logitech to discuss licensing the Logitech VID software for internal use in our system?



  • the tv webcam  is a great idea which will enormously help spread the revue. The new concept of video chat on the couch by having a cheap device like Now the revue with the webcam over the tv is great but it’s very new. Not main stream yet so definetly if logitech present’s it to the world with the cheapest android device to date it will defenitly have synergestic effect on spreading the revue and google tv but why the barriers?
    why it’s not compatible with skype? Only logitech’s app? Only logitech’s reletively expensive camers
    Logitech must Allow the revue to accept any video chat android app like skype yahoo and to accept any webcam not only logitech’s or drop the price of the camer to 50$ 
    Only then video chat on tv will be a big added value to the revue

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